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Newsletter May 2022 #5

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Pet Emergency Preparedness

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Pet Evac Pak Celebrating 4 Years Helping You Save Your Pets!

It’s been an incredible journey over the past 4 years. We heard a saying that you don’t know what you don’t know! Boy, is that true!


We have become experts in the field of Pet Emergency Preparedness by educating ourselves, listening, learning and working hard. 

These formative years have been some of the best years and most challenging. On the upside from meeting many new friends, customers, fans and supporters to be added to the Chewy lineup to the downside of the pandemic and not being able to see all of you face to face. Overall it’s been a great ride!

Our lineup and sales continue to grow while educating and getting the word out is still our biggest challenge. This is where we could use your help. Please like and share on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn and help us educate your friends and family on the importance of having an emergency plan for themselves and their pets. Make sure to comment on our blogs and newsletters as we love the feedback. Then signup and download our e-book, FREE on the front page of our website. For additional assistance, we have listed other resources on our resource page.

So, to help celebrate in May we are offering a FREE “Save Our Pets” Window decal and Emergency Wallet ID card for all orders over $50 at That’s a $7.98 value. Use code CELEBRATE4 at checkout to receive your free products. Plus, ALL orders over $50 receive FREE SHIPPING!

Year 4 and we are moving on up! We outgrew our current space and moved into a larger warehouse. 

We are ready when you are!

Stay safe!

Team Pet Evac

Make 2022 the year you make an emergency plan that includes your pets!

Product Corner

Create Your Very Own Custom Pet Evac Kit!

For those of us with multiple pets, our custom pack page will walk you through the “must-haves” for your pack. 

Start with a carrier – if you already have one, select the “No Carrier” option; otherwise, click on the down arrow and select the carrier of your choice. 

The next category will be food – again make your selection of either “No Food” or the cat or dog food of your choice. Don’t miss the notes at the top of each category for recommendations. 

Follow the arrows for each category and at the end, you will have the option to make any adjustments.

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PET EVAC PAK in the News!


BLOGGING with Pet Evac Pak 

Blogging with Chris from Animal Innovations.

Prepare today so you can keep your pets safe and healthy even in times of emergency! Pet Evac Pak offers pet evacuation kits that help you care for your animals even during disasters.

Make sure you check out  and the great work they are doing to rescue and transport pets.


BLOG: 8-Simple Steps to help you Prepare your Pet for Fire Season

There is a knock on your door and you have been instructed to evacuate and you only have moments. Are you prepared? What are you going to grab?

This will never happen to me, right?


We have already seen over 21,000 wildfires this year according to NIFC stretching all the way from Florida to California. 

Never leave your pets behind!!!! Chances are you will never get back in and the worst could happen to your beloved pets. Experts recommend leaving at the first sign of danger when you have pets, with your pets. Don’t wait for the knock on the door. 

Read the full article...

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Pet Safety Tip - Bugging out with your cat!

Most people believe that generally, cats are not great at travelling. However, it can be done. Bugging out during an emergency can add an extra layer of anxiety to the situation.

Here are a couple of tips to help you and your cat get out quickly and safely during an emergency.  

Before any excursion make sure your cat is crate trained. It can become their safe space where they feel comfortable and secure. If you have to leave them at a shelter at least they will have their familiar surroundings.

Practice getting out of your home with your family and your cat. If there is a fire you might only have moments. If you panic your cat could panic and look for a place to hide. When you only have moments you might not have time to secure a collar or harness so have a slip lead handy to secure your cat even if you have to drag them out from under the bed to get them into the carrier. 

Never leave them behind.  


Industry News

May 1st Kick's off Hurricane Preparedness Week

The official hurricane season starts June 1st per the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), so May is the perfect time to get prepared!

Now is the time to get educated and to determine your risk.  According to NOAA hurricanes not only affect coastal areas but can bring powerful winds and flooding inland so it's important to review your risks.

Take time to learn what hazards you might face where you live.  Review your evacuation routes.  Keep plenty of fuel in your car and have a go-bag ready for you and your pets.  

If you have to evacuate to a shelter FEMA and/or the Red Cross may not have supplies for your pets so you need to make sure you are prepared.  To help you with your planning download our FREE E-Book on the front page of our website.  We have a complete checklist on how to make a plan and what to put in your pet's go-bag.

A portion of ALL sales for the Month of May will go to benefit the Healing Heroes Program

Donate a Pet Evac Pak to the Healing Heroes Program.

Your donation goes to supporting Disabled American Vets and their service dogs in training.

RRUFF (Rocklin Residents Unite For Fido) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID#27-3130260) founded in 2010. Its mission is to serve disabled veterans and the canine community. In addition to establishing the first off-leash dog park in Rocklin, Ca., in 2014 the Healing Heroes Program was formed.

Learn more
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Prepare today to keep your pet safe tomorrow!

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