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Volume 9 | April 20, 2021
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We are excited to introduce you to our new addition in the Sci-ROI website focused on Funding resources. Our aim is to develop a centralized database for various grants and funding schemes for STEM professionals in India. We are trying to cover not only the academic sector, but also the non-academic ones, like industry, entrepreneurships, non-traditional careers, etc. Currently, we have incorporated several funding schemes for academia and entrepreneurships. While the list is not exhaustive yet, we hope that this effort will help STEM professionals to easily access a list of all the available funding opportunities at various stages of their career. Check out at
Dr. Shambhavi Naik is the founder of CloudKrate, a young and dynamic start-up helping small and medium Indian setups develop best in class supply management capabilities at low cost.

Listen to Dr. Shambhavi's conversation with Sci-ROI volunteers, sharing about her career journey, views on science and entrepreneurship in India and her advice to the aspiring young research fellows. Visit:

Sci-ROI is inviting members to write blog articles with a focus on STEM sectors in India. We are looking at several ideas such as - New Faculty transition, Established Scientists in Indian academics, Current STEM events, Cutting edge Research in Indian Academia or Industry, Online STEM education, Creative STEM ventures, Start-up stories, Unique Careers and many more.

If you have any idea or unique story which you want to share with our members. please pitch them by writing to us at:
Volunteer's Corner
I am a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University, pursuing research in the field of human-robot interaction. My ongoing doctoral thesis aims to empower robots to perform the challenging task of object handovers with people. My research work involves developing robot motion controllers and non-verbal gestures, and studying human behavior.

Like many other Sci-ROI members, I am interested to join academia in India after finishing education abroad. I got to know about Sci-ROI through Winstep Forward and S.N. Bose Scholars’ network. I attended Sci-ROI’s 2019 annual event in Chicago and the virtual version in 2020, where I got to meet like-minded researchers who were eager to move back to India. These events provided us a great platform to interact with senior representatives from top Indian institutions, and to hear experiences of new faculty members. Through the panel discussions and invited talks in these events, we learnt a lot about various scientific career opportunities in India.

To help expand Sci-ROI’s outreach to engineering disciplines, I joined the Sci-ROI volunteers’ team in January 2021. I am also contributing to the video editing team and helping maintain Sci-ROI’s presence on YouTube. I am excited to be a part of this network of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.

Know more about Alap here

Current Job Opportunities in India
Sci-ROI's job portal is dedicated for helping researchers and Ph.D. scholars accessing job opportunities in India. These job listings are targeted towards research, industry and entrepreneurship that may be of interest to the STEM community. Checkout some new additions to our Job Portal.
Current Affairs
Science Diplomacy Review (SDR) a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed international journal, is a forum for scholarship on theoretical and practical dimensions in science diplomacy. It seeks to discuss and engage with the developments, issues, perspectives and institutions in science diplomacy. SDR invites contributions on issues related to science diplomacy in the form of research articles, perspectives, essays, book reviews and review articles. To learn more click here.
IndiaBioscience recently published a booklet with a curated set of interviews with established industry professionals from various sectors who have successfully made the transition from academia to industry. This booklet will enlighten you on the Do's and Don'ts helping to prepare yourself for an industry career.

Fresh graduates who are willing to move into the industry are also not sure of the path that lies ahead of them and thus are not sure of the best fit or ways to align themselves better based on the industrial requirements. This booklet aims to address this gap.
"Since the scientists of each generation make progress only by standing on the shoulders of giants of the past, it is important to learn about our great scientists of the past" - Dr. CNR Rao and Dr. Indumati Rao.

Check on the new book on FOUNDERS OF MODERN SCIENCE IN INDIA - written by the Bharat Ratna recipient Dr. CNR Rao and his wife Dr. Indumati Rao. Learn and celebrate the success of our national heroes who built the modern India.

Download the full book here
On April 3, 2021, Sci-ROI organized an in-depth webinar on DST Inspire Faculty Fellowship for anyone looking to transition to Indian academia. Successful applicants shared their application process followed by a panel discussion that included representatives from host institutes and funding agencies. The webinar was attended by 250+ participants from across the globe and many live questions were answered by our panelist. This is the first in our series of grant writing webinars. Stay tuned for similar webinars in future!

The webinar was also livestreamed and further uploaded in our YouTube channel. Listen to the discussion to be informed on this fellowship. 
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