Hybrids, the metaverse, spatial realities, contact-less everything, and more. It's a new world for meetings and events and we aim to make it understandable.
VEG EVENT | May 27 | 3pm EDT | ZOOM
Listen Up! The Best of The Voice Den
Dr. Terri Fisher is that one of a kind guest who’s sure to “get your ear.” He’s all about the role that voice plays in our digitally forward world. Dubbed “The Voice Doctor,” he is a unique blend of award-winning TEDx and keynote performer, physician, podcaster, author, educator, and leading authority on all things voice technology. He’s the host of The Voice Den, a revolutionary online voice technology reality show that combines his passions for voice technology and education in a fun, relaxed and entertaining style.  Jon Williams and Tara Hein-Phillips, the brains behind the Virtual Sundance Film Festival, will also join to share their remarkable year. 
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Tools of the Week
  • An Internet Clicker
    Don’t you just hate it when a presenter is constantly chanting “next slide please” as they run through their presentation? InternetClicker let's presenters control their presentation wherever it lives. It includes a countdown timer and the ability to send notes to the speaker.;
  • Measuring the Brain
    Paul Zak has been toying with the way that brains engage with outside stimulus for most of his adult life. Immersion is a hardware/software platform to build applications that measure mental engagement in real time. It works by tracking minute changes in blood flow (photoplethysmography or PPG) and then inferring how the corresponding chemical changes in the brain correlate with a person’s level of engagement and attention. All of this can be measured by wearing a standard smart watch and using software. Focus groups? Market research? What do people really focus on during conferences? Listening to the teacher? All likely scenarios where Immersion will play a part.;
Consolidation is Coming 
Our hunch is that more and more traditional companies will begin to merge with COVID-era upstarts to make hosting hybrid events more seamless. One good example of the trend is the Cisco/Socio marriage. Socio began its life as a mobile app at live events. The pandemic morphed the four-year-old company into a state-of-the-art virtual conference platform that includes everything from registration, streaming, engagement, sponsorship, and networking. Last week Cisco, owners of WebEx for webinars and meetings, announced its intent to acquire Socio. This should help Cisco get the leg up on producing large-scale hybrid meetings. By the way, Zoom’s founder, Eric Yuan, was a Cisco graduate. Zoom improved greatly on user experience and that, it turns out, made all the difference. In a letter to Socio users , CEO Yarkin Sakucoglu, stated that Socio will remain an independent brand in the Cisco world.

Microsoft, meanwhile, is betting that enterprise shops will want to live in a Microsoft world. This week it rolled out its Webinars features support for up to 1,000 attendees, and the ability to scale to 10,000 people in view-only broadcast mode. Yes, it means that we'll be forced to watch more Powerpoints, but it offers a powerful integrated environment for large scale events where Microsoft is the lingua franca.
  • Apping Out at Burning Man
    If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to attend the Black Rock City desert pilgrimage, these apps let you give it a go. For VR experiences go to BRCvr, an AltspaceVR platform. BRCvr is building the main Theme Camp, inviting participants to build installations. For interactive chat there’s Build-a-Burn. For a 3D world, Dusty Universe will feature art installations and music. The Infinite Playa is spearheading photo realistic experiences. Sparkleverse will offer video chat and Burn Week will provide the live streaming. Sounds like lots of space to explore and equally many tech glitches are sure to follow. August 29th to Sept 6. 

  • Discord
    The popular community platform, is conducting tests that allow its users to sell tickets to events. Discord will take a cut of the ticket sales, giving it a way to monetize its quickly growing audience. Still in testing phase, you can read more about the announcement here. The fandom model is taking off.

  • Signs of a Balanced Events Universe:
    All-physical or all-virtual events make Jack a dull boy. Companies are mapping out their mixed reality events schedules. Regardless of the industry, virtual remains very much in demand. Here’s a note from the Candy Industry that sums up the thought process. Elsewhere, folks like J. Damany Daniel (aka The Event Nerd) are betting that there will be a demand for open virtual event studios available for professional quality production like the one he’s building in Dallas. 

  • Well Meetings
    This is from Jane Sarasohn Kahn, author of the Health Populi blog. There will be a permanent shift towards “Well Meetings” More than just a meditation break between sessions, events will increasingly put safety and wellness at the top of the event-planning todo list. The Global Wellness Summit held live during the pandemic had to reinvent the health, safety and wellness of attendees in radical ways including deploying Far-UVC lighting indoors, to nixing the banquet chairs and turning the ballroom into a boutique fitness facility. The days of excessive drinking, eating and glad-handing will likely transform as more events incorporate everything from walks, healthier menus and natural outdoor surroundings. For a complete report see 2021 Global Wellness Trends Report.

  • Holograms at WeWork 
    WeWork’s mission to turn real estate into a cult may have stumbled, but they’re back offering cultish holographic-like image-creations for you to use in WeWork spaces. Teaming up with ARHT Media, WeWork is installing HoloPods in WeWork facilities to beam your speaker into its audience. 
Feel the need to stay up on the virtual events scene but have a few other to-dos on your list?
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