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May 3, 2019
Dear Longhorn Parent,  

Welcome to the Longhorn Family. Your student will soon attend one of the top public universities in the country. Yes, they worked hard and earned their place here, but it happened with your encouragement and support.
As the executive vice president and provost, I am focused on ensuring your student receives a world-class educational experience that prepares them for life-long success. A recent Gallup poll found that UT Austin alumni are significantly more likely than their national peers to report that their alma mater prepared them well for life outside college.
To accomplish this, the campus works together in order to provide all students the opportunities and resources they need to find their paths, be successful and pursue their dreams.
As the parent of two children — one in high school and the other in college — I understand what the family conversations might be like right now. This is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful — for you and for them. I encourage you to express your continued support as they embark on this exciting next chapter of their lives.
Hook ’em, and welcome to the Longhorn Family!
Maurie McInnis
Executive Vice President and Provost
The University of Texas at Austin 
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Quick Introductions:
  • Dr. Maurie McInnis serves UT Austin as the Executive Vice President and Provost. Learn more about Provost McInnis, here.

  • The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost coordinates the academic mission of the university, manages the academic experience for student, and implements policies and procedures related to faculty and administration. Learn more here.
Preparing Your Student for Orientation
New Student Service s (NSS) , one of the nine departments in the Division of Student Affairs, leads students through their transition to the university community with comprehensive Freshman Orientation programming.

Pre-Orientation Videos
On May 1, NSS emailed your student links to pre-orientation videos that must be watched before Freshman Orientation check-in. The exercise takes about 45 minutes to complete and contains essential information about the transition to UT Austin . Encourage your student to really take the time to understand the message of each video as each serves as an important first step on the road to graduation.

Immunization Requirements
State law requires students under age 22 to provide documentation showing that they have had a meningococcal (bacterial meningitis) vaccine before they can register for classes. Students should submit documentation to University Health Services (UHS) no later than two weeks prior to their orientation session. For safe measure, encourage your student to also bring a copy to orientation. Learn more here .

Students who are not U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents (even if they went to a Texas high school) are classified as international students and must satisfy additional immunization and tuberculosis testing requirements before registering for classes. Learn more here .

Freshman Orientation Schedule
NSS has strategically designed a robust three-day program to meet multiple objectives. Students leave campus registered for classes and feel connected to the Forty Acres and its traditions. Multiple social activities, including a student organization fair, provide natural settings for students to meet one another and explore communities. As a reminder, parents and family members are unable to attend the student programming. Go here for a schedule overview.
Pre-Orientation Checklist
Encourage your student to use the Pre-Freshman Orientation Checklist here . NSS outlines what to pack, documents to bring, the mobile app download and other important preparations. So you'll know,
Bring: towels and a blanket
Leave at home: pillows and sheets
Dining During Orientation
While some meals are coordinated within the program, such as dinner on Day 1 (Family BBQ) and Day 2 (Residence Hall Wings), students will also receive a meal card loaded with $39.45 that can be in used in the Jester dining facilities (Wendy's is not included). A meal card with remaining funds can be used by your student when returning to campus through August 31.
Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)

Students with disabilities who will need accommodations should plan ahead to find out about the forms, process and timeline for requesting different types of accommodations at UT Austin. Learn what the process will involve for your student  here . Additionally, this  FAQ  provides an understanding of your and the SSD office's roles in supporting your student.

Please note: 
Students should submit SSD accommodation requests for Freshman Orientation (housing, dining, placement tests, etc.) at least 2 weeks prior to the session they are attending.
What You Need to Know About Family Orientation
Family Orientation is a one-day program that introduces you to university leadership, professional staff, volunteers and current students who will share important information and advice. You’ll go home feeling more connected to the university and equipped with conversation topics to better support your student as your family continues preparation for the transition in August.
Hear more from our Family Orientation Student Coordinators, Sarah, Danny and Calleigh in this video.
Need to register?
Go here .
Already Registered?
We look forward to seeing you on the Forty Acres and on the Thursda t y before your session, you'll receive an email reminder with important day-of details like parking, what to wear, etc.
Pre-Family Orientation Checklist
Go here .
Need Orientation Parking?
Go here .
Staying in town while your student completes Freshman Student Orientation?
Go here for ideas of things to do.
First Generation Students at UT Austin
UT Austin Students who come from families where neither parent or guardian has a four-year degree or higher from a college or university are recognized as First-Generation students. Many students whose parents have degrees from outside the United States also identify as First-Generation.

