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A Busy Summer at Chicopee Eyecare
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It was somewhat of a hectic summer at Chicopee Eyecare. Our exam rooms were painted and much of the equipment and furniture and everything on the walls had to be removed. And on a recent weekend in August, most of the office had to be cleared for new carpeting. Installers worked Friday evening and all-day Saturday and Sunday so the office could reopen Monday morning. 

Dr. Momnie lectured to Physician Assistant students at Springfield College in July and both he and Dr. Latka were interviewed by Channel 22 and Channel 40 about the solar eclipse. Dr. Momnie was interviewed by Danny New and Lauren Zenzie of 22’s Mass Appeal T.V. show the week before the eclipse and Dr. Latka was interviewed by Ryan Walsh of Channel 22 and Maggie Lomiller of Channel 40 the day after the eclipse. 

We hope you were able to enjoy the solar eclipse with solar glasses or a pinhole camera. We had several patients view the eclipse from our parking lot with solar eclipse glasses we provided. To the best of our knowledge, there were very few cases nationwide of solar retinopathy, permanent damage to the retina from viewing the solar eclipse without the proper solar glasses.

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David C. Momnie, O.D.
Camille Guzek-Latka, O.D .
Julianne M. Rapalus, O.D.   
from "The Secret of a Shark's Eyes"
Who that saw the movie Jaws can forget the blood thirsty shark lurching onto the boat deck at the ship’s captain? Shark Week was earlier this summer, celebrating one of the earth’s oldest mammals. Here are some interesting facts from “The Secret of a Shark’s Eyes”, a video by the Smithsonian Institute:
 A Great White shark’s eyes are about five times the size of the human eye but the shark eye structures are almost identical to the human eye.
A Great White shark has the ability to see light, movement, color, contrast and detail.
Sharks have eyelids but don’t blink. They use water to cleanse their eyes.
The tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer of the retina, doubles the intensity of light entering the eye, allowing sharks to see well in dim illumination. 

I remember examining my golden retriever’s eyes many years ago and seeing the tapetum lucidum, the brightly colored bluish-green reflection from Ginger’s retina.
Wine: Protection against type 2 Diabetes

A recent article in Time magazine reported that drinking alcohol, especially wine, every few days may help protect against type 2 diabetes. A study of more than 70,000 Danish adults followed over five years found that there was a decrease in diabetes of about 30% in both men and women when compared to people who drank just once a week.
Welcome Zahra
Chicopee Eyecare welcomes our newest optometry intern, Zahra Nathani of Toronto, Canada. Zahra received her undergraduate and graduate education and training in optometry at Aston University in Birmingham, England. She will receive her Doctor of Optometry degree from the New England College of Optometry in Boston in May, 2018. Zahra’s husband is a physician in his last year of residency in internal medicine in the Albany, New York area and hopes to pursue a fellowship in pulmonary medicine. 
Dr. Momnie lectured on the causes of reduced vision
Dr. Momnie recently gave a lecture to students of the Physician Assistant program at Springfield College as he has for the past ten years. Dr. Momnie spoke on possible causes of reduced vision. In the past, he has lectured on glaucoma, neurology and the eye, ocular side effects of systemic drugs and the eye and systemic diseases (like diabetes and hypertension.)
Optometry Humor
27 Contact lenses lost in one eye!
Losing a contact lens in the eye isn’t that unusual and most patients retrieve the lens within a few minutes. Occasionally a patient presents to our office reporting “it’s in there somewhere. I can feel it when I blink.” (Often, the lens is truly lost and the eye is simply irritated from so many attempts by the patient to remove it.) However, an eye surgeon in the United Kingdom recently discovered 27 disposable contact lenses underneath the upper eyelid of a 67-year-old woman while the eye was being prepared for cataract surgery. Over the years, when she couldn’t find a lens on removal, she assumed she dropped it and would simply put another lens on the next day!

 At Chicopee Eyecare, part of a contact lens exam is a review of our patient’s wearing habits including how they clean and disinfect their lenses. Don’t panic if you think you lost a lens in your eye. The lens can’t go very far (it certainly can’t go behind your eye!) If you really do think it’s lost in your eye, plan on seeing one of the doctors or technicians within a day or two and it it's in there, we’ll find it and promptly remove it at no charge. 
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In Case Of Emergency
Chicopee Eyecare provides
"24/7" coverage for emergency eye care 
for our patients.

We recommend that you do not go to the emergency room for an eye injury or acute eye problem unless it is very serious. Drs. Momnie, Guzek-Latka and Rapalus keep slots open for urgent care visits for new and established patients during normal office hours, and provide around-the clock emergency coverage for our established patients for after-hours and weekends.
Call 592-7777 before calling your PCP or visiting a hospital ER!

Office Hours
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Our office and optical department are open during the following hours:
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One of our doctors is always available for emergencies on nights, weekends and holidays. Call (413) 592-7777 and our answering service will put you in touch with an on-call optometrist.
"The people in this office are committed to providing you with the highest quality of eye care and to treating you with kindness and respect. "  
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