We’ve had a bit of a strange week here at school with a snow day, a delay, and finishing up report cards. Kids have been very flexible and have enjoyed playing in the snow each recess! Report cards with comments came home today; if you have any questions or concerns please speak with your child’s teacher. We are very proud of all the progress kids have made in the first third of the school year! We also sent home a book order today. The books will come before Christmas so you can take advantage of the large selection and low prices and get some of your shopping done. The deadline is next Friday.

First and second graders started our Holidays Around the World unit this week. We started in Mexico with Las Posadas, and made paper poinsettias. We will also discuss Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and of course, Christmas in the coming weeks. The Bobcats have been learning a little bit about The Nutcracker Ballet.

We have read 2 versions so far. Mrs. Robinson brought in one of her collection of nutcrackers to share with the group. Meanwhile, first and second graders are doing a top secret holiday writing project you will learn more about later!

Kindergarten enjoyed a lesson with Warren’s dad, Jason, Friday morning. He helped us plan like engineers and build to solve a problem. The problem was about our forest classroom bathroom needing to be more stable. The children asked the question, defined the problem, and imagined a solution by thinking, talking with classmates, and drawing some ideas. Then Jason brought the design, materials, and tools to solve the problem. Each child got turns to help including measuring, assembling pieces, and using the drill. Then they checked to see how it all fit, and talked about ideas to improve the design. They will help with the improvements next week to finish the project. Thanks, Jason!