The Newton News
September 21, 2018
School Notes & Athletics
Mr. Bagnato
The Newton School's mission is t o develop each child’s potential for academic success, engagement and overall well-being. Through this process, we will enrich each child’s education with community involvement, collaboration and outreach.
I hope everyone had a fantastic week. I want to congratulate the 5/6 on putting on a really fun play on social skills. I found myself reflecting on my own skills and how to improve at listening, non-verbal communication, and dealing with conflict before they become a "big deal". I want to make sure parents know that teachers at Newton are always willing to meet with parents. The 7/8 cluster has a specific time on Wednesday afternoons to meet with parents. The best way to set up a meeting with any teacher is to e-mail or call the school.

Last week, I shared some information about the importanc e of developing our children into strong readers. At the September Board meeting, I informed the Board that Jody Lowes (Director of the Creative Preschool) and I had a conversation about the possibility of increasing preschool opportunities in Strafford (Feel free to refer to School Board Minutes). The preschool is currently full and has a number of children on their waitlist. Jody and I feel, that the first order of business is to create a Study Group which would include two community members.

The goals of this Study Group are to:
  1. Explore the current and future child care and early childhood education needs of Strafford families and, depending on the group's findings;
  2. Develop a comprehensive plan/proposal to increase support for early childhood education for Strafford's young children. 

If you are interested in joining this group, please let me know by e-mailing me at before Thursday, September 27th? 
Athletics and School Activities
This week, the 3/4 soccer team lost their opening games, the 5/6 soccer team won their game, and the 7/8 soccer team lost to Thetford.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 23rd the 3/4 soccer team will play at First Branch (Tunbridge) at 4:30pm. The 7/8 soccer team will play at White River Valley Middle School (Bethel recreation fields) at 4pm.
  • Wednesday, Sept 26th the 5/6 cluster will be at Hosmer Point until Thursday, September 27th.
  • Thursday, September 27th the 7/8 soccer team will play First Branch at 4:30 pm at Murray Field.
  • Friday, September 28th the 5/6 soccer team will play First Branch at Newton at 4:30pm. Also, K-2 has a field trip to Pentangle.

1/2 News
Mrs. Longcore & Mrs. Robinson
First and second graders completed a two-day engineering challenge this week. The goal was to make a contraption that would protect their eggs during an egg drop challenge. The first afternoon was spent reviewing the five step engineering process, learning the rules, and planning their contraptions. The process is this: ask a question; imagine; plan; create; and, finally, improve. There are also three big rules that students learned. The first is always use materials correctly--often they will have particular materials or limits on what they can use. Next is always be working. Finally, never say “I’m done”. This one is very important, because kids can always improve on what they’ve created!

Day two began with creating their plans and finished with testing. This part was pretty exciting! About half of the contraptions worked the first time. Throughout this activity we saw children working together to share ideas, help each other build, and listen to each other. 
3/4 News
Ms. Coté & Mrs. Marzot
Monday was a blast! We went to the brook by the Pocket Park and students splashed in the water and looked for macro-invertebrates. We are greatly enjoying this outside time with the students.

While this week has been busy with testing and regular classes, we had a special Friday today. The fourth grade went to see outdoor sculpture at the Hood Museum. One sculpture is kinesthetic and kids can take turns riding on it! The third grade hosted the kindergarten and we listened to a fish counting story. Then we sang "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." The third graders got to have an art class where they had an autumn still life to create with craypas. 
5/6 News
Mrs. Tremblay & Mr. Walker
What a busy week we've had! It was really great seeing such a big audience for our play. Thanks to all of those who came! The kids have learned so much about social skills and their importance when working with others. The lessons learned within the play will guide us as we navigate our way through the rest of the school year.  

Just a reminder that next Tuesday we are headed to the Hood Museum. We are also headed out to Hosmer Point next Wednesday and Thursday. Your child has brought home an information packet along with a couple of permission slips to be signed. 
7/8 News
Ms. Kanoff & Mrs. White
Kindness project: Students are researching children’s charities to be the recipient of the sale of our origami cranes. We hope to fundraise for this during the Craft Fair in December at Barrett Hall.

Passion project: Thanks to all the parents who commented on their child’s Google doc. This week students worked on preparing at 15-second pitch for their project. 

Science: We completed our introductory article and will now move to examining our own and the school’s trash impact on the environment.

History/Writing: Students completed their first writing piece based on our study of Castle. We will start looking at our next event in the coming week.

Reading: Everyone selected an independent reading book to read outside of class. Students will be working on response journals and other activities that go along with their book.
Health News
Michelle Pringle
In Health classes this week we covered many different topics. I taught a lesson in every grade; it is wonderful to be able to connect with all of our students, and I am looking forward being in the classrooms more this year!

