Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone was able to spend the Holiday's with their friends and family.

I am pleased to announce that Sandy and I became grandparents for a third time during the Holiday's. Trevor & Tia had a baby boy and named it Gabriel. Everyone is doing fine. It was great to have the little guy around for Christmas.

This year t he NHPA Council Winter Meeting is scheduled for February 8th & 9th at Wichita Falls, TX host site of the 2019 World Horseshoe Tournament. I have scheduled this meeting for two full days. Items on the agenda include rearranging the duties of the Council Officers and Directors, reviewing and setting our 2019 goals, review our NHPA financials, creating a 2019 budget, review the 2018 budget, planning the 2019 World Tournament, Sponsorship and membership committee reports.

The NHPA Council would like to welcome Jim Kinney Jr. and Dalton Rackstraw to the Council. Jim & Dalton will start their duties January 1st, 2019. The Council looks forward to working with these two individuals and hearing their new ideas on how to improve our sport.

Jim Kinney will be our new Sec/Treas for the NHPA. Jim will also be our World Tournament Director. Dalton Rackstraw will be the new 5th VP in charge of the Regional Directors.
There will be other duties assigned to these two positions however these duties will be finalized after the winter meeting.

The NHPA Council would like to thank Dave Sidles and Coyce Allen their years of service on the Council.

Each year the NHPA recognizes members for their contributions to the NHPA, their Charter, and/or local club. The Council is asking all the Charters to provide a list of individuals who you believe would be a good candidate to receive an NHPA Achievement Award. These awards will be presented at the 2019 World Tournament in Wichita Falls, TX. To obtain a form, visit our website at

The NHPA is also looking for your assistance in providing candidates who you believe would qualify for the NHPA Hall of Fame Award. Candidates for this prestigious award must have been an NHPA member for at least 10 years and may qualify based on their distinguished outstanding performances in World Tournament Championship play or as a person who has made significant and beneficial contributions to the NHPA.   Nominations for this award should be submitted to our NHPA Hall of Fame Director Vicki Winston at This form is also available on our website.

I would like to remind everyone that elections are open for the positions of 1st VP & 3rd VP. According to our By-Laws, candidates for NHPA office must announce their candidacy in writing to be received by the President and the Horseshoe Pitching Newline editor no later than April 1st, 2019. Incumbents however, must announce their candidacy in the same manner, by February 1st, 2019. I encourage competition therefore those of you who are interested in one of these positions, please let me know.

The 2019 World Horseshoe Tournament will be held July 22nd - August 3rd, 2019 at the Ray Clymer Exhibit Hall and the Kay Yeager Coliseum (NPEC) in Wichita Falls, TX. Members who are interested in attending should go on-line and fill out the entry form and make your motel reservations. Many of you have asked me if we were planning on having the same format and schedule. It is our intentions not to change anything at this time however each year is a challenge when working with different groups in different locations.

A New Year. The Same Challenges.
by Gary Roberts, 1st Vice President

As 2019 begins, the Rules Committee is busy reviewing rules proposals submitted by the membership. Those that are deemed to have merit will be submitted to the NHPA Executive Committee for approval to move forward to the 2019 NHPA Convention. This is a time consuming, but necessary, process. I would like to thank all Committee members for helping me with this arduous task.

The decline in membership will continue to be the most important issue as we move forward. I would like to once again express my view that we must maintain a positive attitude and address our differences in a civil manner. Rather than spending time determining who to blame for the decline, let us develop new and positive approaches. The sport of jukskei in South Africa is experiencing the same problem with declining membership as it is difficult to get junior players to continue participation after they reach adulthood. We need to encourage and support pilot projects within individual charters.

One of the keys to rejuvenate membership is to increase prize money through sponsorship. Efforts are underway to obtain sponsorship, but this is a difficult task. We know from past experience that increased payouts greatly enhance participation. The tournament in Crossville, Tennessee a few years ago was an example of how important increased payouts affect participation. Our decreasing membership adversely affects our ability to get sponsors. However, we must continue our efforts.

