Mother Teresa Regional Catholic School
Weekly Newsletter September 28, 2018
Principal's Corner
The theme of the week has rapidly become lunch. So I figured what better way to end it?
We are so grateful to have parents giving of their time to help in the cafeteria and recess…and your kids love seeing you! The food is delicious. And we will stick with this menu for at least the near future.

I have never run a cafeteria before, and I can say that it is a team effort and I am grateful to all of the staff members here who have stepped up, gone outside of their normal duties, and done the extra to make sure every child was able to purchase food.

So in essence….what this week’s lunch issues showed was that we at MTC don’t look at our job descriptions, we don’t look at our pay stubs, we look at the need of the children….and we will all work together to do whatever we can to make their experience the BEST IT CAN BE!

Good luck to our teachers and students representing MTC in the ClassH-room Game Show tomorrow!
Weekly Events
Monday: No School- Teacher Pd
Yankee Candle Sales Begin
Thursday:-Blessing of the Animals
CYO Powderpuff Game
Friday: Pep Rally
CYO Homecoming Game at Baxter
Weekly Clubs & Activities
Monday: Coming Soon
Tuesday: Coming Soon
Wednesday: Coming Soon
Thursday: Coming Soon
Friday: Coming Soon
What's Up in Middle School-
English Language Arts
The entire Middle School learned about Figurative Language and then identified different types in song examples. The classes had fun as they sung Disney Songs. Who knew English class could be so fun?

This week, 6th Grade learned about imagery and read poems from two great writers E.E.Cummings and Robert Frost. All this talk about appealing to our five senses, especially taste, made the 6th Grade Class hankering for a snack!

7th Grade read a folk tale and two of Aesop's Fables. The 7th Grade students learned that even though some of these fables were written 1500 years ago, their morals are still relevant today.

8th Grade engaged in their first "Writers Workshop" in order to get them prepared for their Library Analysis Paper. The 8th Grade students are working hard in order to prepare for High School.

Important Dates
Monday 10/1 - No School Teacher PD
Thursday 10/4 - Blessing of the Animals
Friday 10/5 - Pep Rally & CYO Homecoming
Monday 10/8 - Student Council & NJHS
induction mass at MDP 9:15am
Week of 10/8-10/12 -Theater Week
Wednesday 10/17 - Early Childhood Pancake Breakfast
Need to Know
Remember school begins at 8:25am

Discount Cards $10, we ask each family to buy or sell at least two.

Yankee Candle Sales begin 10/1

Student News
Congratulation to A.J.Bordic, T.J.Gannon, Mary Rita Swope and Kelsey Pearson. They will be representing the MTC school student body as they head to the Fox 29 studio in Philadelphia this Saturday, to do a taping of a segment called " The Classroom". These four students will square off in a game show against MTC School's finest, Mrs. Sana, Mr. Tamasitis, and Miss Scholl. We will keep you posted when the final broadcast will be aired. Good Luck!
Lunch orders can be place through by 9am daily. Moe's Burrito lunch orders are due by Friday at noon the week before.

Dietary information about the new Mini Melts Ice Cream treats offered in the cafeteria.
The New MTC Student Store is open for business from 12:15-12:55 every Thursday!

We have new items, most of which are under $1.00!

Gift certificate available for any amount
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