If your student meets this definition, please encourage him or her to attend the First-Generation Welcome on Day 2 of the Orientation programming. Students will meet other students and learn about campus programming in place to support their success from orientation through graduation.
For parents and families, we hope you'll join us for the "First-Generation Student Resources" afternoon choice session at Family Orientation. You will learn how the university supports First-Generation students and their families. Learn more here .
Longhorn Friday
Longhorn Friday enhances a sense of belonging on campus and unites the broader UT Austin community across Texas and around the world.

It is a way for Longhorns everywhere to show their Texas spirit by wearing burnt orange or the Longhorn silhouette every Friday.

If your student isn't in the practice, encourage him or her to get into the habit now for the fall semester. We encourage YOU to also take part in Longhorn Friday, regardless of your collegiate affiliation. Whether you wear burnt orange attire, drink your morning coffee out of a UT Austin mug or take a quick Longhorn Friday photo of yourself or with your student, your support will mean a lot to your student.
Academic Readiness
Mathematics Readiness
UT Math Assessment

Students planning to take Calculus I (M408C/K/N/R) are required to complete the "UT Math Assessment" before June 1 or before their orientation session.  To get started, students must purchase the online Math Readiness Package ($50) that provides online learning modules and the proctored assessment. More details here .

Students who are not required to take Calculus but have a degree plan that allows credit for M305G (a pre-calculus course), have the option to take the "UT Math for Credit Exam" at orientation and try to earn credit for that course. The test fee is $60 and students do not need to register in advance for the exam. Graphing or scientific calculators are provided for the test, but students may choose to bring their own.

Chemistry Readiness
To help students prepare for college-level chemistry courses at UT Austin, the College of Natural Sciences requires those taking CH301 in the fall to purchase and complete the online ALEKS Chemistry assessment and score a minimum of 85. Learn more about guidelines, time commitments and next steps here . Encourage your student to mark June 1 on the calendar to circle back to the link for details on how to purchase and access ALEKS Chemistry.

Where to Find More Testing Information
Remind your student information about foreign language placement tests, Texas Success Initiative (TSI), Engineering Spatial Visualization Assessments and test accommodations for those needing special assistance during orientation testing can also be found on the pre-orientation checklist.
Academic Advising
The role high school counselors play in students’ academic journeys can vary greatly from what a student experiences in college. At UT Austin, academic advising is a collaborative effort between the student and advisor. At Family Orientation, you'll learn more about advising during the morning academic college and school session and an optional afternoon choice session lead by current UT Austin advisors offers further insights and tips.

Core Curriculum and Flag Requirements
In addition to major requirements and electives, every UT Austin student, regardless of major, must also complete a 42-hour core curriculum and earn "Flags" in six areas of study. Flags are taken in residence and not at another institution. Learn more here .
What Does It Mean to Be A Student Enrolled in UGS? 
The School of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) is home to students who have yet to declare a major. While enrolled in UGS, your student will explore majors and careers so he or she can confidently choose a field of study to pursue. Check out the video!
First Year Experience
While many think that SAT scores or high school class ranking are the strongest predictors of student success in college, research shows that is not the case. Instead, success in a student’s first-year is the strongest indicator of future success, retention, and timely graduation. UT has developed first year experience resources like 360 Connections, Signature Courses and FIGs to engage your student for success. Check out the videos on each:
Signature Courses
360 Connections
First Year Interest Groups (FIGs)
Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid (OSFA)
Student Accounts Receivable (SAR)
MyUT Student Portal and App
MyUT is the university’s online student portal. Your student will use MyUT for everything from viewing their class schedule to accessing personalized financial aid and registration information. Encourage your student to log in now to visit their customized Texas '23 homepage, which includes important information about preparing for orientation. Your student also can download  the MyUT mobile app  for quick access to a map of campus and much more.
If Your Student Graduated as Valedictorian,
Read This Article About the Highest Ranking Graduate Exemption
Per the Texas Education Code (Chapter 54, Section 54.301), the highest ranking graduate of any accredited Texas high school is eligible for an exemption which covers tuition during the first two long-session semesters following graduation. The "Tuition Waiver to Public Colleges and Universities" certificate, issued by the high school, may be scanned and submitted to or taken to Student Accounts Receivable in the Main Building (Tower), Room 4, Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm. Please include the student's EID and indicate the first semester of use.
Fraternity Scholarship Opportunity
Up to 15 incoming freshman men who have a demonstrated record of excellence in leadership, service, extra-curricular activity and academics will be awarded The Tex Schramm Scholarships. Up to $15,000 is awarded annually with base awards of $750 plus 3 excellence awards ranging from $1,500 to $3,500. Applications will be opened via website in mid-May, with awards presented prior to start of fall semester. For more information, visit the FB page or email . The website is slated to be accessible in mid-May: .
Support for All Parents and Families
The university understands the importance of keeping you informed and connected. Here is how we do it: 

