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Below are a few updates we would like to share in place of our bi-weekly newsletter.
EPA Takes Reasonable Approach In Atrazine Decision
The Altrazine Preliminary Interim Decision (PID) document published January 2nd in the federal register supports EPA's commitment the use credible scientific research in setting a reasonable aquatic ecosystem Level of Concern (LOC) for atrazine. The interim decision is positive for growers who rely on the atrazine for weed control according to the Triazine Network, a coalition of agriculture organizations that advances for science-based regulatory decision regarding the triazine herbicides including atrazine.

Read National Corn Growers full article here.
Be Safe!
With great sadness, three members of the agriculture community passed away in a silo accident before Christmas. A 49-year old man, his brother who was 47 with his 12-year old son were tragically lost. The gases created from silage fermentation is very toxic. With this tragedy in mind, as you work on your farm this season please keep in mind grain bin and silo safety.

  1. Lock out the control circuit before entering.
  2. Keep children out of grain bins.
  3. Have three people involved when you enter.
  4. Don't county on someone outside the bin to hear you.
  5. If you become trapped in a bin and still able to walk, stay near the outside wall.
  6. If another person become submerged in grain, assume they are alive and begin rescue operations immediately.
  7. Never attempt a rescue by going into the grain yourself.

Learn more about silo safety here .
Phase 1 Trade - January 15th
United States President, Donald Trump said Phase 1 of the trade deal with China would be signed on January 15th at the White House. Phase 1 includes a commitment by Beijing to buy more American agricultural products although details have not been announced.

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GM Crop Approval
Kenya Approve GM Crop Farming
  • Kenya's cabinet approved the planning of BT cotton, a pest-resistant strain engineered by Monsanto.
  • Read full story here.

China Approves Two New GMO Crops
  • China's agriculture ministry said on Monday it plans to issue biosafety certificates to a domestically grown, genetically modified soybean crop and two corn crops. Beijing has spent billions of dollars researching GM crops, but has held back from commercial production of any food grains because of consumer concerns about their safety.
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Voting Delegates Adopt 2020 Policies
At the 104th annual Farm Bureau meeting policy was adopted. Policy discussed and passed touched on local food procurement, pesticide stewardship, rural broadband, commercial solar, and agriculture education.

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Ag Apps - Get More Information
CropLife sorted through the number of agriculture related apps that you can download on your smartphone and tablet and presents the top apps that are currently on the market.

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Interseeding Alfalfa into Corn Silage
In the interseeding system, corn and alfalfa are planted at about the same time. Once the corn is harvested, the aim is to have a good stand of alfalfa to provide ground cover in the fall and winter, and to quickly bring alfalfa into full production the following spring.

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Harvested Fields = Winter Feeding for Cattle
When used properly, harvest corn fields can work effectively to decrease the amount of hay needed to feed throughout winter months. The grain available, would have the highest protein content with the cob having the lowest protein and energy value. Cattle will readily remove approximately 15% of the residue.

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Trucking Forum 1/31/2020
Baltimore and Harford County Farm Bureau will be hosting a Trucking Forum January 30, 2020 at 9:30 AM at the Baltimore County Ag Center.

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Farm Credit Foundation Scholarship
The Farm Credit Foundation is awarding 10 scholarships worth $10,000 each to students planning to pursue a career in agriculture. Application is available online and open until January 10th.

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