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Volume 24 | July 20, 2022
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Hear the scientific talks about research in India employing single-cell technologies in areas such as immunology, developmental, and reproductive biology. Engage in a panel discussion on the process and prospects of single-cell technologies in India.

Hear from the experts addressing some relevant questions from the field - What is the pipeline for doing these experiments in India? How are these funded? What is the support system like? What is the future of these technologies? What are the challenges of adopting new technologies in India?

The webinar will be sponsored by the 10x genomics and Premas Biotech team in India.

REGISTER HERE. Event happening this Saturday!
REGISTER HERE to attend the in-person networking events with BITS-Pilani faculty at either Ohio State University, Ohio or Purdue University, Indiana.
REGISTER HERE to attend the in-person networking event with Prof. Anurag Agrawal, Ashoka University at University of Houston, Texas.
Are you a STEM Professional planning to move to India soon/moved to India in last couple of years? Do you need some tips about how to make your transition smoother? We got your back!

Become a mentee for Sci-ROI@India’s Return2India Mentorship Program and get guidance and mentoring from established STEM Professionals in India

To Learn More and Apply, CLICK HERE

Key benefits:
a)   Six months of unlimited 30 min one-on-one meetings with multiple mentors you choose
b)   Discussing your options in Academia/ Industry/ Teaching/ Startups/ other STEM sectors in India
c)   Tips about job search/ interviews/work culture/ funding and collaborative opportunities.
In Sci-ROI's new blog, the Sci-ROI Blogs team conversed with Dr. Bhartiya, learning from her scientific journey from her Ph.D. to obtaining seed funds for her start-up. Her advice to the young researchers dreaming to take that leap of faith is that doubts & second thoughts are common in the journey of Startups, asking for support when needed and preparing yourself during the Ph.D. or postdoc phase can help the researchers transit into entrepreneurship. She feels this is a good time to start the entrepreneurial journey with the Indian government’s ‘make in India’ initiative providing more funding opportunities and encouraging more academia-industry collaborations.

Read more in our latest blog HERE.
Listen to the latest episode of Sci-ROI’s podcast series on ‘Return to India’ stories. In this episode we feature Dr. Himanshu Gogoi, an Assistant Professor from Amity University, sharing about his transition journey into Indian academia.

Dr. Gogoi started his research career with an M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry from Delhi University. He then joined the PhD program at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, in 2013. He worked on synthesizing nanoparticle adjuvants with varying crystallinity and studying its effect in antigen binding. He then moved to the University of Florida in 2018 for a postdoctoral stint under Prof. Lei Jin and worked on immunosenescence and vaccine-induced immune response against respiratory pathogens. He was awarded the Department of Health Research - Young Scientist Award in 2019. After his successful postdoctoral training, Dr. Gogoi joined Amity University, Jaipur in June 2022 as an Assistant Professor.

Listen to his transition journey HERE.
Sci-ROI Global presents a video series featuring experts from Indian academia and industry answering some frequently asked questions related to the transition of the Indian STEM diaspora back to India.

In this video, learn about the challenges and concerns one has when transitioning to Indian industry.

Watch it HERE.

Sci-ROI is inviting members to write blog articles with a focus on STEM sectors in India. We are looking at several ideas such as - New Faculty transition, Established Scientists in Indian academics, Current STEM events, Cutting edge Research in Indian Academia or Industry, Online STEM education, Creative STEM ventures, Start-up stories, Unique Careers and many more.

If you have any idea or unique story which you want to share with our members, please pitch them by writing to us at:
Current Job Opportunities in India
Sci-ROI's job portal is dedicated to helping researchers and Ph.D. scholars access job opportunities in India. These job listings are targeted toward research, industry, and entrepreneurship that may be of interest to the STEM community. Checkout some new additions to our Job Portal.
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"We can talk about everything but Covid-19," came nine-year-old Abhay's reply when his mother Karishma Kaushik sought his opinion on starting a new online forum 'Talk to A Scientist' (TTAS) in March 2020.

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Volunteer's Corner
Richa works as an in vitro assay development biologist and has recently transitioned to industry from academia. She obtained her doctoral degree from the land of cuckoo clocks and black forest cakes at the University of Freiburg, Germany. During her Ph.D., she studied nanovesicles shuttling messages between cells and affecting cellular physiology. And how they shape tumor microenvironment and cancer progression. She is interested in science communication and networking with fellow researchers across various disciplines. She believes in the mission of Sci-ROI and it gives her immense happiness to be part of such a non-profit organization. It addresses the issues and needs of Ph.D. students, and early researchers, and gives them a platform to boost their career. She can be reached via LinkedIn.
Rohil is a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, where he develops diagnostic tools using microfluidic and spectroscopic techniques to make better organ transplantation decisions when using extended criteria organs. The goal of his research is to bridge the huge gap in the need and availability of organs by extending the life of organs through better preservation, and better assessment of extended criteria organs for better patient outcomes. Previously, he completed his Ph.D. from Purdue University where he developed diagnostic tools for cancer and his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. He joined SciROI last year to help other researchers who want to transition back to the Indian academic system. He can be reached via email at or via LinkedIn
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