I feel honored to serve as a NHPA Officer. I certainly do not have all of the answers to our problems, but I will do everything in my power to address them.

Year in Review: 2018
by Laurie Lampkin, 2nd Vice President

Now that 2018 is complete, it was a very busy year overall. The 2018 World Tournament in Florence, SC had amazing media and news coverage for the entire 2 weeks of competition. A few new faces became new "World Champions" for the first time, congratulations to all of you. Job well done.

Overall, it went as well as it could, though we had a few hiccups that were beyond the NHPA's control, going forward, we are being very diligent with our prospective bidders and enforcing our requirements that are listed in the updated version of the bid packet. We, the NHPA cannot always control everything, but we can at least make the hosts understand the importance of the equipment requirements and possibly hold them responsible for items that are listed in the "updated" bid contract going forward. The NHPA council will be having its annual winter meeting in Wichita next month, and we will cover this very issue on our walk through.

So, moving forward, we had 2 new programs that were implemented. The first, to increase Membership by creating an incentive to new members by giving out new NHPA membership bags that consist of the Bag, T-shirt, and NHPA Ink pen. The program was announced, and the information was posted in several locations by using various sources of media to get the word out.

As of 1/8/2019, the NHPA has 454 new members with 22 states reporting those new members for 2018 . There may be more new members, but these are the members that received the membership bags. Congrats to all of the charters that participated. Please continue recruiting those new members and send us your lists.

Good News - We are continuing the program for 2019, so make sure that your charter secretaries sends us your new member information if you choose to participate regardless if you participated in 2018 or not. If charters want to retain your adult and junior/cadet members, please remember that the new members will feel "welcomed" and we want them to "Come Pitch with us" if you participate. Remember, "Our Shoes Fit Everyone". We had several charters that did not participate for various reasons in 2018, so hopefully they will change their minds and get on board.

Here are the details if your charter would like to participate.
  • We will require the new members NHPA Card number for 2019. The New member must have competed in a minimum of 2 NHPA sanctioned events (of course we encourage members to participate in more tournaments) before receiving a new membership bag. We will check the Natstats for the tournaments that have been completed and turned into Natstats.
  • State Secretaries will email Laurie Lampkin at and cc Dalton Rakestraw as (Membership Chairperson) in the initial email so that he can keep a spreadsheet of the bags for tracking purposes in order to justify the costs, the council will receive the report. I will mail out membership bags back to each state secretary which include a "Thank You" note to the individual for joining. In order to help personalize the note for your new member, I will need the name of your club and the new member's name.
  • State secretaries and or promotion officers in your clubs may choose to add their own gift (but not required), brochures or any other information or items to the package and distribute the bag.
  • On your list, please include the T-shirt size and colors that your members have chosen. The colors are Grey, White, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Dark Purple, Navy Blue, and Safety Yellow.
  • Shirt sizes are S-3X, if you need a larger size it will be a special order from my vendor, so get those into me first so that I can get those ordered in advance and send the entire order together. No Youth Sizes are available.

Another program that was started is a "Banner Program". Here are photos of the Banners past and present. T hese "NEW" banners are $16.00 each. These are 2 x 4' feet in size.

If your club is interested in purchasing a banner, please email me at and I will send you the form to fill out and return to me. Remember, this possibly can be a tax deduction as a donation. You can make your checks payable to the NHPA and mail them directly to:

Jim Kinney
NHPA - Secretary/Treasurer/Insurance
P.O. Box 205
Drexel, MO 64742
World Tournament Bidder Progress Report
The NHPA is very popular on the sports events conference circuit! Three such events are attended by NHPA representatives each year for the purpose of promoting the association and seeking the most appropriate venues for the World Tournament - and every timeslot for appointments is always filled each day.

Stu Sipma attended two of the Conferences with me this year and realized very quickly how dramatically the marketing and the general way of doing sports business has changed in the past few years. A combined total of 208 appointments were made for all 3 conferences between the two of us at CONNECT, S.P.O.R.T.S., and TEAMS. In addition to these appointments we were also able to have meetings with a few states for the State Games as well. The NHPA also has joined NASC this year.

