Welcome to the quarterly newsletter for dog owners from the Newton City Clerk's Office.

Newton Canine Quarterly Newsletter for April 2019.

This newsletter is designed to keep Newton dog owners informed about what is happening for dogs in Newton. Stay informed and use the links below to get additional information. 
Thank you!
Thank you to everyone who has already licensed their dog for 2019. The response to our mailing has been wonderful. If you have not returned your dog's form yet, please do so now so that we can avoid sending you a second mailing.

If you have a new dog, or have misplaced your dog license form, you can get a blank form and all the information you need to license your dog as well as purchase an Off-Leash Park Permit HERE.

(For more information on Off-Leash Parks, see below.)

Low Cost Rabies Vaccinations
Sat., May 4, 2019, 9:00 am to Noon
Wed., September 4, 2019, 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Clinic location:
Fire Station #4
195 Crafts Street, Newtonville

All cats, dogs and ferrets are welcome, caged or leashed, and escorted by someone over age 14.

There is a $20.00 fee (cash or check payable to attending veterinarian) for each pet.

You can also license your dog during the clinic.

For a 3-year rabies vaccination, you must bring proof of previous vaccination. If you have questions about whether your pet is eligible for a 3-year vaccine, please call the Health & Human Services Department at (617) 796-1420.

Protect your pet, your family, and your neighbor.
Horizontal image of a veterinarian giving a vaccine  injection  to a sad_ old chocolate labrador retriever dog.
Newton's Leash Law
Newton City Ordinances, Chapter 3, Section 26 requires the following: No person owning or harboring a dog shall suffer or allow it to run at large in any of the streets or public places in the city. No person owning or harboring a dog shall allow it upon the premises of anyone other than the owner or keeper of such dog without the permission of the owner or occupant of the premises. No dog shall be permitted in any street or public place within the city unless it is effectively restrained by a chain or leash not exceeding ten (10) feet in length.
Off-Leash Dog Parks
The Off-Leash Recreation Program has been designed to meet the needs of the City’s dog owners who want off-leash time while sharing park space with other park users. Sharing our parks helps maximize the use and enjoyment we all receive from our open spaces.

There are 7 Off-Leash Permitted Locations: 

Cabot Park * : Newtonville Ave.

Hunnewell Park * : Grasmere St.

McGrath Park * : Washington St.

Braceland Playground: Chestnut St.

Claflin Playground: Lowell Ave.

Newton Centre Playground

Old Cold Springs Park: Beacon St.

* = Fully Fenced In

For more information on the Off-Leash Dog Park Program and the specific entrances and locations within these parks please click HERE .

Dogs on a leash are allowed anywhere in any of Newton's parks, except for inside tot lots and Little League fields. All dog owners are required to pick up their pet’s waste and dispose of it properly in the blue pet waste barrels.

For a list of all of the Blue Pet Waste Barrels, please click HERE .

A map showing their locations is available HERE .
Dogs on Newton Conservation Land
A Note from the Conservation Commission
Newton is proud to be a dog-friendly community that offers hundreds of acres of protected open space for all to enjoy. The Newton Conservation Commission manages 20 parcels of open space to protect ecological health while allowing for safe, enjoyable, public use. The Commission welcomes the public onto these parcels to enjoy passive activities such as walking, jogging, nature studies, and photography.

The Conservation Commission understands that our pets feel like family members and need exercise, and with spring upon us, our four-legged friends are eager to get outside. Unfortunately, some dog owners and commercial dog walkers have been running dogs off-leash for years, making many of Newton’s Conservation parcels feel more like off-leash dog parks than the quiet natural oases they are meant to be.

Newton has a leash law that applies to all public spaces, including Conservation areas. Dog owners and dog walkers in violation of the leash law face citations and fines. Newton’s leash law applies to all Conservation areas for ecological, health, and safety reasons. Off-leash dogs can disturb local ecosystems and wildlife, especially nesting birds and mammals. Even friendly dogs which are usually under voice-control may frighten other walkers and fight with unfamiliar dogs. It is also difficult for people to clean-up off-leash dogs’ waste, which can then transmit disease.

The Conservation Commission has worked to improve trail conditions on all its parcels and has installed pet-waste barrels at Flowed Meadow, Norumbega, Dolan Pond, Hunnewell, Houghton Garden, and Kennard Conservation Areas to better accommodate residents.

Thank you to those who leash and clean up after their pets; we greatly appreciate your consideration. As Joshua Brand said, “We teach our kids to treat others with respect. Dogs are great, but that’s a trick beyond their skill set. That responsibility falls on the person, not the dog.” Leashes are necessary, even for the most well-behaved dogs.

Please help us protect our Conservation lands. Together we can maintain these precious open spaces and ensure that everyone can enjoy them. 

More information on Newton's Conservation Areas can be found HERE .
A Note from Newton's
Animal Control Officers
Please encourage your family, friends and neighbors to properly register and vaccinate their dogs. We are on patrol to enforce the rules and ensure your safety. If you have concerns, please call Animal Control directly at 617.796.2109. If you experience any type of animal emergency call the Police Dept. at 617.796.2100 [prompt #1] and have dispatch page us.

The A nimal Control webpage is available HERE .
Kid's Coloring Page
The City Clerk's Spring Coloring page is for children of all ages. Submissions will be posted in the City Clerk's Office at Newton City Hall.

Get your coloring page HERE .

To have it posted in the Clerks's Office drop it off at City Hall or send it to:

Newton City Clerk
1000 Commonwealth Avenue
Newton, MA 02459
Happiness is a warm puppy - Charles Schultz
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