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Horseshoe Pitching Newsline
National Sanction League
Championship Tournament
by Jerry Smith, 3rd VP, Sanction League Director
The National Sanctioned League Championship Tournament was held on September 30th and October first at the NHPF Hall of Fame Building in Wentzville, Missouri.  The 20 teams battled for over $3,500.00 in prize funds over the two days of pitching. 
President's Message
by Stu Sipma, NHPA President

As the 2017 pitching season comes to an end for many Charters, I hope everyone had a great season of horseshoe pitching. I know many Charters hosted their State Tournament Labor Day weekend. Congratulations to all State Champions and those participants who competed.  

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Rules, Bylaws & Sponsorships
by Gary Roberts, 1st VP By-laws, Rules, Grievance Director
Bylaws proposals were acted upon at the 2017 NHPA Convention in St. George, Utah.  The 2020 Convention will be the next regularly scheduled time for amendments.

The 2018 NHPA Convention in Florence, South Carolina will entertain all new rules proposals. Any member can submit a proposal but it must be submitted to me no later than November 30, 2017.

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as submitted by League Directors

by Tina Hawkins, 2nd VP, Publicity & Promotions Director
Here it is! My final Newsline article as 2nd Vice President of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association!

Serving the members of the NHPA for the past 9 years has been quite an experience. I've learned so much about the organization, as well as the people...Hopefully, what I have contributed has made some sort of difference. 

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Labrosse Signing Off
by Jerry Labrosse, 4th VP, Charter Communications
This will be my last Newsline article as 4th VP of the NHPA. There are several things I'd like to say, and many people I want to thank. Overall, being an NHPA officer has been one of the most rewarding things I've done in my life. Not only have I been driven to help advance our association, but have also experienced personal growth along the way.  I can only hope that my efforts have helped the NHPA. 

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On Her Way to the Top
by Aleena Lepak, Junior Director
Each year at the world tournament we see a man with a new and fun hat on every day. Recently we have also started to see a young teenage girl wearing the same fun hats over the course of the two-week tournament. Bob Bloss is certainly rubbing off on his granddaughter Jessica Wilson. Jessica loves that her grandpa is her hero and the life of the party. 

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Reno Horseshoe Pitching Family Performs at Bob Evans Festival
submitted by Gary Roberts
The original Bob Evans Farm is located in Rio Grande, Ohio. The house where Bob was raised is now a museum. In 1972 Bob decided to have a Farm Festival that featured arts, crafts, and activities that would reflect the culture of this Appalachian area. He felt horseshoe pitching belonged at the Festival.

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Important News 
from Hall of Fame & Museum
by Casey Sluys, NHPF 
The St. Charles County Parks Department has amended the lease to read "It is NO LONGER MANDATORY THAT THE HALL of FAME BUILDING NEEDS TO BE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC ON MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS.

This is great news for the QRHC as it takes a huge burden off the Club as they no longer have to provide club members for hosting on Mondays & Wednesdays.  

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NATSTATS: Results & Reminders
by Wayne Callicoatte, NATSTATS Director
All you Tournament Directors remember that your job is a very important one and you don't always get recognized for what you do. Great job! Remember to get your tournament results sent in to NATSTATS as soon as possible by whatever process your charter says to do. The pitchers always want to see their percentages updated as soon as possible. I update NATSTAS every Wednesday evening. 

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Horseshoe Pitching Fact & Folklore: The Donut Open
by Bob Dunn, NHPA Historian
What distinguishes one tournament from another is generally the size of the event or the number of star pitchers entered. Or one single item could be the NAME. The Donut Open is one of those tournaments where one could never imagine where the name came from. This tournament may have a weird name but it certain drew in the stars pitchers. 

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Meet Coyce Allen

I am Coyce Allen and currently serving as your NHPA 5th VP by appointment.

During my 33 years as a NHPA member I have served as the NHPA Regional Director for Texas the past seven years, Assistant Regional Director the four years prior and served on the NHPA Rules Committee. 

Hall of Fame Nominations

Would you like to nominate an NHPA member for the Hall of Fame? Nominations are being accepted for the 2018 Hall of Fame class to be awarded at the World Tournament in Florence, South Caroline.
All nominations must be submitted to Vicki Winston by January 31, 2018.
Horseshoe Trivia

Elmer Hohl of Canada won the 1977 World Horseshoe Tournament in Greenville, Ohio by defeating Glen Henton of Iowa in a playoff. As was the custom in those days there were 36 men in the Championship Class. The top five finishers were:

Elmer Hohl                  84.91%
Glen Henton               83.21%
Al Zadroga                  82.91%
Carl Steinfeldt             83.76%
Mark Seibold              82.88%

The amazing thing about this is that all of them except Elmer were left handed. This is the only World Tournament in which four of the top five finishers were left handed.
World Tournament Bidder Progress Report

While contracts to bid have not yet been signed, extreme interest has been shown by several great destinations for hosting the 2020 event. Some of those sites are in the states of Alabama, Texas, Florida, Missouri and Illinois. Extensive communications are ongoing with all of these cities and site visits being arranged.

Bidders will be announced in more detail following that deadline.
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