Nebraska legislators, scientists make 11th hour bid
for climate change study
By Nancy Gaarder, Omaha World-Herald
LB 283 has made it out of committee and is Sen. John McCollister’s priority bill, which means that it’s guaranteed an airing
over the remaining 17 days of the session.

Nebraskans know well the destructive power of weather. Take the catastrophic flood in 2019 that caused $3.4 billion in damage, or the 2012 flash drought that sucked $4 billion out of the state. Or the 2.5-mile-wide tornado that smashed into Hallam in 2004. But that’s not what keeps Nebraska’s climate scientists up at night. Instead, it’s the knowledge that as bad as things have been, Nebraska's weather will become more extreme because of global warming. And the state needs to prepare.

For that reason, they, Nebraska youths and others have joined with a group of state senators to make an 11th hour push for the Legislature to pass a climate action plan this session, which resumes Monday. And they’re seeking the public’s help, asking that people contact their senators to support Legislative Bill 283, which would fund a study that has stalled for a number of years.  Continue reading here.

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