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Volume 18 | Jan 20, 2022
Sci-ROI initiative
Sci-ROI@India, Sci-ROI Global's new sister program, is excited to announce a virtual launch event during February 18-19, 2022 for young Indian STEM professionals from all over the world.

We aim to introduce our programs and events catering towards the major focus areas of Sci-ROI@India during this launch event, i.e. collaboration, mentorship and scientific discourse that enables successful launch of early-career researchers in Indian STEM. 

Top experts from the Indian scientific community will attend the event to assist early-career scientists gain more insights on research, funding, collaborative, mentorship opportunities in various STEM sectors in India. Panel discussions will be supplemented with multitude of pre-recorded talks and breakout rooms for networking! Early-career STEM professionals in India will also get a platform to showcase their work in any field of STEM in both academic and non-academic areas.

Deadline for Abstract Submission is now extended until: 26th January 2022.

To register and submit an abstract click here.
"The demand for stress-resistant crops is increasing day-by-day. In fact, they have become invaluable for our food security. Thus, we need to help farmers maintain high crop yields despite the increasing instances of soil degradation, nutrient depletion, and water scarcity all around the globe. Agronomists have been working towards the development of stress-resistant crops since the last few decades. One of the bottlenecks which they face in the process is the accurate measurement of plant traits."

In this blog article, Ankita Roy, a PhD Candidate from the Bucksch Lab at University of Georgia, USA has attempted to elucidate the importance of plant phenotyping and it's significance as an alternate career-track in India.

Read more here.

Sci-ROI is inviting members to write blog articles with a focus on STEM sectors in India. We are looking at several ideas such as - New Faculty transition, Established Scientists in Indian academics, Current STEM events, Cutting edge Research in Indian Academia or Industry, Online STEM education, Creative STEM ventures, Start-up stories, Unique Careers and many more.

If you have any idea or unique story which you want to share with our members. please pitch them by writing to us at:
Current Job Opportunities in India
Sci-ROI's job portal is dedicated for helping researchers and Ph.D. scholars accessing job opportunities in India. These job listings are targeted towards research, industry and entrepreneurship that may be of interest to the STEM community. Checkout some new additions to our Job Portal.
Current Affairs
Call for Ignition Grants

Technology-based Energy Solutions: Innovations for Net Zero
Submission Deadline: 15th February, 2022

India and the United States are committed to strengthening bilateral collaboration in the areas of climate and clean energy. Addressing these critical challenges will require innovative, interdisciplinary, and disruptive approaches that accelerate the development and adoption of new technologies for societal impact.

The U.S.-India Science and Technology Endowment Fund, in partnership with Social Alpha, announces a Call for Ignition Grants titled "Technology-based Energy Solutions: Innovations for Net Zero". The program aligns with the goals of the U.S.-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership, and will be administered by the binational Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF).

Learn more here.
BIRAC Announces 20th call for proposals under the Biotechnology Ignition Grant BIG Scheme
Submission Deadline: 15th February, 2022

Key Features of the call:
  • Supports high level innovation in the Biotech sector and is not meant for basic research projects.
  • Grant-in-aid up-to INR 50 lakhs for a maximum period of 18 months
  • Implementation and Mentoring through BIRAC’s BIG Partners

Who can apply?
BIRAC invites proposals from Biotech Start-ups and Individual Entrepreneurs with innovative idea having potential for commercialization. Eligible entities include:
  • Start up age allowed for a registered company/ LLP incorporated under BIG w.e.f 1st Aug 2021: 5 years.
  • Scientists, Faculty, Research Scholars, Graduates in any discipline incubating/ intend to incubate at a BioIncubator.

Learn more here.
Highlight of the month
The deadline for DBT Ramalingaswami Re-entry Fellowship application is just 10 days away. Check out our focused Grant Writing webinar organized in July 2021 for valuable tips and strategies from the past fellows and the representatives from host institutes and the funding agency to prepare a winning application.

Link to the DBT-RLS application page:

Interesting reads from Indian scientific community
The booming start-up ecosystem calling the Indian diaspora..

The last 2 pandemic years have been a conundrum for businesses across the nations but what came out crystal clear was the high confidence in countries like India with robust capabilities and great minds to steer the economic growth curve.

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How Great Indian Brain Drain Taking A Toll On The Economy...

2021 ended with headlines about another set of Indian minds, including Parag Agarwal and Leena Nair, taking charge of foreign multinationals. Agarwal and Nair took charge as the CEOs of Twitter and Chanel, respectively. Indra Nooyi, Satya...

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Activation of immune system following robust meditation...

Several studies on the impact of yoga and meditation on mental and physical health have demonstrated beneficial effects. However, the potential molecular mechanisms and critical genes involved in this beneficial outcome have yet to be...

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Volunteer's Corner
Subhadeep Dutta is currently a final year Ph.D. student at Arizona State University. He is a synthetic chemist by training and working closely in the interdisciplinary research area of nanobiotechnology in collaboration with a diverse team of chemical, biomedical engineers, biologists, and medical professionals. His Ph.D. research focuses on formulating different polymer nanomaterials for several biomedical applications like drug delivery, endoscopic imaging, biomanufacturing, and wound healing. He is a STEM enthusiast and loves to contribute into various outreach activities for school students by leveraging his mentoring skills.

Subhadeep was inspired by Sci-ROI's mission to explore all possible career opportunities in academic and non-academic sectors for Indian researchers studying abroad, to find a path to transition back into the Indian ecosystem. Subhadeep joined the Sci-ROI leadership team last year; to steer the social media activities of Sci-ROI. Additionally, he has been instrumental in developing an industrial database by making contacts with Indian recruiters, which will be helpful to PhDs/Postdocs for transitioning into the R&D sector of Indian industries. In collaboration with other team members, he organized several events and webinars like “Moving to Indian Industry”, Sci-ROI 2021 annual event etc.

Learn more about Subhadeep here.
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