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US-China Tech Superpowers: Next Move     

Key Points
  • Silicon Valley's lead over China in venture capital investing shrank by the end of 2018 to $6 billion as the Asian market's techno-nationalism rises.
  • China's venture investments climbed to $105 billion in 2018, nearly matching the U.S. at $111 billion.
  • China's technology ambitions in its Made in China 2025 policy initiative has been a bone of contention in the U.S.-China trade war.
  • Three Chinese companies made the CNBC Top 50 Global Disruptors List. 
    Read my special feature for
Q&A Interview
"In a few cases, American companies are competing with their Chinese counterparts in China. But for the most part, American tech and Internet companies are not getting ahead in China."
Check out my  Q&A interview with SupChina about the US-China tech race. 

Starbucks Faces Off with 
China's New Nasdaq-listed Luckin Coffee
China is again scoring with a made-in-China business model that is more advanced than Western ways. This time, the example is Luckin Coffee, which is an upstart challenger to Starbucks in China. Luckin Coffee raised $561 million in an IPO on Nasdaq last Friday. 
Read more about Luckin

Malaysian food delivery company Dahmakan
has raised $5 million in a Series A investment from UpHonest Capital, Silicon Valley's Partech Partners, Atami Capital and Y Combinator    
The world's  most valuable  unicorn,  ByteDance,
seems unfazed by the recent  TikTok ban, and has 
larger plans for India on the horizon. ByteDance is reportedly planning to try its hand at music streaming.  Bloomberg

  • Steve Bannon says killing Huawei more important than trade deal with China. 
  • Driving the telecommunications giant out of Western markets is '10 times more important' than a trade deal.
  • Trump's former strategist says he won't stop there, with plans to exclude all Chinese companies from capital markets. 
  • Read more in SCMP
   "Shutting them out would mean losing a competitive and innovative edge, an early and advantageous rollout of 5G and all the R&D money that Huawei spends in Canadian universities." Huawei's R+D investments make a difference in Canada. The Globe and Mail

When history is told, May 2019 will be marked down as the time when the U.S.-China tech cold war began. U.S. moves to block supply to Huawei is an escalation beyond any of the trade-war tariffs and posturing that's come before. We can now expect China to redouble efforts to roll out a homegrown smartphone operating system, design its own chips, develop its own semiconductor technology (including design tools and manufacturing equipment), and implement its own technology standards. This can only accelerate the process of creating a digital iron curtain that separates the world into two distinct, mutually exclusive technological spheres.  Bloomberg


SupChina Panel, NYC, May 20: US-China Tech War Impact

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