May 1, 2018 - Next Payment Due

2019 Ship Registrations

Congratulations for getting to choose the cabin and location you wanted for our 2019 2 nd full ship charter and avoiding the website opening day registration craziness that we also dread.

As you may have noticed on your e-mailed & mailed reservation invoice statement, your next payment due date and amount is incorrect.  Due to us giving you all a 50% off reduced deposit amount for those cabins reserved on board the 2017 High Seas Rally Cruise, it has created a conflict within our billing system which we are working on getting corrected.  As everyone had signed off on and approved when they had filled out their reservation form, the Next Payment Due Date is MAY 1, 2018 and the minimum amount due is $600 for the 1st 2 passengers plus $300 for each additional passenger.  

We've been assured that our I.T. guy can get this adjusted before your next payment is due. So thanks again and get some more friends to come! P.S. we've upped the Virgin Bounty pay out to $2,000 CASH and WIN the cost of your cabin in CASH up to $5,000 CASH  for the Early Bird Pay Off before February 1, 2019.

Travel Guard Travel Insurance

One other note: Please take a serious look at the travel insurance link below. This cruise is a long way off and nothing makes us feel worse than telling a passenger there is no refund.  You will need your invoice handy to get a quote.

Reminder for those with Pre-Existing Medical Conditions...the insurance must be purchased within 15 days of the cabin purchase to cover these.