Next Generation Goals
2019 is well underway, meaning companies are fast approaching the deadlines for their 2020 goals and setting their sights on the decade ahead. From the IPCC 1.5˚C Special Report published last year, we know that the next ten years will be critical for preventing the worst-case scenario of climate change and that the next generation of goals must be bolder and more ambitious than ever before. 

With this in mind, sustainability managers across industries are turning their attention towards science-based targets. A big driver is still the Paris Agreement, and particularly in the US, the #WeAreStillIn movement. This resounded in the halls and sessions at GreenBiz19 in Phoenix, Arizona recently. The Quantis team was positively surprised that NextGen goals, science-driven goal setting and SBTs dominated the discourse. Why? Science-based targets for carbon and beyond (water, land use, biodiversity) are the best chance we have to keep global average temperatures below 1.5˚C by providing a roadmap for meaningful climate actions that focuses efforts on what is needed rather than what we think we can achieve. 

Businesses - sustainability champions and those just just jumping on the bandwagon - know that SBTs can take them where they need to go, but many have questions around the new 1.5˚C limit and how to tackle topics beyond carbon. 

To help you on either understanding, setting or reaching "NextGen" Science-Based Goals, we've curated some helpful resources in this issue:

Watch Climate Strategy Lead Charlotte Bande explain the 1.5° SBTi updates +
Read about Danone's SBT journey and action plan + Explore the business case for planetary boundaries in this Q&A +

Want more? Contact Climate Strategy and Science-Based Targets Lead Charlotte Bande to start building ambitious next generation goals.
Global Plastic Leak Project kicks off
Officially launched in February by Quantis and EA, the Plastic Leak Project (PLP) is a multi-stakeholder initiative to develop a metrics-driven methodology and industry-specific guidelines that enable companies to locate and assess plastic leakage along their value chains. To effectively take action on plastic leakage, businesses must be able to detect leaks within their own industry and supply chain. Clear and reliable data on plastic leakage hotspots is needed to ensure companies put their efforts towards the most important and effective actions to solve this problem at systemic level. The PLP, which is currently comprised of 18 members from diverse industries as well as a strategic committee of international organizations IUCN, UNEP, the Life Cycle Initiative and WBCSD, will fill this important gap. The PLP is still open for membership to interested and committed companies.

Read the Press Release +

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The SBTi Updates: 2°C or 1.5°C?
What do the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) updates to align with the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C mean for your climate strategy? Quantis Climate Strategy Lead Charlotte Bande tuned in from GreenBiz19 to answer your questions. 

Watch our FAQs video on the SBTi updates +
Danone + Science-Based Targets
As one of the first food and beverage companies to set Science-Based Targets (SBTs) and have them validated, Danone firmly believes robust metrics are critical for supporting smart decision making and driving effective actions to decarbonize its business. With Quantis as its compass, the global food company and sustainability leader is aligning its course with a 2˚C global warming limit, using science-based carbon targets and regenerative agriculture practices to put its business on the right path to mitigating climate change. This business case walks you through the journey of how long-time partners Quantis and Danone worked together to commit, set and deploy actions for SBTs.

Read the business case +
3 strategic phases of a science-aligned corporate sustainability journey

READY  your
for  business
Corporate environmental strategy 101. WRI + Quantis talk corporate footprinting (incl. scope 3 emissions) and explain how to build, get buy-in for, and deploy a robust climate action plan.  For companies starting out on your sustainability journey, this session is for you. 

> SET goals aligned
with science + build 
your climate
action plan
Join IKEA + WRI + WWF + Quantis to learn why it's mission critical to align your climate strategy with science. You'll learn how to get started on your SBT journey that will lead to an ambitious climate action plan. 

> GO BEYOND  carbon
towards planetary boundaries and
context-based goals  
Climate action plans are in place? Good. They are aligned with science? Well done! Now, it's time to build a truly sustainable future for your business by looking beyond carbon with CDP + the Science-Based Targets Network + Quantis.

Meet the team at upcoming events

Paris, France
April 9-10
Meet the Quantis France team at PRODURABLE, where we'll be exploring new solutions, garnering market insights and presenting on topics including Planetary Boundaries, Sustainable Packaging, Sustainable Finance (NEC initiative), Plastics and the Life Cycle Perception Game!

Sustainable Brands Paris
Paris, France
April 23-25
Choose your own adventure with Quantis on April 24 @ the Lifestyle Hub:
Chapter 1: Gathering your (unlikely) allies
Chapter 2: Finding your collective battle cry
Chapter 3: Arming your team for good with smart tools
Chapter 4: Building a community engaged to change

Future of Food - IF
Chicago, United States
May 22-23
This Innovation Forum event will identify the main areas of opportunity within the food industry. Quantis will participate in a session on Day 1 @ 4PM on "How companies can and are tackling soil health challenges and regenerative agriculture." Meet Mariko Thorbecke + Jon Dettling during the event!
Making the business case for planetary boundaries
Carbon isn't the last frontier. Addressing topics beyond carbon, such was water, land-system change and biodiversity, is critical for keeping global warming below 1.5˚C, building resiliency and preserving vital ecosystem services. It's also a big business opportunity. In this Q&A, Quantis Climate Strategy + Science-Based Targets Lead Charlotte Bande and Senior Sustainability Consultant + planetary boundaries expert Marcial Vargas share the business case for integrating planetary boundaries into corporate sustainability strategies and how companies can start taking meaningful action now. 

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#hotjob Germany: Who's our next Director?

Wanted > Talented team of branch Directors seeks German-speaking colleague.

Quantis has an exciting opportunity for a dedicated sustainability champion to lead our dynamic team in Berlin and accelerate the growth of our business in Germany! If you're passionate about making the latest sustainability science actionable for businesses, have a keen understanding of Germany market dynamics and are ready to put your skills to work to build better companies for a resilient future, let's hear from you. 

Like what you see? Find out more about what it's like to be part of the Quantis mission from straight from US director Bryan Sheehan and Italy director Simone Pedrazzini.

Get to know Italy Director Simone in this Q&A +

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