Next-Generation TV: What's Next
The need for broadcasters to adopt a next-gen system, especially one that blends terrestrial broadcast and IP, is obvious since everything "television" (a vague term anymore) is getting the IP treatment from prep and production to distribution. However, not all broadcast luminaries agree on how the two systems should be harmonized. No matter the approach, though, everyone agrees that broadcast and IP need to get together fast.
Roku Makes Big Advertising Leap
Streaming video metrics have hampered OTT ad revenue, but one company is looking to change that. Understanding that advertising is an increasingly big business, Roku announced that it will offer audience guarantees to its advertisers, similar to those provided by networks. Learn more about how Roku is working to shift ad dollars from linear TV to streaming and social networks. 
Samsung Rallies Industry Support for 'QLED' TVs
Samsung is rallying companies adding quantum dot technology enhancements to their display devices to refer to them as "QLED," short for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode," displays. The company believes that broad-based use of the term QLED will be less confusing for consumers. Whether or not that's true hinges on a few lingering issues. Find out what those issues are and how they could impact the industry.  
Case Study: TV Spectrum Repack   
DTC's extensive repack transition study lays out a blueprint for what it will take for hundreds of broadcasters to move to new channel assignments. DTC's research concludes that it will easily take more than the 39 months and the $1.75 billion the U.S. FCC has allotted for the repack, which began in April. Our DTV Transition Team is uniquely prepared to help broadcasters, MVPDs and mobile carriers design and implement channel-transition plans.

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