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November 2022
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Happy November!
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Sustainable Farming
Zesty Orange Cranberry Bars
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November is Here!
Happy November! This month we have more reasons than ever to express gratitude and appreciation for your spending time with us throughout the year. Keeping these newsletters in your inbox so we can share our news on healthy citrus is something we appreciate! As November and the Thanksgiving holiday roll in, we must express our gratitude for you and your being here with us! THANK YOU! And now, on to the wonderful things we have to share with you! 

Behind The Scenes!
Let’s get social! We want you to experience the flow of our packing house, which is one smooth operation indeed! Tony Ecuyer, Limoneira’s VP of Packing and Technology, gives a behind-the-scenes, sneak peek into our state-of-the-art packing house and explains how we are continuously evolving and moving forward with our systems to ensure we provide the world with the finest and freshest citrus! Check out the behind-the-scenes video on our Instagram page and enjoy this unique, fun insight guided by Tony. We think this is an important aspect of our business to share with you, especially as we continue to grow and enter into our 130th year of business! 

Sustainable Farming
The Packer has started a new Sustainability Series that spotlights what growers and chemists are doing to improve soil health and operate sustainably. Of course, healthy soil is only part of the equation – you also need other aspects to grow sustainably which include integrated pest management, conserving water, among other practices to truly grow sustainably.

They reached out to Limoneira’s Edgar Gutierrez, VP of Farming, to learn a few things about what Limoneira is doing as part of its sustainable practices, especially in light of the rising water challenges.

Limoneira is “definitely impacted by the extreme weather. But whenever you come out of your comfort zone, that’s what makes you grow,” said Edgar.

Right now, “we’re making decisions to pull back on some acres and plots to provide to other plots ... At all our farms, we use technology to better irrigate, and this has given us a greater insight to see where we were wasting water. This has been a reality check about how and when we water. Technology helps.” Limoneira continues to lead the way in sustainable agriculture, and we’re proud of how well we are taking care of the environment. We hope you are, too!

Zesty Orange Cranberry Bars  
Enjoy this festive, fall snack or even breakfast by our beloved spokesperson Megan Roosevelt aka The Healthy Grocery Girl! You’ll fall for these Zesty Orange Cranberry Bars made with oats, almonds, cranberries, orange, almond butter, and honey! These bars are easy to make, they require no cooking and it’s so easy even the kids can help! Megan recommends making a big batch, which you can freeze and serve on Thanksgiving morning. You don’t have to tell us twice, Megan!

Not Just Any Old Labels
Ho Ho Ho! Well, it might be a bit early to get in the holiday spirit, but it’s not for our lemons! Lemons are always a Claus for celebration! This festive vintage Santa crate label has been in continuous use for 94 years at the ranch. The original Limoneira pioneers recognized the need for a distinctive label that could last for generations and the Santa label has served this purpose! And isn’t this Paula label the cutest? Our Limoneira's Paula has been dancing across the world for almost 100 years! Be sure to check out our Instagram page for more!

The World's Most Beautiful Fair
This display has stood the test of time! The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition in 1909 was a world fair exhibiting products from around the world and one of their exhibits featured citrus grown in Southern California. At that time, Limoneira was the largest lemon plantation in the world and highlighted its signature fruit with a large lemon display. Check out Limoneira's display at "the World's Most Beautiful Fair." 

What In The World
Did you know that the First Thanksgiving did not serve turkey? 90 Native Americans and 50 English Pilgrim settlers attended the first thanksgiving at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. Waterfowl, venison, clams, lobster, fruit, pumpkin, fruit, and squash were on the menu. However, things soon changed.

By the time Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863, turkeys had become a very popular and well-known bird in America. They became more of the traditional choice as to what should be served for Thanksgiving – the great American bird.

But did you know that turkeys actually would walk for miles into towns before Thanksgiving? This is how the often popular, classic Turkey Trot races were started. These birds would often cover great terrain and walk at about 1mph, and throughout history it was said that a parade of thousands of turkeys gobbling their way down country roads to urban markets was a regular sight in the weeks before Thanksgiving. Talk about farm to table! 
Winner of the Month
Look who’s our winner! It’s the loyal Veronica Jack from Hamilton, Ohio! We are grateful to you, Veronica, and to everyone else who continues to keep us in their inboxes and in their hearts! We love having you here, and we hope you’ll check back in next month to see if you’re our next lucky subscriber! 

And don't forget - The ZEST IS YET TO COME!
See you again next month!