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Don't Miss the Fun!  Follow Along from Home
There's no need for those unable to attend the event to miss out on the entire horseshoe pitching action! Once again, the NHPA will be providing live webcam coverage of all courts! Links for viewing will be prominent on the NHPA website,   www.horseshoepitching.com

Even more goings on will be posted regularly throughout the event on the NHPA Facebook page,   facebook.com/NationalHorseshoePitchersAssociation.  

President's Message
by Stu Sipma, NHPA President
Stu Sipma, President
I want to take a moment and wish everyone a happy summer. Horseshoe season has started throughout the country and I want to thank everyone for their efforts in recruiting new members.  Based on our preliminary numbers, it appears are numbers are down a little from last year. Dave Sidles reported our 2016 membership count was at 9334 adults and 662 juniors.
Charter Presidents who are appointing their delegates for the 2017 delegate meeting at St. George, UT - Please take some time to go through their packets and educate them on what they need to be doing to support their Charter. 
This year we have the positions of Sec/Treas, 2nd VP, and 4th VP. 
The 2017 World Horseshoe Tournament will be held July 17 - July 29, 2017 at the Dixie Center in St. George, UT. Dave Sidles (W.T. Director) has reported a total of 1041 pitchers this number is up from when it was last hosted in St. George in 2013 where we had 1032 pitchers. 
I look forward to visiting with everyone

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Print Edition
Due to a small number of photos, this month's printable edition of Newsline went back to the previous format while we work to develop a more flexible template. Enjoy!

The Future of Horseshoe Pitching
by Gary Roberts, 1st Vice President, By-Laws, Rules, Grievance Director
It is truly an honor to be an officer of the NHPA. My hope is that I may contribute to the viability of the NHPA.

However, I realize that this is a crucial time in the history of our sport. Our focus must be on stopping the continuing decline in our membership. I hear many opinions concerning the reason for this decline. Some believe the myriad of activities available to children and families have an impact. Some believe that 30-foot/40 foot controversy is to blame. Whatever the reason, membership must be our primary focus. No single NHPA officer or member has the answer to reverse the membership decline. We must look at all ideas and develop specific strategies. This will be a topic at the 2017 convention in St. George. 

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Sanctioned League Tournament
date set for September 30
by Jerry Smith, 3rd Vice President, Sanctioned League Director
Borrowing from last year's June message seems wrong on some level, but June is the month to say what needs to be said so here it is again only updated with some exciting news thrown in.
The 2017 World Tournament (WT) in St. George is rapidly approaching and I am excited and looking forward to another great tournament.  The 2013's tournament was a terrific event and the upgrade in clay should ensure an even better event.  As the Sanctioned League Director, I am always looking ahead and planning so the WT is not the only event on my mind.  The National NHPA Sanctioned League Tournament is scheduled for September 30th and October 1st, 2017 and is the 3-person team Championship for sanctioned league pitchers

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Registration Now Open
for 2017 Horseshoe Tour
National Championship

Officials with The Horseshoe Tour recently announced the new 2017 Horseshoe Tour National Championship and pre-registration is now open to all competitors.  The 2017 Championships will take place on November 18-19 in Florence, South Carolina, also known as the host site for the 2018 NHPA World Tour. 
Competitors are encouraged to register early for a free gift and the chance to win a free hotel stay during the November tournament.  The first 20 competitors to register will receive a free PIT BOSS by Thoroughbred, the perfect all-in-one horseshoe tool...plus those first 20 entries will go into a raffle and someone will win a free 2-night hotel room for this tournament and a locally handmade horseshoe sculpture.
The 2017 Horseshoe Tour National Championship is a "no limits" event and open to all competitors (pre-registration required) which means there will be major cash prizes up for grabs.  Plus Florence is the only Triple-Points site for the tour and the final tournament of the year.  Officials have also announced the first ever Horseshoe Tour Hall of Fame Inductions & Banquet, which will take place in Florence during the weekend festivities.

Press Release: 
NHPA pleased to announce 100th Playing of its
World Horseshoe Pitching Championships

Tips for an Excellent Experience in [or away from] St. George
by Jerry Labrosse, 4th Vice President, Charter Communications Director
In this year's world tournament we have approx. 10% of our membership entered. I'd like to remind the other 90% that you could stay connected with all the activity and excitement in St. George through our live camera system. We will have cameras on all the courts, and also a special "wave to home" station to connect with family and friends. I'm also hearing that there will be a camera set up to live stream the awards ceremonies at the annual banquet on Sunday July 23rd (sometime around 7:00 pm).

