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Only 14 days left to register for the 2017 World Tournament in St. George, UT.
Online registration makes it easier than ever to reserve your spot. Just follow this link, then follow the simple instructions to complete:

If you prefer to print the registration form and mail it in, you can find that form on the NHPA's home page or here:

All mailed entries must be postmarked by the May 15 deadline.

Be sure to visit for a complete list of events and attractions.
President's Message
Spring into Action. Drive Membership. Join the Fun.
Stu Sipma, President
Spring is in the air and horseshoes are on my mind. We had some bad news here in Bismarck with the loss of one roof structure due to snow load. Over the past four months, Bismarck (Burleigh County) had total snow accumulations of 77.1". The structure was a total loss and construction of rebuilding the new roof will begin soon. We currently have 3 roofs covering 24 courts. The good news is it should not interfere with our horseshoe leagues.

Congratulations to Herschel Walters, Ralph Simon (deceased), Dennis Ohms (deceased) and Dan Sanders who will be inducted into the NHPA Hall of Fame... 

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On the Agenda...

2017 Proposed 
By-Law Changes
by Gary Roberts, 1st VP
The Council is proposing a number of bylaws changes this year and have compiled them all for your review. Please share your thoughts with your Charter representative so they can bring any feedback to the Charter Meeting in St. George where these will be placed up for a vote individually.

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Vice President 
Election Nominees
The positions of 2nd and 4th Vice President will be up for election at this year's Convention. Each candidate has shared a short bio, they include: 
  • Tina Hawkins
  • Laura Lampkin
  • Ronald Smith
  • Rob Hagman
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Shoe Check: How to be Prepared
by Bill Marvin, 5th Vice President
As NHPA 5th VP, one of my duties at the World Tournament is a process we call shoe check.  This is where several things are accomplished.  You will be asked to show your 2017 membership card, your horseshoes will be checked for weight as well as dimensions, your pick up tool (if you use one), and we'll take a look at your shirt to make sure it meets requirements.  Also, you will be asked what brand of shoe you pitch and your pitching style (3/4 turn, 1 ¼ turn, etc.).  Why do we need all this information?

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Tour 2017: South Africa
by Gary Roberts, 1st Vice President
I am happy to report that Kevin Lewis, Seth Ohms, and I returned from the 2017 South African trip on April 10, 2017 after spending two wonderful weeks in that country.

The purpose of our trip was to promote horseshoe pitching, to maintain the relationship between the sport of Jukskei and horseshoe pitching, to present a formal invitation to both South Africa and Namibia to attend the 2017 World Horseshoe Tournament, to play in the Jukskei Championships and International test matches, and lastly, to enjoy the beauty and diversity of South Africa.

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You Spoke. We Listened.

Many expressed interest in a more image driven, attractive Newsline newsletter. We also received many requests for easier access to the printable PDF version. Beginning this month, we introduce both!

Texas, Here We Come!
by Tina Hawkins, 2nd Vice President

The NHPA is proud to announce Wichita Falls, Texas as host of the 2019 World Horseshoe Tournament!

More About Wichita Falls
Questions about HSMaster and HSScorekeeper?
by Rob Hagman, IT Director

There is a new website for help with HSMaster and HSScorekeeper:

You will be able to download both programs from there along with help using the programs. You can leave comments about the programs and get from Rob Hagman with any part of the program.

Both of these programs are free. There is a place where you can donate to further the development of each program.

Please keep in mind the website is always being worked on and added on to. If you have any ideas, please share with them with us.
2016 "Top Ten" Lists
by Jerry Smith, 4th Vice President
I would like to cover the "Top Ten" lists of the 2016 league pitching season.

These lists were originally written into the Red Book to honor the many upper level pitching performances that were accomplished in any given year.  League Directors were expected to submit candidates whom they thought might qualify for the "Top Ten" by the first of December each year. The National League Director would then rank these applications and make the awards in the various lists. 

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Caring with a Passion for the Pits: Seth Onan
Junior Spotlight by Aleena Lepak, Junior Promotion Director
Seth Onan from Defoe, Kentucky seems older than his fourteen years of age. His passion for the sport of horseshoes and caring nature for others sets him apart. Seth would like to one day be a doctor to follow his mom in the health field. "It isn't always about the money but caring for people who need it.," he stated. With big dreams, he still plans on keep horseshoes a part of his daily life.

Starting at eight years old from watching his aunt Becky Holmes, Seth tried pitching and decided he "wanted to be a World Champion like her." 

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NHPF: Mission Statement Defined
by Casey Sluys, NHPF Director
The National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation was formed as a charitable public foundation to raise funds necessary to build and maintain the NHPA Hall of Fame and Museum. The NHPF continues to solicit tax-deductible contributions to preserve the history, showcase the present and build the future of horseshoe pitching, through grants and educational programs.

If you analyze the above statement you will note that our Hall of Fame is built... 
Hall of Fame: Class of 2017
by Vicki Winston
The first few months of the year are when the Hall of Fame Committee is the busiest and we have completed the voting for the 2017 class of Hall of Fame inductees.
With so much bad news in the world these days, it is kind of nice to be able to be the bearer of some good news.  We will have four inductees this year.  They are Herschel Walters, Ralph Simon, Dennis Ohms and Dan Sanders.  Ralph Simon and Dennis Ohms are deceased, but each have a son I was able to reach.  

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WVHPA Player  to Receive 
Commemorative Public Sign
submitted by Charles Bunner
I would like to share that I am currently coordinating efforts with two West Virginia State Senators to have signs erected in for recognizing the late Anna Lindquist; as well as the late, Ralph Maddox.

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World Record for Longest 
Horseshoe Pitching Marathon 
submitted by Mitch Miles
This all started in the summer of 2014...There wasn't a record, so I contacted Guinness and they informed that in order to set a record there would have to be two people, Matt and I, to play for 24 consecutive hours. 

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