This year, there are several venues interested and have verbally committed to submitting a bid. While contracts to bid have not yet been signed, extreme interest has been shown by several great destinations for hosting the 2021 event. The official deadline for these cities to submit their contracts is March 15, 2019 for the year 2021, and here are just a few of them that we are waiting for and we have a few more that may commit by the deadline in addition to these that are listed - Winnemucca, NV, Minot North Dakota, Lakeland, Florida, Burlington, Vermont, and St. Charles, MO.

The CVB's (Convention Visitors Bureau's) obtain their funds through various resources. Springfield, IL wanted to submit for 2021 and they were very diligent in putting the work into getting those funds, unfortunately, they were not successful at this time. In 2009, Springfield had access to a specific type of governmental sports grant that is no longer available to the city. They will continue to research other options and look at future years to bid.

During the World Tournament in Florence, SC the Sponsorship Chair decided to resign leaving a void. After returning home from Florence and things settled down a bit, a new Sponsorship Chairperson was appointed. I would like to welcome Brian Fisher from Ohio as the new Chairperson of the Sponsorship Committee.

Sponsorship Packets have been sent out to various companies across the US. Now depending on the marketing and advertising budgets and the time of year at each of these companies, will depend on how much they will spend if they choose to sponsor or advertise with the NHPA.

We have had a few people share their direct contact information for several of these major corporations, and this helps us very much by cutting down on the time it takes to research and locate these marketing/advertising people within these companies. This is a huge help to us. If anyone has such a contact, please reach out to me or Brian if you are willing to share that information. We appreciate it.

These are just some of the companies that have been contacted and we are currently waiting on responses back from them. There are several more corporations that have been sent the NHPA sponsorship packet, but I'd rather keep those under wraps for now until we receive a response.
  • Fed Ex, Camping World, AT&T, Coca Cola, Mars Inc. (Hershey's)

When Your Computer Crashes...
by Jerry Smith, 3rd Vice President

Well it's the first of a new year and I had a small run of bad luck, mostly of my own doing. Most of us have been told of the need to back up our computers on a regular basis and I have on several occasions found this out the hard way. Something about old dogs and new tricks comes to mind, but never mind, I digress. On the day before Christmas, my computer crashed, in fact died on the spot (speaking of dogs), double pun. Anyway, it died, and the timing was particularly bad for repair shops in my area, what with the holidays and all. I use an "all in one" computer and it just went blank, silent, kaput, inoperable, ruined, wrecked, well you get the picture. I got out my handy laptop and loaded the files from my latest backup from my "dropbox" folder. Feeling good about my past experiences, I looked at the date of the file, hmm, 10/30/18. Where does the time go? Well two months are bad, it could have been four or five months. I had written an article for the Newsline, begun preparing for the winter meeting (my annual report), started compiling/checking data for the upcoming "Top Ten" awards, and started processing the "Junior Scholarship" info. It was all gone but I had a chance of recovering my files if the computer nerd that had my computer ever got back to business after the holidays.

I did get some files back but not all and some were jumbled. As you can tell, I didn't get my Newsline article back (hence my apparent stall tactic) and in the confusion, loaded my 10/30/18 league program and started entering leagues using old numbers which Wayne, my pal at NATSTATS, immediately rejected as duplicates, thank goodness, it could have been really ugly with duplicate numbers.   I had to rethink my processes and re-enter a bunch of stuff and then our lovely editor's deadline hit and here I am scrambling to write sometime at the last minute. But enough about me, let's talk.

With the untimely death of Bob Dunn whom I believe is the "GOAT" (greatest of all time) of NHPA historians, Stu asked me if I would mind taking on that job as part of my VP duties. I said "sure", I have little to do and besides my computer is in electronics heaven. 

