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July 2019
Our inn does much more than provide tranquility and solitude; we provide a place from which you can launch yourself into a world of country sophistication. See our Seven Day Trips & Unique Itineraries and discover why well-traveled guests continue returning to Pond Mountain Inn.
The Silver Fork Restaurant
“A beacon of innovation and inexplicably delicious – simply an extraordinary dining experience”, is what one of our last six guests said about The Silver Fork. This must be on your restaurant itinerary!
The Best Pizza in Vermont
Vergennes is where we found this absolutely delicious pizza! In addition to their  farm-to-table foods, they craft a family of exceptional hyperlocal beers. We’re going back next week with our friends!
The Chocolate Barn
Eat Ice Cream for Daily Happiness says The Chocolate Barn! Find out why their ice cream is better than all others – there’s a reason! Learn the secret about their Strawberry & Raspberry ice cream!
Independence Day Celebrations
The Gossip Tour of Fort Ticonderoga
Go beyond the battles to get the real story of life at Ticonderoga. From high crimes to petty bickering, serving at Ticonderoga was full of drama. Join Curator Matthew Keagle for a walking tour of this often unglamorous, certainly untold, but very juicy history.
Fireworks on Lake St. Catherine!
Fireworks at dusk Saturday, July 6th. For a small town, our fireworks display on the lake is impressive!

July 4th, 1777, the first official July 4th celebration was held in Philadelphia, our nation’s capital at the time.
Devil's Bowl Speedway Fireworks & Racing!
Wednesday, July 3 @ 6:00 pm is the Sportsman Modified 100 & Fireworks! Less than 45 minutes away and we don’t know anyone that’s ever gone – of course! We’re always looking for new experiences, so we’re going this year!! We'll let you know... Remember, low expectation, never disappointed.
Discovering Quintessential Vermont & Beyond   
Absolutely Stunning – Aerial Drone View from Our Cottage!
Taken just a few days ago, our guest, David Warren took this incredible photograph... That's Little Lake & Lake St. Catherine with the Adirondacks in the distance – altitude of about 1600 feet!!
Fly to Pond Mountain Inn on Cape Air!
We just discovered Cape Air! Take five minutes and find out more about this fascinating airline that carried over 500,000 passengers last year, making them one of the largest regional airlines in the United States! Flight Time From Rutland to Boston Is One Hour... Vermont Just Keeps Getting Better!
If Not Pond Mountain Inn, Consider... Rockland, Maine During Puffin Season.
Maine is the only place in the United States where you can find Atlantic puffins, adorable little seabirds with awkward walks and bright, colorful beaks that, more than a century ago, were practically extinct. Read the full article below in Cape Air's magazine – absolutely the best airline magazine we've ever read!!
 New England Summertime Sandwich of Choice!
A summer dining essential across New England is the lobster roll. It was first made famous on the shores of Connecticut in the 1920s and quickly gained popularity along the northern New England coastline. Lobster rolls are served both hot and cold, however the warmer version is considered “the original”. We prefer the mayonnaise-based version. Our favorite lobster roll is at The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station, or click on Kay’s Lobster Roll for different experience. Also, we’d be happy to send you Kay’s recipe!
Saratoga Race Course Opening Day – Thursday, July 11 at 11:00 AM!
If you ask someone who’s spent a lifetime in the northeast they’ll tell you one of the Top Ten Places to visit in the Summertime is Saratoga Springs, or simply – Saratoga. And, less than one hour from Pond Mountain Inn! We go every year and this year we’re going on Opening Day! See more about Saratoga and the Race Track below.
Getting Lost at the Dorset Farmer's Market... A True Vermont Experience!
We've been to all the local farmers' markets except for the The Rutland Downtown Farmers' Market! We'll be able to check that box this Saturday with our guests. The Rutland Farmers' Market is the largest locally and the oldest in Vermont that include over 60 vendors. We can't wait to go!

Wednesdays, 3 – 6pm & Saturdays, 9am to 2pm
 The Tranquility and Solitude of the Vermont Outdoors... Just Got Better!
We never stop improving things, which is why seventy-eight percent of this year’s guests have stayed with us before! Breakfast al fresco this morning!
Take Another Look... If You Missed Our Newly Designed June Newsletter
On the grounds of The Shelburne Museum... by far our best day trip this year! We continue to thank The Shelburne Museum for all their support and photographs! 
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