In Kindergarten we read Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook, and held an interactive 'Space Camp' for students. Ask your student what Space Camp is really about! 

In 1st and 2nd, we had a lesson on my role in our school as a School Counselor, and an activity that helped me get to know students a bit better. Ask your student what a School Counselor does, and what fruit does it correlate with?

In 3rd and 4th we are covering the 'We Care' curriculum which teaches personal safety. In 3rd grade we learned about our positive characteristics and worked on a tree of self-esteem. In 4th grade we discussed who our trusted adults are, and how to ask for help when and if it is needed. Ask your 3rd grade student about what characteristics they used for their tree (which we will finish next week). Ask your 4th grade student who their trusted adult is at school and at home. 

In 5th and 6th grade we continued to work on breaking down their play and finding the deeper meaning to those important social skills! Ask your student what they learned from the play!  

In 7th and 8th grade we started a lesson on how our thoughts and feelings determined our behavior. We used some of our role models to analyze and discuss how their behaviors may be derived from their thoughts and feelings. Ask your student who their role model is, and their view on why they may act they way they do.
Simone Pyle
We are trying something new in the library this year! Grades 1 & 2 will have a monthly makerspace activity in lieu of story time and library lessons. Our first activity, which we did this week, was making a Craft Stick Puzzle!

Read more about our new Monthly Makerspace at the library blog!
Lunch Room News
Gret Hewes
Let The Taste Testing Begin!!!

Last year we had four taste tests during lunch in conjunction with the Farm to School Program. We have decided that we will be doing a taste test every month of school this year.  The taste test is a way for every student to taste recipes designed to showcase the season vegetables and fruits as well as help to determine what we have included in our menu or on our salad bar. Students taste the recipe and vote on whether they like it, it’s okay or they would rather not have it again.
Please join us if you can next Tuesday, September 25th when we test the taste of a refreshing Autumn Apple Salad. On the Hot Lunch menu will be Enchiladas made from local beef. Adult lunches cost $4.50 and all lunches include: a choice of main entrée; milk; salad bar; and fruit. Our lunch periods are as follows:
K-2: 11:25 – 11:50
3/4:  11:50 – 12:15
5/6:  12:05 – 12:25
7/8:  12:10 – 12:30
Hope to see you there!
Nurse's News
Kerri Juergens
Health HUB's dental van is coming November 2 - 4. If you have not already scheduled your dental visit, please call Health HUB at 802-431-6060. If you have already turned in your dental enrollment form, the HHUB has them and will be scheduling this on your behalf. 

The Flu clinic, hosted by Health HUB, is planning to arrive October 16th. Fill out the Flu Vaccine Consent Form as soon as possible to get your student vaccinated. You do not need to be enrolled with Health HUB to take advantage of this. This particular visit from Health HUB will be for students only, however. HHUB is sorry to report that at this time, only students can be treated. However, South Royalton is hosting a flu clinic, and there are other free clinics for flu and other immunizations in our area!  

All Newton School staff and community members are encouraged to get their flu shots so we perhaps might mitigate a repeat of last year. 

An Immunization clinic is also available for students still in need of vaccinations, who have not selected a PCP yet or have other parameters in getting those completed. 
This video provides an overview for parents/guardians about what to do before, during and after a school emergency. It discusses many issues, such as why it is important to maintain current contact information; why it is important for parents/guardians not to go to the school during an emergency; and gives details on the safety terms and procedures that they might hear during an emergency at the school. 
PTA News

Each year, the PTA organizes our town Halloween Celebration. This includes Trick-or-Treat, Spaghetti Dinner, Jack-O-Lantern Contest, and the Haunted House. This is a super-fun event for the kids and also raises money (through the spaghetti dinner) for the PTA (which helps to pay for art programming and other school/student needs throughout the year).

We need many volunteers to help run this event. Below is a list of volunteer needs. Please email me directly at to sign up for a leader or volunteer position (listed below). If you are interested, I will follow up with you with more details regarding your volunteer role as there are more extensive descriptions/details to share with you. 

The deadline to sign up to volunteer is Monday, October 1st. If we are unable to fill in all leader and volunteer positions, we will likely minimize the event to manageable proportions. 

Leader/Volunteer Positions Available - All of these activities happen on Wednesday, October 31st:

Spaghetti Dinner Help
+ 3-4 Volunteers to help Leader with Dinner Prep & Serving (5:00-6:45)
+ 4-5 Volunteers to help Leader with Dinner Clean-up (6:45- 8:00)

Haunted House Leader
+ 2-3 Volunteers to help Leader with design/coordinate/set-up Haunted House before and day of event
+ 3 Volunteers to help Leader with Clean-Up (Halloween Night)