That being said, as I write this, a question came to my mind. What is an NHPA Historian? Bob is a hard guy to follow and the duty statement must have been lodged in my computer. I will be going to the HOF building in May and inventorying/ evaluating Bob's office and the vast amount of data and "stuff" stored there. I hope to work with the NHPF officers and locals to continue Bob's work in curating the museum and keeping the displays up to date and interesting. If you have not had the chance to go to Wentzville, you should, it is our history. If you are not supporting the NHPF, you should. Buy a brick, come and pitch, write a check, get involved. It is very interesting and a very nice facility. If you have horseshoe memorabilia and want to see if we could use it, contact me. We have limited storage facilities but don't want our history going into dumpsters.

The sanctioned league part of my job is humming along as usual. With the aforementioned problems, I am working to make sure all leagues are entered and that the awards processes come together and meet the usual timeframes. We will see. The new rule concerning the minimum number of shoes (200) goes in to affect now and I will apply that rule to all leagues that have an ending date after January 1, 2019. Speaking of computers, the rule change requires a bit of program change for most of my programs. Pat and Kevin Snelgrove are busy planning the changes and I thank them in advance for the many hours of work. As always, they will fix me up. Maybe I will recover my Newsline article and use it next time. Remember, backup nightly!!

Regional Director Update
by Dalton Rakestraw, 5th Vice President

Greetings NHPA! My time in office has officially began, time is flying fast. Only two more semesters of school and I am complete. Yes! I am hoping that everyone had a fantastic holiday season. I spent about a week and a half back home at my grandparents in Arkansas, even caught in two tourneys at Jim's 4 Ringer courts horseshoe barn in Mountain Home, AR. Hey, I managed to win one of the tourneys! Ahh, for the love of the game! I am also partnering up with Seth O'Nan from here in Kentucky to participate in the online bring your own partner doubles tournament. Hoping to pull a win from it. I encourage everyone to join the Horseshoe Tour. Like there page on Facebook or visit them online. The 2019, schedule is out. Tournaments are in SC, NC, NV, and LA. Hope to see you all there! These tournaments are a lot of fun and you do NOT want to miss them. Louisiana is going all out again! Make sure you get in and get those points, let's show our support for the Tour.
I started back in October 2018, ordering patches, getting orders, mailing them out. It was a time! I am starting to see the guest room bed again. With over half of the charters ordered patches, and over 8800 patches this far. I had to re-order more horseshoe court sanction certificates, things are really looking up and doing well thus far.
I have implemented an RD newsletter that I send out to all the RD's. I am going to try and send this out quarterly to them. Topics of interest are... a junior and cadets' specific patch, RD's having a credentials card, who and how to choose the RD of the year! I have also tossed around the idea of re-vamping or having a new design on our current patches. We have had the same design for over 35 years. This would be a nice up lift, seeing as how we need to be progressively continuing. These topics will be discussed at the winter meeting, February 8-9.
The membership committee is not taking a break, we are still working hard, bouncing ideas. We have decided to continue with our membership bag program for 2019. We are actively looking for two additional members to add to the team. If anyone is interested in joining, please let one of us know. Phyllis Quist, WA; Max Griffith, TN; Deb Michaud, MA; or myself.
When I was an officer in Illinois, I always ended my article with a pondering question or a food for thought. I leave you with this, "if we change nothing, then nothing changes."

Attention all regional directors and clubs: 
All courts within your charter must be re-sanctioned and turned in to Dalton Rakestraw as completed by July 2, 2019

New Challenges
submitted by David Sidles

As many of you are already aware, I have stepped down from the position of NHPA Sec/Treasurer. My 7 years on the NHPA council have been extremely rewarding. Many challenges were faced. Many friendships have been made. Coming from a sanctioned league background, I never dreamed of meeting and getting to know many of the best players in the world. These are memories that will stay with me the rest of my life.

However, I am no longer physically able to endure the rigors of the World Tournament each summer. A replacement to fill out my term has been named and I intend to help him in any way I can to make the transition go smoothly.

I'm not stepping away from the sport. I have accepted a position on the Board of Directors of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation (NHPF).

I plan to go into this endeavor with the same enthusiasm as I did with the NHPA council. I hope to see many of you at future World Tournaments and Hall of Fame banquets, just in a different capacity.

