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Most people have their home, auto, and health insurance policies but what about coverage for something more serious that’s not covered by those? Are you protected in the event of incapacity? What if you were in a serious car accident deemed your fault and the damages you had to pay are more than the liability coverage on your auto insurance policy? These are unpleasant scenarios to consider, but still a reality that could disrupt your entire life. Being prepared financially for events such as these through insurance can give you peace of mind and help you sleep better at night.

And, so as to not be all doom and gloom, here’s a refreshing watermelon slushie recipe to sip on while reading these articles! 

Megan A. Rinaudo, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Unless you are prepared, incapacity could devastate your family, exhaust your savings and undermine your financial, tax, and estate planning strategies. Planning ahead can ensure your wishes will be carried out and your finances will continue to be managed. Read more...

Umbrella liability insurance provides protection above and beyond basic coverage that homeowners/renters and auto insurance policies offer. It can protect you against catastrophic losses that can occur if you are sued. Learn more...

When looking at insurance, don't forget about your pet. Our pets are family and you'd probably spend any amount necessary if they were sick and inured. Pet insurance is a way to mitigate the possibility of paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for medical care. Learn more.....

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