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Brian Fischer of USA Technologies, third from left, notes the varying levels of consumer adoption of technology. He is flanked at left by Amanda Sulc of Accent Food Services, C.J. Recher of  Five Star Food Service, Juan Jorquera of Vagabond Vending, Paul Woody of Gimme Vending and William Kopalsky of 365 Retail Markets

By Jeff Adair

Deciding what technologies to invest in poses some of the hardest choices for convenience services operators nowadays, given technology's rapid advancements. Complicating the challenge is the fact that customers, as well as convenience service employees, have  different levels of comfort with new technology.

A panel at the recent National Automatic Merchandising Association show at the Las Vegas Convention Center gave attendees a chance to share insights on how convenience service operators can best address the dual challenges of deciding what technology to invest in and educating customers and employees about new technology.

One point everyone agreed on is that technology has changed rapidly in recent years. Panel moderator Amanda Sulc, director of category insights and strategy at Accent Food Services in Pfulgerville, Texas, noted that PCs became mainstream 20 years ago, giving rise to the Internet and instant messaging. Five years after PCs became mainstream, Wi-Fi networks emerged and smartphones were introduced.

One of the most obvious impacts on convenience services has been the replacement of route handheld computers with smartphones, a trend that's expected to continue.
But new technology is also changing customer buying habits, presenting a host of challenges for convenience services.

OptConnect Headache Free Connectivity

Zou Guangwei
Zou Guangwei explains the Intelligent Vending System 2.0 at a press conferenc
Jingpin Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., a Beijing-based software solution provider in the smart selling sector, recently released its Intelligent Selling Cloud Platform System 2.0, which supports the management of unmanned sales equipment of  different hardware manufacturers.

Zou Guangwei, founder and CEO of Jingpin Hi-Tech, noted at a recent press conference that the system provides the equivalent of having a smart brain to realize remote control, efficient operations, whole network integration, interactive marketing and more.

Jingpin Hi-tech
 2.0 system integrates online platform data and realizes online order plus offline delivery, or offline promotion plus online order, the company announced.  

USA Technologies

USA Technologies Inc. has partnered with Ingenico Group to provide a bundled solution that pairs Ingenico Group's hardware, software, security and services solutions with USAT's ePort Connect services platform.

By pairing the  Ingenico Group's iUC285 device with the USAT G10-S telemeter or its Quickconnect API and channeling payments to the ePort Connect service platform,  the companies will provide secure EMV contact and N FC contactless hardware and software.
Ingenico Group
The pairing will provide cashless payment reconciliation, optimization services, loyalty services and advertising CMS.

The  Ingenico Group's iUC285 device accepts EMV, magstripe and NFC/contactless transactions. Its software integration layer and its service platform enable deployment of acceptance capabilities of electronic payment.

Nayax Now Accepts Twint Mobile Payment App
Nayax cashless readers now accept the Twint app
Nayax recently added the Twint mobile payment app to its growing  line of cashless payment methods for unattended  retail  equipment.
Twint is widely used for payments in Switzerland, including in unattended machines.

Nayax payment products are compatible with numerous cashless payment methods, including credit and debit cards, EMV chipcards, NFC payments and QR codes. Twint joins Nayax's mobile payment choices, which include Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay, Wechat Pay, Alipay and Paytm.
"It's important for Nayax to help give consumers in every country every payment option available," said Nayax CEO Yair Nechmad. "With Twint added to the VPOS payment options, we are one step closer to this. We want the operators we work with to achieve the best growth possible, and providing a wide variety of payment options achieves this goal."
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