The future of NHPA sanctioned horseshoe pitching faces significant challenges. So, does the future preservation of its history. The NHPA has been greatly impacted by the recent loss of historian Bob Dunn. Bob was a good friend and I will miss him. Bob's contributions to the museum and to the documentation of the history of the NHPA are immeasurable. It goes without saying that the continued operation of the museum and NHPA Hall of Fame depends on support from the members of the NHPA as well as others. To find out how you can help, visit the NHPF website. And if you haven't visited the museum, plan a trip there, perhaps on your way to a World Tournament. 
Lastly, the NHPA council has many critics but it's past and present members are the ones that have stepped up to face the issues with the sense that they could help make the sport better and foster its growth. They serve or served on this council because of their compassion for the sport, both playing it and helping in countless ways so others could play and enjoy it. The council members are a small but diverse cross section of all levels of NHPA participation, with often varying ideologies, but they work hard together and make many personal sacrifices for the game and for all NHPA members. I was proud to serve on the Executive Council and would encourage anyone with the spirit to help this sport continue to consider serving as well.

Respectfully, David Sidles

Hall of Fame
by Vicki Winston

The New Year is underway by a few days as I write this article and here at my house the sun is shining bright and the temperature is in the low 60's. I could get used to this, but I know it won't last and I don't want it to last very long, or the fruit trees will begin thinking that spring has arrived and will bloom way too early. That would not be good.

I am pleased to inform you that the NHPA Hall of Fame Committee is now back to its full complement of 15 members. NHPA President, Stuart Sipma, recently appointed Stan Griggs of Missouri to fill the vacancy that was created by the passing of Bob Dunn. I have known Stan for many years and worked closely with him as a Missouri Charter officer for nearly three decades. I retired from my position, but he is still going strong as the Missouri Statistician and Webmaster. I know his love for working with stats and also his strong interest in the history of our sport and the people who have played it. I'm certain he will be a valuable addition to the Hall of Fame Committee.

The committee is rapidly approaching the time when we will begin the voting process for 2019. By the time you read this, you won't have much time left to submit new nominees to be included in the voting this year. The deadline for nominations is January 31, 2019. After nominations are received, they must be reviewed and accepted by our Screening Committee before a candidate is placed on our ballot. There is a printable Nomination Form on the Hall of Fame link of the NHPA website. A hard copy of a nomination must be sent to me via the postal service. I am not able to receive e-mailed nominations at this time. If you truly believe that someone is worthy of induction into the Hall of Fame, I'm sure you won't mind spending a bit of pocket change for postage to mail their nomination to me. My address is: Vicki Winston, 10326 Highway D, LaMonte, MO 65337. If you are unable to complete a nomination in time for consideration for this year, don't give up. Go on working on it and send it in when you get it ready. It will be considered for the 2020 voting. You are free to send in nominations anytime of the year that you get one ready and the HOF Committee appreciates everyone who takes the time to perform this valuable service.

Happy New Year everyone and I will look forward to announcing the results of the 2019 voting sometime during the spring months.

NHPF: Winston Theatre
by Casey Sluys

There is a great opportunity for all of you to learn about the history of the NHPA and F through sights and sounds. The Winston Theatre in the Hall of Fame has hundreds of hours worth of great video clips. If you ever stop by there be sure to allot enough time in your schedule to view two of three of these. It will pique your interest and make you want to come back and do it again and again. The visuals on display inside the museum are well worth the time spent there. One can also gather quite a few tidbits of information by simply strolling across the brick patio and reading the various inscriptions that are set in stone. For the next two years the World Tournament is in the southern parts of the US thereby giving a lot of you an ideal opportunity to stop by Wentzville, Missouri to visit your Hall of Fame. Dig out a map of the USA and see if your route to Wichita Falls brings you within range of a must-see destination. You'll be very impressed.

