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Volume 23 | June 22, 2022
Sci-ROI Initiative
Sci-ROI Global’s 4th virtual recruitment drive is ongoing. We have received more than 700 applications from 190 candidates who could apply to different open positions available at 19 participating academic and private organizations/companies in India. The recruiters are now shortlisting candidates for the next round, a 1-on-1 interaction/interview on Sci-ROI’s Zoom platform between July 5-11.
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Join us for our focused webinar on the challenges and prospects of single-cell omics in India. The webinar will consist of scientific talks followed by a panel discussion on the process and challenges of adopting this technology in Indian research institutes. We will interact with leading scientists from IISER Pune, ILS Bhubneswar, NCBS Bangalore, and ICMR, and learn how they are employing single-cell omics in their scientific research. We will also have with us members of the 10x genomics team (the leading company providing single-cell sequencing platforms and reagents) to talk about the logistics of conducting these experiments in India. Finally, a US faculty expert in single-cell omics data analyses will partake in the panel to answer questions related to the challenges of big data management, storage, and analyses. So book your calendar for this webinar if - 1) you are conducting or planning to use this technology for your research, 2) are curious about how new technologies are adopted in India – the struggles and the support system that exist to make that happen.

The webinar will be sponsored by the 10x genomics team in India.

Save the date: July 23, 2022
To facilitate cross-sector partnerships and networking in India, Sci-ROI@India launched a collaborative database that will capture the information from all current and independent STEM professionals in India who would be willing to have potential collaborations with academic, industrial, non-academic or non-profit partners.

Established STEM professionals across all disciplines in academia, industry, non-profit and non-academic sectors currently working and residing in India can initiate collaborations with other STEM professionals at their current capacity.

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In Sci-ROI's new blog, read about some key points and suggestion about Crafting a career in Science Communication in India, from our webinar speakers. The speakers shared their science communication journey, and you might insights and advice that will help you launch your own career.

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Listen to the second episode of Sci-ROI’s podcast series on ‘Return to India’ stories. We are proud to feature Dr. Piyush Behari Lal, an active member of Sci-ROI India’s Leadership Team as he shares his transition journey from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, US to the Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India as assistant professor.

Dr. Lal received the MS-PhD in microbiology at the University of Texas Dallas, USA in 2008. Then he moved to the University of Wisconsin–Madison for post-doctoral training, developing genetic tools for Zymomonas mobilis ZM4, a natural ethanologen. Dr. Lal went on to receive the prestigious DBT Ramalingaswami Fellowship in 2021 and finally moved back to India in September 2021.

Listen to his transition journey here.
Sci-ROI Global presents a video series featuring experts from Indian academia and industry answering some frequently asked questions related to the transition of the Indian STEM diaspora back to India.

In this video, experts share their insights related to the skills learned during a PhD that are transferable to a career in Industry.

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Sci-ROI is inviting members to write blog articles with a focus on STEM sectors in India. We are looking at several ideas such as - New Faculty transition, Established Scientists in Indian academics, Current STEM events, Cutting edge Research in Indian Academia or Industry, Online STEM education, Creative STEM ventures, Start-up stories, Unique Careers and many more.

If you have any idea or unique story which you want to share with our members, please pitch them by writing to us at:
Current Job Opportunities in India
Sci-ROI's job portal is dedicated for helping researchers and Ph.D. scholars accessing job opportunities in India. These job listings are targeted towards research, industry and entrepreneurship that may be of interest to the STEM community. Checkout some new additions to our Job Portal.
Current Affairs
PM Modi inaugurates Biotech Startup Expo 2022, hails...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Biotech Startup Expo - 2022 on June 9. ​​The biotech sector is looking to India as a land of opportunity. Mainly due to the following factors: a diversified population, varied climates and a talented...

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Highlight of the Month
Sci-ROI Global hosted the focused webinar last month on “SERB Ramanujan Fellowship Grant Writing”.

The SERB Ramanujan Fellowship is meant for brilliant Indian scientists and engineers from outside India to take up scientific research positions in India. Sci-ROI organized a webinar focusing on the grant-writing process for this fellowship with experts including fellowship awardees and representatives from host institutes and the funding agency.
Watch the recorded webinar here.
Interesting Reads
The Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru is the new national leader in the QS World University Rankings 2023, along with three other Indian institutes.

Yoga as a Preventive Intervention for Cardiovascular Diseases and Associated Comorbidities: Open-Label Single Arm Study

At day 30 of yoga practice, serum levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL), total cholesterol (TC), and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) were found significantly improved as compared to the baseline levels observed at the time of enrollment. Similarly, the lipid profile was also obtained from experienced trainers and found to be significantly different from those of yoga-naïve volunteers. 

The government's desire to make India a world leader in science will founder if it cannot fix one persisting problem: funding delays.

Volunteer's Corner
Prateek is a mechanical engineer with a doctorate (Ph.D) from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch (UC), New Zealand. In addition, he has completed multiple postdoctoral positions at Czech Technical University, Prague, University of Maryland (UMD), College Park, MD, USA, and Florida State University (FSU), Tallahassee, FL, USA. His area of research expertise is in Bio-Micro/nano robotics and the use of electromagnetic fields for particle manipulation studies in various interdisciplinary applied science and engineering applications. His future plans include contributing to science-policy development and cybersecurity management. At Sci-ROI, Prateek works on website development and maintenance, and new Outreach activities.

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Mayank is working as a Principal R&D engineer at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), San Jose, California. He is a computational chemist and has experience working on the material discovery using physics based modeling for various applications including catalysis, separation, fuel cells and semiconductors. He finished his PhD from Georgia Institute of Technology in Chemical Engineering in Dec 2019 and then worked on a post-doctoral position at Brown University and MIT for 2 years. Followed by his postdoctoral work, he joined TSMC in January 2022. At Sci-ROI, he works in the job-portal and new outreach teams.

Learn more about Mayank here.
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