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June 16, 2019
The Newton School's mission is t o develop each child’s potential for academic success, engagement and overall well-being. Through this process, we will enrich each child’s education with community involvement, collaboration and outreach.
School Notes and Athletics
Mr. Bagnato
What a great week! This morning the entire school took part in the 8th grade Writing Celebration. During this tradition, the 8th graders share advice on writing, and then present their K-8 Newton School writing pieces to small groups of students. This is a great opportunity for 8th graders to reflect, 7th graders to get ready to be the leaders in the school, and the other students to see how they will develop as learners. It also showcases our vital local curriculum of writing across content areas.

On Tuesday, the oldest kids in each cluster visited the cluster they will be in next year. They met their teachers, asked questions about their new cluster and played games with their classmates to begin to build community. The current fourth graders had to negotiate a maze with the current 5th graders.

With two days left in school, please consider attending/volunteering for the End of the Year Assembly, Field Day and the 8th Grade Graduation.

School Events and Activities
  • Monday 6/17 - 8th Grade Class Day 8:30 am (Gym)
  • Monday 6/17 - 8th Grade Graduation 7:00 pm (Town House)
  • Tuesday 6/18 - Last Day of School 12:30 dismissal (EOY assembly, Field Day, 8th grade trip, BBQ)
K-2 News
Ms. Kicza, Miss Kelsey, & Mrs. Robinson
Well, we made it to Silver Lake, albeit a shortened (and colder) version this year!

Ms. Cote and Mrs. Marzot got the s’mores done early, so we managed to have those and hop on the bus a little while after the rain had started. Some brave souls went swimming, but not for long… When we got back we ate our lunches while watching movies, so it didn’t turn out all bad. Thanks to all of the parents who came and helped!
Read more about our last full week of school in the K-2 newsletter !
3-4 News
Ms. Coté & Mrs. Marzot
This past week we explored the town pond and had great fun catching and releasing all sorts of critters. Students had a chance to experience Step-Up Day on Tuesday with their new clusters for next year. On Wednesday, we had an opportunity to explore the Makerfaire and got to create two projects offered by the 5th and 6th graders. Students greatly enjoyed the choices. Silver Lake was engaging, albeit shorter than planned. Thanks to all who contributed and participated.  

As you may have noticed, the children are taking home binders, papers, glitter bottles, and a wide variety of items. School is almost out for the summer. Please check for books to be returned. The lost and found bin was placed outside and the clothing is out on the railings.  

Next week, we are having a Step-Down Ceremony for the fourth graders Monday at 2:30. This is a simple, but symbolic event that takes just a few moments to honor what we appreciate most about our older students.  Remember that we also will be having a special Step-Down Ceremony for Mrs. Marzot from 2:00 until 2:30 who is heading next door to teach grades one and two next year.
5-6 News
Ms. Tremblay & Mr. Walker
The 5/6 cluster investigated ways that they could improve the school, and each chose a project to design and implement. The presented their plans and ideas at a makerfaire, where they also created projects for other students to make!
Spanish News
Sra. Jones
In Spanish class, grades 5/6 finished their clothing unit with a fashion show. Students wore and described an outfit of their choice in Spanish. Everyone did a great job! I am impressed with everything the class has learned this year. 

Thank you for a great year!
P.E. News
Mr. G
Congratulations to the 7th and 8th graders who completed our 5K event:

Finn 23:25
Charlotte 28:42
Charlize 32:03
Mason 32:23
Justin 32:26
Alford 32:30

Great job, runners!
Library & Technology News
Simone Pyle
We've been wrapping up a lot of projects in the library this week! First graders showed what they've learned about graphic elements in picture books by creating short, comic-style narratives; 2nd graders were completing their slideshows for their Wonder Projects; 3rd and 4th graders designed a cereal box for a specific targeted audience, based on our lessons surrounding media literacy; and the 7th and 8th grade tech elective have been brainstorming ideas to improve the school's website, starting with new photos on the home page slider!

Many of these projects will be added to the library blog over the next several days, and will be shared on the library's Instagram as well. Please take a moment to check in on the blog, or better yet-- follow us on Insta and get the latest updates, as well as what I'm reading this summer!
Elenore and Adriana's cereal box
You can view the library's annual report, with our usage statistics and fun facts about the year, at Venngage or on the library blog !
Lunch Room News
Gret Hewes
Last full week of school completed!

End of school BBQ on Tuesday, June 18th after Field Day! Hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, salads, watermelon, chips…it will be delicious and tons of fun. Please think good weather thoughts for us.
As the end of the school year is swiftly approaching we are reminding parents and/or guardians to please go to to check their student's hot lunch balances. All balances should have a prepaid or $0 balance by the end of the school year (June 18, 2019).

Please be aware that any payments received after June 18th, 2019 will not be deposited until the beginning of the next school year at the end of August 2019.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at
Farm to School News
Alyssa Marzot
We need your help!

We are about to have an abundance of cucumber plants. We would like to try using a trellis to help us optimize the space in our garden beds. If you have a trellis, or would like to help us build one, please contact Mrs. Marzot at Additionally, if you would like to help us out with weeding and watering over the summer, please reach out.
Nurse's News
Kerri Juergens
Important information on ticks and Lyme disease .
PTA News
Shannon Varley
On behalf of the PTA, we hope you have a fun, safe, and exciting summer break!
Don't forget to join us on Saturday, July 6th for the Fourth of July Celebration!

Field Day
Tuesday, June 18th
The last day of school is a fun one! If you would like to volunteer for this very fun day with the kids and to be a part of the last day of school, please SIGN UP HERE or contact Christine Bailey-Kellogg for more information at

4th of July Volunteers Needed
Saturday, July 6th
We are currently looking for volunteers to help out with one of our largest PTA events of the year! Fourth of July is a quintessential day in Strafford, and whether you have been a strong supporter of the PTA, Strafford community, Newton students or you have volunteered in the past for this event, we hope that you will consider helping to make this another great (fun)draising day in Strafford that helps support many programs at the Newton school. 

We are using a new system for signing up here that conveys what we need as well as provides a brief description.
Please email Amy Donohue with any questions at

Next PTA Meeting - September 2019! 
See you then! Have a safe and fun summer! 
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