The Texas Parents department
An on-campus office consisting of five full-time dedicated staff and fantastic part-time student staff standing ready to help you from enrollment through graduation. Call 512-471-2353 M-F, 8 a.m-5 p.m. (CT) or email .

See information above.

Parents and Families website  ( )
A website showcasing campus-wide information specific to the needs of prospective, incoming, transfer and all undergraduate families and designed to be an ongoing resource throughout your journey. If you don't find what you need, call the Texas Parents office!

Next Steps eNewsletters
Communications that break the journey into "what you need to know now" and "what you'll need to know later." Issues sent March-May introduce topics leading up to Orientation, and three post-orientation issues take you up to August's Mooov-in. If you missed previous issues, go to the "to get you started" box  here   or contact the Texas Parents office with your email address and we'll send you an electronic version for your files.
The New Parent Guide
An introduction to campus leadership, departments, resources and timelines in a print magazine format. This guide is mailed to U.S. residents in mid-May and will be set up as an interactive document on the website. 

See information below.
The Texas Parents Association
Everyone belongs.

Established in 1948 and still going strong! All parents and families of undergraduate students belong, but you need to sign up for the membership that best fits your family's needs. 

Memberships are set up per household, allowing one or two parents in the same household to enjoy benefits no matter how many students you have at UT Austin. 

You will need your student’s UT EID to sign up.

There are two types of membership: complimentary and supporting. Choose the level that is best for your family and sign up today!

A complimentary level of membership that keeps you "in touch" with the university. We accomplish this through:
  • Next Steps eNewsletters
  • Texas Parents Association eNewsletters - 12 issues of monthly communication to help you help your student, mailed to all members beginning in August at the conclusion of Next Steps
  • Emails from university administration on timely issues

One-Year supporting and Four-Year supporting
By making a tax deductible gift to the university, your One-Year or Four-Year membership "supports" the operation of the Texas Parents office and is reinvested through multiple outlets within the UT Austin community your student will call home.
Supporting members also receive U-Touch communications as well as additional benefits including access to the Texas Parents closed Facebook group, a pre-sale window to UT Athletics ticket sales, discounts with local and national vendors and many other perks.

Click   here   to learn more and to sign up.
What's Next
Orientation Registration
Check in with your student that he or she has registered for Freshman Orientation and see how preparation is coming along. Remind your student to direct questions to New Student Services . Remember that registration for students and parents/families are two separate processes. Click here to sign up for Family Orientation; we hope to see you there!

In the July/August Issues of Next Steps 
You won't receive Next Steps in the month of June but in July and August we will drill down even deeper into the many resources offered to UT Austin students. We'll also equip you with the information you need for a smooth transition in August, including details about Mooov-In and the Longhorn Welcome.
In the Mail: The New Parent Guide
In mid-May, the New Parent Guide  will be delivered to the permanent address provided by your student. This print magazine builds upon the Next Steps messages and puts you closer to a better understanding of the resources available to you and your student. Beginning May 6, you can also access a digital copy of the New Parent Guid e in the "to get you started" box  here .
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