For those pitching in St George, and for all pitchers everywhere, I have a few tips to make your experience better for you, and your opponents. The first tip is about painting the stakes. 

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Horseshoe Pitching Facts & Folklore
by Bob Dunn, Historian
The review of the New England Championships continues. This issue looks at the years 1935 - 1940.
New England Championships - Part Two
The 1935 tournament, held in Medford, Massachusetts, had 38 entries, eight more than in 1934. Only the top eight players qualified for the championship finals, which was won by James Leo O'Shea. O'Shea and Herfurth tied with 6-1 records after the regulation round robin and played a best two-out-of-three playoff which O'Shea won in two straight games 54-36 and 51-7. 

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NATSTATS: Calculating Ringer Percentages
by Wayne Callicoatte, NATSTATS Director
Well I'm six months into being NHPA Natstats Director and boy have I learned a lot.
There are a lot of pitchers (new and old) that do not understand how their Ringer % is calculated. You can't just add the percentage of your 3 highest tournaments over the last 12 months or last 10 tournaments and then divide them by 3 to get your average.
This is how your average is calculated.
NHPF: 2017 Project Recap
by Casey Sluys, NHPF Director
The year we completed a couple of major projects.  We bought a monument type stone in memory of Jack Freeman.  You can see that directly in the center of the beginning of the brick plaza.  Just take a look on our website at www.nhpf.info . It has a nice picture on it.  You can also see it on our Facebook page if you'd like that is at this URL: facebook.com/National-Horseshoe-Pitchers-Foundation
On our website now we have a donate button which allows you to use either your PayPal account or your credit card for a 100% tax deductible contribution to our Foundation. When visiting either site if you have any ideas for improvement please let us know.

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6th Annual Hall of Fame 
Invitational Tournament
by Jeannette Claas
The Quails and Quailettes at the QRHC was praying the rain, storms, winds and cold weather would go away and the highways would be open for all horseshoe pitchers traveling to Wentzville.  Some came by plane, others traveled by car, and we heard it rumored some might be coming by boat. By Friday, May 5, Mother Nature was kind to us and the sun proved to us it did exist.  It turned out to be a beautiful weekend.
The two day event included a 40' Men's Division and a 30' Mixed Division consisting of Men over 70 years and Women of all ages

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WHS Claims Trophy at Noon Lions Horseshoe Tourney
submitted by Coyce Allen, Texas
The Weatherford High School Horseshoe Pitching Team came to Saturday's event ready to see history made. Participating in the first ever Parker County High School Horseshoe Pitching Tournament, ringers were quite common and led to a tie in the single male event. 

Two champions were crowned from Weatherford High, Alex Soap and Kaden Bell. Their record was 4-1. The NoonLions sponsored the tournament at the new horseshoe pits located in Love Street Park.

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Snowbirds from Washington Visit NHPA/NHPF Hall of Fame
by Rich Altis
On their way to warmer climate in the south, Darrel and Lorraine Koistinen of Washington stopped by the facility on Wednesday, February 22.  Darrel pitches with the Skagit Valley Horseshoe Club.
Darrel won the NHPF raffle at the 2016 World Tournament in Montgomery AL. They used that money to purchase some of the seven bricks that he has bought for family and friends.  They were anxious to see those bricks that they had purchased in the Dr. Freeman's Brick Memorial Walkway. They were also interested in finding bricks that other pitchers had bought from the state of Washington, in particular Russ Phillips, Barry Chapelle and Phyllis Quist.  As they found Barry's brick, Rich informed him that he was a brother to Vicki Winston who was the only 10 X Women's World Champion and 20 X Missouri State Champion.  

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World Records Status Update
by Mel Yockstick, The Statman
In 1974 I started pitching horseshoe in the Denver Metro Horseshoe League. At that time I met Ted Allen the 10-time World Champion and the all-time World leader in "consecutive doubles". Ted Allen from Colorado pitched in the 1955 World Tournament, held in Murray, Utah. There he threw 72 Consecutive Ringers In-A-Row. At that time NHPA used the 50 Point game format. He is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for his accomplishment. After the upcoming 2017 World tournament the 1955 world tournament score sheet will be on displayed at the NHPA Hall Of Fame building in Wentzville, MO. 

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