During some conversation we were discussing what type of items on the silent auction table bring in some dollars. Upon having brought some of our own "old" horseshoe items that I might have tossed away and realizing that those are things other folks might treasure, we developed an idea. What we'd like to do is challenge each Charter President to bring an item as a donation for the NHPF table at the WT this year. It would be nice if it were an original or unique item like last year's flag, walking stick, pickup stick, latch rugs, clock and so on. Anything pertaining to horseshoes or horseshoe pitching will do. Whichever Charter's item brings in the most money that charter will receive a nice gift from the NHPF. Stop by the table and I'll tell you what it is.

Have you watched any of the online tournaments yet? Go to the Facebook page Horseshoe Pitching Online, Ricky Muter and Steven Gibson have developed various rules and guidelines for pitching anyone anywhere. It is actually a novel idea that will generate interest in horseshoe pitching on a year around basis. It gives you an opportunity to see other court facilities or simply someone's own backyard court. Check it out!

There are many online sites and almost all Charters have their own websites, most individual clubs/leagues have their own Facebook pages with up-to-date information. Go online and learn what we can accomplish through Social Media.

Special Thanks to Our Donors

We express our sincere thanks to the following who have donated as reported in
the Mar/Apr 2019 issue of Newsline.

Donating $15-$99
Casey Sluys, CA
     (Bob Diekamp Memorial)
Charlie Bunner, WV
Jim D& Phyllis Quist, WA
Paul & Judy LaCross, CO
Marvin & Marlys Timm, MN
     (Bob Dunn Memorial)
Bert W. Logsdon, IA
Ken Frazer, NY
Karen Graham, NY
Southern Tier HC, NY

Donating $100-$300
Kenneth Walters, OH
Paul Wiese, WI
Joe & Mary Summers, CA
LeRoy J. Law, IA
Mel L. Yockstick, CO
Dave & Cathie Loucks, CA
Donating $300-$500
Florida State HPA
Jessica L. Lee, MN
     Bob Dunn Memorial
Casey & Gail Sluys, CA
Bricks Purchased By
Connie J. Filley, WY
Tim Gilmore, LA
Quail Ridge HC, MO
George Davis, CA
John Phoenix, IL
Do Drop Inn HC, IL                                                          
Other Income:
Quail Ridge HC, MO       $2500 Rent

Statman: 2018 State Champions
by Mel Yockstick

All NHPA State Championship Tournaments have been completed for 2018. I have updated the NHPA website (Recognition-State Champions) page. This page lists Men with 10 or more wins, Women with 5 or more wins, Elders, Boys, Girls with 3 or more wins and Cadets with 2 or more wins. Also new on this file is the complete list of all 2018 State Champions sent to Dave Sidles NHPA Secretary Treasurer.

Chart attached for new 2018 State Champions pitchers which are new addition to the NHPA website for the first time.

Back in May 2018 Paul LaCrosse and I attended the Annual Hall of Fame (HOF) Invitational Pitching Tournament held in Wentzville, Missouri. We both wanted to just visit with all the players and tour the HOF Museum. I'm amazed how things have evolved since the dedication of the building in 2007. Much credit goes to all those involved with keeping our HOF building in such good shape and updated with new memorable horseshoe items.

After viewing the picture plaques, Joe Faron and I felt that some clarification was needed to indicate the State and category of each HOF inductee. One would have to go to the HOF wall each time to read their Bio to fine State and Category. The solution was to add State and category plates on each plague.

The Category used:
1- "Piching Excellence" for those honored into the HOF as "Player".
2- "Organizer/Service to NHPA" for those honored into the HOF as "Promoter/Organizer"
3- "Pitching Excellence & Organizer/Service to NHPA" for those honored into the HOF
     As a "Player/Organizer" which is no longer being used.

Joe Faron and Bob Rogers spent hours tracking down a vendor to make all these plates. The key to the success on this project was a "Jig" developed by Joe so that each new plague lettering would be installed the same. Joe Faron, Gary Buehler and Mike Smith spent many hours to complete the project. The work is done as of 10/31/2018. The cost to complete all 170 pictures plaques was $459.00. Donation where collected to pay for the project.

