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President's Message
Communications and Game Related Sales Benefits
by Stu Sipma , NHPA President
Over the past years as your President, the Council has addressed some major changes to the way we conduct business, and share information.
We have added Charter Communications. The idea behind this was to bring closer communications between the Charters and NHPA. Jerry Labrosse is the lead on this. We feel this is an important position to have to keep the communications highway open and to answer questions. We next...

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Press Release: World Tournament Takes On Montgomery, AL
by Tina Hawkins , 2nd Vice President and Publicity/Promotion Director
The National Horseshoe Pitchers Association is pleased to announce the 2016 NHPA World Horseshoe Pitching Championships to be held July 25 - August 6 in Montgomery, AL.
Up to sixty portable horseshoe courts will be installed in the Multiplex at Cramton Bowl for the competition and practice.
This two-week event is held once each summer to crown a World Champion horseshoe pitcher in each of eight divisions - Open Men, Open Women, Senior Men, Senior Women, Elder (short-distance) Men, Junior Boys, Junior Girls and Junior Cadets (12-years old and under).
This year's entrants hail from the United States, Canada and, for the first time, Switzerland - all vying for titles of World Champion and a share of the over $160,000 in prizes.

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World Tournament: What to Expect Your First Day
by Bill Marvin, 5th Vice President and Regional Director and Court Sanctioning Director
First time pitchers at the World Tournament sometimes feel overwhelmed and a bit intimidated on their first day of pitching.  The excitement in the air, adrenaline pumping, ready to go after all the preparation; it can take its toll on the nerves.  There are a few formalities that must be taken care of that first day.  Here is what to expect:

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Charter Communications
by Jerry LaBrosse , 4th Vice President, Charter Communications Director
I must start by apologizing for not placing an article in the last Newsline, a miscue on my part.
I would like to take a minute to speak directly to the delegates that will be attending the convention on July the 31st. I am sure you are all aware of how the system works, but I would like to just briefly review it for those who may not fully understand it... 

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World Tournament 2016: Players by Location & Division
NHPA World Statistician

See how player entries 
are split across 
state and division:

World Warm-Up 
Tournament 2016

SAT 7-23-16  10am

Entry fee is $25 

Tournament Director: 
Rob Hagman

Scorekeepers will be paid 
$10 for the shift.
Convention Day Practice
Competition courts at the Multiplex in Montgomery will be open for practice on Sunday, July 31 (Convention Day) beginning at  8:00 am and remain open until 6:00 pm.

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World Tournament Junior Parties

Wednesday evening, 
a private showing at the Gayle Planetarium followed by a cookout with an ice cream eating contest and large Bubble Soccer balls.
Sunday during the banquet, private behind-the-scenes access at the Montgomery Zoo and a full interactive experience at the Mann Museum with dinner to follow.
Pitching at the World Tournament? 
Tell All About It!
by Tina Hawkins, 2nd Vice President and Publicity/Promotion Director
Are you pitching in the 2016 World Tournament in Montgomery, AL?  If so - tell all about it! 
To your local press, that is...a visit to your hometown sports editor could very likely net an article in the newspaper about your world-class competition. 

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Act Like a Tourist
by  Tina Hawkins, 2nd Vice President and Publicity/Promotion Director
Okay. So you don't want to stand on a street corner, holding a map trying to figure out which way to walk...but you DO want to tell people why you are in town!
Specifically, the Montgomery area businesses. Many of them have made large contributions toward getting the NHPA to come to town and they need to know their investments are paying off.

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National NHPA Sanctioned League Tournament: October 1-2
The 2016 World Tournament (WT) is rapidly approaching and I am excited and looking forward to a great tournament.  As the Sanctioned League Director, I am always looking ahead and planning so the WT is not the only event on my mind.  The National NHPA Sanctioned League Tournament is scheduled for October 1st and 2nd, 2016 and is the 3 person team Championship for sanctioned league pitchers.  

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Mixed Classes - Advantages and Disadvantages
by Dan Sanders, 1st Vice President, By-Laws, Rules and Grievance Director
Please review my last Newsline article about Mixed Classes where I discussed what 'mixing' may mean, and then concluded with two paragraphs of information about the advantages and disadvantages of mixing Classes. Suggestions were also made about how TDs could create more competitive Classes without 'mixing'. A final follow-up question was, ' why are some full-distance pitchers so opposed to pitching against short-distance pitchers? And here are some possible reasons:

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Locking In the Win
by Aleena Cook, Junior Promotion
Matlock, a name you will be hearing for years to come. Lane and Cale Matlock are typical brothers with a love for the sport of horseshoes. Cale, 11, and Lane, 14, learned this love from their grandfather who built courts in their backyard allowing them to practice whenever they want. 

Tournaments Remembered: Horseshoe Facts and Folklore
by Bob Dunn, NHPA Historian
Fort George is an interesting chapter as hometown pitcher, Vito Feliccia, was one of the all-time great pitchers of New York. Feliccia first won the New York state championship in 1936 and was a legend ever since.  He repeated as state champion in 1949. To tell the history of the Fort George Horseshoe Club which was originated in 1933 is this brief article from the December 1958 issue of the Horseshoe Pitcher's News Digest:

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Hall of Fame Invitational Tournament: April 30 - May 1
submitted by Jeanette Class, member of Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club
Springtime in Missouri is most beautiful.  The dead of winter turns green and a few April showers bring on May flowers.  So what do May flowers bring?  Read on.  No one paid much attention to the rain as the 32 horseshoe pitchers arrived for the 5th Annual Hall of Fame Invitational Tournament. 
Among these pitchers were many World, National, State and Local Champions showcasing...
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Hall of Fame Annual Meeting Report
by Casey Sluys, President, National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation
During the Hall of Fame tournament that was held at the NHPA Hall of Fame building in Wentzville, MO the Board of Directors held their annual meeting.  Much was discussed and all directors were informed of the various projects that were undertaken in order to keep the building and its premises in tip top shape. 

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Team World: Beloit, WI - May 13-15
submitted by Jeanette Class, member of Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club
It was a C-O-L-D three days in Wisconsin but the Show-Me State horseshoe pitchers were RED HOT on the 24 courts inside the Edwards Sports Arena in Telfer Park. Everyone who looked at the forecast brought extra layers of clothes, plus earmuffs, gloves, blankets, hand warmers, etc.
Twenty teams were included in this event with five teams coming from Missouri, five teams from Wisconsin, three teams from Minnesota, two teams from Indiana, Illinois and Iowa, and one team from Michigan.  Each team meets all other teams for one match in a round-robin format.

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Head of Mon Horseshoe Tournament Winners Crowned
submitted by Charles Bunner, as written in the Times West Virginian
Winners were crowned in six classes at the 30th Head of the Mon Horseshoe Tournament at East Marion Park.

Cindy Hoffman of Pennsylvania won Class A with a 5-1 record and 73.67 ringer percentage.

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