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Angle Seat Valve VZXA

Modular, dirt-resistant design

Festo’s VZXA angle seat valves offer a modular, dirt-resistant design for liquid or gaseous media.VZXA are externally actuated valves which are controlled by a direct supply of compressed air and are used to shut off gaseous or liquid media in pipe systems.


The flow direction is determined by the design of the valve (angle seat fitting and actuator):


NC version – normally closed

NO version – normally opened

DA Version – double acting

NC version – with reduced spring force

Learn about VZXA Angle Seat Valves

PreciseFlex™ DDR Robots

Next Generation Cobots

Delivering the highest speed

and largest working envelope

The PreciseFlex™ DDR Robots provide the features, price, and repeatability of traditional industrial robots, and ensures both ease-of-use and safety that meets ISO/TS 15066 standards.

PreciseFlex™ DDR Robots deliver the highest speed and largest working envelope available in a collaborative robot. The unique configuration of PreciseFlex robots can be installed in compact work cells while reaching into racks, trays and machines, while keeping the overall floorspace low.

With the controller embedded in the robot, there’s no bulky external controller to mount or robot cables to stumble over.

Learn about DDR Robots

2700 Series Medium Duty Conveyors

With heavier payload capacity

Introducing Dorner's NEW 2700 Medium Duty Conveyor! Designed with an increased weight rating and extended widths, this new precision conveyance system is an ideal solution for logistics, eCommerce, and material handling applications.

The low-profile aluminum frame design allows this conveyor to fit into smaller spaces while providing the strength needed to convey heavier product up to 150 lbs. V-guiding and precision belt tracking to eliminate belt sway. Integrated motor inside conveyor creates clean sides and maximizes belt coverage.

  • Widths from 10in-36in in 2 inch increments
  • Lengths from 2ft-18ft
  • Loads up to 150 lbs
  • Speeds up to 400ft/min

Learn more about 2700 Series Conveyors

A Range of New Products

Wago provides a comprehensive range of new products, providing you with efficient solutions for every project. Here you will find the latest products, which will help you stay one step ahead.

221 Inline Splicing Connectors

WAGO’s 221 Inline Splicing Connector allows universal conductor connection for solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors from 12-20 AWG.

TOPJOB® S Mini Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks

These mini terminal blocks have all of the advantages of standard TOPJOB® S Rail-Mount Terminal Blocks but with a smaller footprint.

Eco 2 Power

As an economical solution for standard applications, WAGO’s ECO 2 power supplies maximize space in your control cabinet while providing a high efficiency rating up to 90%.

Learn more about WAGO's New Products


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