This work enhances the Hall of Fame picture wall so that visitors know instantly what State and Category the individual falls under. Stop by and take a look!    

Horseshoe Trivia
submitted by Gary Roberts

There has been frequent discussion about who was the greatest pitcher never to win the Men's World Championship. The first name that comes to mind is Casey Jones. At the 1948 World Tournament in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Casey finished second to the great Fernando Isais with an 87.5% average! This was a World record at the time. In the matchup with Isais, Casey led 49-41 only to see Fernando finish with 12 consecutive doubles to win the game in 136 shoes. Had Casey scored that final point, he would have been World Champion.

At the 1940 World Tournament in Des Moines, Iowa, Casey finished fourth with an 80.5% average. Casey and Joe Bennett had ten consecutive four dead's to tie the existing World record in that category. Casey finished third at the 1941 World Tournament again held in Des Moines, Iowa averaging 79.8%. In this tournament, Casey defeated the legendary Ted Allen by a score of 50-41. No World Tournaments were held until 1946 because of World War II. This tournament once again held in Des Moines, Iowa, saw Casey Jones and Ted Allen deadlocked with one loss going in to the final round. In this monumental matchup, Ted Allen defeated Casey by a score of 50-44 in 158 shoes. Ted had 87.9% to Casey's 86.7%. Casey had to settle for second place with an overall average of 80.9%. At the 1947 World Tournament held in Salt Lake City, Utah, Casey once again finished second to Fernando Isais with an average of 83%. His only losses were to Isais and Wayne Nelson. In 1949, Casey returned to Murray, Utah and finished third with an average of 80.4%. In 1950, Casey once again returned to Murray, Utah and finished second with an average of 80.9%. To secure second place, Casey once again defeated the great Ted Allen by a score of 50-48 in 140 shoes. In 1951, Casey returned to Murray, Utah but finished sixth with a flat performance of 77.1%. In 1952, Casey continued his quest for a World Championship in Murray, Utah but was relegated to third place with an average of 82.8%. In 1953 Casey was not on his game as the tournament was once again in Murray, Utah. Casey finished tenth with an average of 74.5%. In 1954, Casey made his last valiant effort to win the World Championship in Murray, Utah. Casey came up short but finished third with an average of 82.7%. The great Guy Zimmerman prevailed to win the Championship.

Casey's biggest problem was that he played during the years that Ted Allen and Fernando Isais were at their peak. Before you decide that Casey was the greatest pitcher never to win the World Championship, I will make the case for Ray Martin in the next issue of Newsline.

New Men's and Women's Missouri State Championship Plaques
submitted by Laura Johnson and Stan Griggs

Through the gracious donation of Randy Grady, who made two solid wood plaques and Victoria Highley (Highley Appreciated Awards), who designed all the plates, Missouri now has two beautiful State Championship Traveling Plaques. They have detailed engraving dating back to 1921 for the Men's and 1976 for the Women's, listing every Missouri State Champion.

The original large traveling trophies were getting full and were showing wear and tear. Thru some discussion between President, Ron Highley, Stan Griggs and Randy Grady, the decision was made to switch to a large plaque where every state champion would be listed with their winning records back to the very first MO State Champion. The Men's trophy started in 1990 and the Women's in 1991. The original plates listed each state champions name, the year, location of the tournament and their ringer percentage. All of that information was transferred onto the new large engraved plates and sorted by the individual Champions name and then dates of the tournaments that they won.

The new Men's Championship plaque was revealed and presented to Steve Johnson for winning the title in 2017. The Women's plaque was recently presented to Gina Baker at the Charles Killgore Memorial Tournament inside Don Harris Arena in Liberty. Stan Griggs was there with the Men's plaque for a picture of the two of them together for the first time. In 2018, Stan earned the title of the Missouri State Men's Champion for the 12th time and Gina became the Missouri State Women's Champion for the first time.  

The MOHPA will be presenting new plaques to all Championship classes in the near future. Many thanks are owed to Randy Grady and Victoria Highley for their dedication of these new honorary plaques that will last for years to come.