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Next Membership Meeting

Our next membership meeting will be September 20 at the Rochester Ramada Inn. The program will feature candidates for the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. We have confirmed Allen Quist and Kurt Bills and are now working on Senator Klobuchar and Representative Walz. We will live with the consequences of this next election for the rest of our lives.   


Speeches from the GOP Convention  

Here are speeches by:

Condoleeza Rice

Chris Christie

Nikki Haley

Paul Ryan

Clint Eastwood

Marco Rubio

Ann Romney

Mitt Romney


There were more, but these were some of the best. New faces at the GOP these days.


Be sure to contrast these speeches with the ones the Dems have next week. They will smear and demean. Envy and division will be on parade. They have no choice. They can't run on their record.


Classes on the Constitution

Hillsdale College has two free online classes on the Constitution. Click here for information.   


More online information

The Heritage Foundation has an article on cutting government spending along with much more. Click here


Joe Arpio Charges Dropped

The Department of Justice has been on a vendetta against Sheriff Joe Arpio of Maricopa County, AZ. This week they declined to bring any financial mismanagement charges against the sheriff's department. Civil Rights violation charges are yet to be resolved. The only thing that will bring this to an end is a new administration in Washington.


Rochester City Sales Tax Extension Debate

A debate on this Tax will be held 7:00 PM, Thursday, Sept 13 in the Hill Theater at RCTC. Sponsored by KAAL and the League of Women Voters. Debate participants include: Jerry Williams, John Wade, Fran Bradley and Mike Rolih. Should be a good debate.  


9/11 Memorial

As we reported last week, a memorial service commemorating the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks will be held at the Rochester Peace Plaza on Tuesday, 9/11 from 7:00 to 10:00 AM. A Bell of Honor will be tolled at the time when the first tower was struck.  There will be a booth, and a bus and trailer set up on the plaza for this event.


Candidates & Events 

Rochester Tea Party Patriots does not endorse candidates. We publicize conservative events and candidate appearances as we become aware of them. 


Candidate Web SitesClick here for a listing. 


Kurt Bills:

Daily Blog: www.EveryDayBills.net.

New Video: New Kurt Bills Video 


Allen Quist / Tim Walz Debate

Starts at 11:30 AM, Thursday, 9/27 at Somerby Golf Community. Sponsored by the Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Cost (includes lunch) is $25.00 for Chamber Members and $35.00 for non-members. Call 288-1122 or go to the Chamber's Web site for more information. More debates are scheduled. We will publish them as they get closer.


Rochester City Candidates Funding Reports: click here. Note that Michael Wojcik (see Page 3) picked up $1000 from three Wisconson Real Estate Developers whose last names are Gerrard. Gerrard Companies recently won the bid by the City Council to build these luxury apartments in Rochester. Hmmmm.


Olmsted County Commissioners Funding Reports: click here.


The Second Amendment

We would like to repeat a plug for the 12th annual "Friends of the NRA" gathering in Rochester on September 6. It will be at the Rochester Ramada Inn. Buffet dinner (7:00 PM), live (8:00 PM) and silent auctions, games, drawings and more. Contact person is Jerry Nau at 507-289-2196. Among other things, they sponsor youth firearms education so young people learn firearms safety and proficiency.


Quote of the Week

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to office.


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