February 2019

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Newsletters May Be Passé

Actually, because so many people are inundated with so many newsletters it is time for me to change it up. On even numbered months, I’ll send a newsletter with an article to start it off. On odd numbered months I will send… We’ll see. Art is an option. A message possibly. Information. An invitation.

Isn’t that one of the fun things about life, and often unnerving things about life? Things are always changing. And living graciously with change for most of us requires paying attention. Not reacting. Practicing acceptance, willingness and openness. Trusting everything is always working out. The universe has your back.

This morning I was thinking about how some people think “the universe is testing them”. I think it is more likely their higher self is testing them. The universe, like Creator, Source or the Divine have our best interests at heart and will arrange for us to grow, to release karma and develop additional virtues.

Our response to it is where pain can come in. Decide to consider the “new” and to consider “change” as simply interesting. Practice stepping out of fear and into possibility. So, I don’t know what next month’s not-a-newsletter will look like and that’s ok. Creativity will prevail and I’ll send you something different.

Love and Light, Lynne

Welcome Seekers, Meditators, Healers and Teachers,

Are you on a spiritual journey? Where it is taking you next? What blocks slow you down?
Are you:
  • Feeling like your spiritual practice is stalled?
  • Amid a transition of self?
  • Feeling like life is empty or lacks meaning?
  • Wanting guidance without following a religion?

You’re in the right place whether you are here to heal to grow spiritually and open your life to your greatest potential – or to feel supported as you continue to explore your spiritual depths.

Yes, it’s possible for you to finally  overcome  your old patterns, even if you have worked on it before. You can experience  instant healing  of things that may have bothered you for years.

Journey to Awakening webinar begins March 20 @ 11:30 am PST

We'll meet 5 consecutive Wednesdays through April 17. Get the details and reserve your space now . Early Bird rate is in effect – it ends Feb. 28!

ThetaHealing® 2019 Seminar schedule :

Learn, Empower, Change, Heal with ThetaHealing Seminars
  • Advanced ThetaHealing          March 5-7 (prereq. basic theta)
  • Advanced ThetaHealing     March 11-13 in Miami, FL
  • Dig Deeper ThetaHealing    April 11-12 (prereq. basic & advanced)
  • Manifesting & Abundance  May 8-9 (prerq. basic, adv., dig deep)
  • Rhythm to a Perfect Weight May 10

Become a practitioner or advance your intuitive and healing skills. Seminars scheduled for Phoenix and Miami. Visit  www.DesertJewel.org  for descriptions and to register.
Truly an opportunity to go deep into your own healing with support.

A fully personalized VIP session of:

o    ThetaHealing,
o    a guided meditation,
o    a reading,
o    a body scan,
o    divine downloads,
o    change of limiting beliefs &
o    ends with a future reading (a four hour personalized program).

Preferably in person (includes a vegetarian lunch) or arranged through Zoom.

Even better: four hours of healing followed by a guided labyrinth walk & follow up processing then a fabulous lunch at the English Rose Tea Room in Carefree AZ.    
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This group is an awakening and healing place to share thoughts and ideas. Full of postings that
  • help us move forward into remembering who we really are
  • shift our identification from the outside world or our bodies to our true selves.
To set up a healing session or consultation with Lynne call 602-569-6078 or email lynnecockrum-murphy@gmail.com We can work by phone, skype or zoom to build the life of your dreams.

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I am a counselor, intuitive consultant, instructor, dedicated to help spiritually-minded people release trauma and heal, to achieve freedom from limiting beliefs, to improve work and life conditions, to embrace inner peace and expand sense of self and possibility. I do all this in classes and in one-on-one sessions with nurturing and gentle guidance.
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