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July 24, 2020
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Dear Longhorn Families,
In this and the remaining issue of Next Steps you'll receive August 14, our focus is on providing content that helps your family as you're checking off items on to-do lists. You'll find information about parking permits, Mooov-in, tuition bills and more.

We've assembled advice from seasoned Longhorn parents for those of you whose Longhorns will be navigating their fall semester from home.

Sometimes the continuous flow of information can seem like you're drinking from a fire hose. No worries, your Texas Parents staff - Lindsey, Jamie, Gloria and I are here to help this big, incredible, boundless-opportunity university feel a bit smaller. Call or email if we can help you help your student.

Susie Smith
Texas Parents Director
In this issue:

  • Student Scholarships Drawings
  • Longhorn Connection
  • UT for Me
  • Mooov-In 2020
  • IT @ UT
  • Parking and Transportation Services
  • Need-to-Knows & Updates
  • Tuition Information
  • University Housing & Dining
  • Off Campus Resources and More
Additional Resources:

UT Lingo 
Becoming a part of the Longhorn Family includes learning the lingo, such as Q drop, Six-Pack, FIGs, Flags and more. Knowing these terms can make it easier for you to communicate with your student. Go here  and don't worry, there won't be a quiz!
Parent-to-Parent Advice for YOU
In the Texas Parents Association monthly eNewsletters there feature called the Member-to-Member Corner where members write about their experiences and insights on a wide range of collegiate topics. With that same model, we asked parents with rising sophomores to share advice and tips from their Longhorns studying remotely during this past spring semester.

Although your family experienced this with your students in their high school senior spring semester, we know that whether online or in-person, there is a big difference between a high school and collegiate experience. Read their advice here .
Online Family Orientation
All phases of Online Family Orientation content are now LIVE!

There is still time to register for the complimentary Online Family Orientation by clicking  here .  You'll hear from campus leadership, academic advisors, staff, faculty, parent volunteers and current students through a variety of pre-recorded presentations. The program gives you complete flexibility of when, where and how often you view the presentations, all designed to help you help your student.

If you have already registered for Online Family Orientation, we encourage you to continue to view the presentations and download any additional resources you need. As a reminder,

Online Family Orientation content will be available until Friday, August 14.
Student Scholarships Drawing
Texas Parents Scholarships Drawing
Friday, August 7
Pre-recorded virtual event, emailed at 6 p.m CDT

During traditional on-campus summer orientation, Texas Parents holds a scholarship drawing at the end of each weekly orientation session. Although orientation is online this year, we will continue this tradition in a virtual format! 

We will award $500 scholarships to 14 incoming students thanks to the generous $7,000 sponsorship from long-time partner, University Federal Credit Union (UFCU).

Here's how it works:
All  registered   families of 2020 Online Family Orientation are eligible to participate. There are two methods to enter the scholarships drawing:
  • Signing up as a Texas Parents Association Four-Year (expiring 8/31/24) or Transfer (expiring 8/31/2023) supporting member here
  • By submitting a mail-in entry 

Check out the Rules for deadlines and postcard entry guidelines here .

But wait! There's More Good Stuff!
ALL Online Family Orientation registrants (registered by July 31) will be eligible for the "More Good Stuff" Drawing for $1,400 of virtual scholarships and gift cards thanks to these awesome partners: University Federal Credit Union, the University Co-Op and Tiff's Treats! You won't want to miss this! We sent an email on July 22 with more details - if you can't find that email, go here for Drawing Details.
University Federal Credit Union (UFCU)
Congratulations to William P. from Houston, TX and Rachel S. from Katy, TX for each winning $1,000 in the UFCU Cash for College sweepstakes; that's money in the bank!

Your student could also win $1,000 by opening a UFCU Free Checking account. Four more drawings remain. Check out details  here .

Longhorn’s have chosen UFCU for over 84 years and UFCU stands ready to support your student on campus and beyond.
Longhorn Connection
Longhorn Connections
Living the Longhorn Life is a blending of your student's experiences both in and outside the classroom. In the current environment, university leadership recognized the importance of students having a common resource to stay active and connected with their friends, peers and campus community, no matter how far from the Forty Acres they might be.

Encourage your student to use this website to engage with their community, prioritize their wellness and enjoy creativity through virtual events and all kinds of activities. Longhorn Connection is dynamic, just like UT students. Learn more  here .
UT for Me
UT for Me – Powered by Dell Scholars  is excited to offer incoming Pell-eligible students personalized, multi-faceted support from a dedicated team of full-time staff and peer ambassadors. All UT for Me students will receive a laptop based on the software needs of their college or school, as well as programs and workshops, textbook credits, and access to a 24-hour virtual resource network. To receive their laptop, students are required to sign the Terms and Conditions and complete the corresponding survey that will be sent electronically around August 1. For questions about UT for Me, please email .
Fall 2020 Mooov-In
by University Housing & Dining (UHD)
On Campus Residence Halls
Early Check-in

August 17-20
from 3 p.m. August 17 until
11:59 p.m. August 20

Where to go first:
Residence Hall's designated front desk (can vary from hall to hall)

Early Check-in Fee:
$50/day - not billed until student moves in
Centralized Check-in

Thursday- Sunday
August 20- 23
7 a.m. to 8 p.m., each day

Where to go first:
At student's allotted time, go FIRST to UFCU Disch-Falk Field (east of campus and IH-35) and park in the East Campus Garage to check-in and pick up their room key. THEN students proceed to their Residence Hall.

While at UFCU Disch-Falk Field:
Guests are asked to stay in their cars while the student checks in.

Running Late:
Don't worry if you're a few minutes late; for extensive delays (hours or days), email with student name and UT EID for next steps.
Overnight Weekend Check-in

August 20-23
8 p.m. to 5 a.m., each day

Where to go first:
Residence Hall's designated front desk (can vary from hall to hall)

What to do: Please move only what is necessary to your room after 10 p.m. to reduce noise.
Extended Check-In

August 23-25
after 9 p.m. August 23 until
4 p.m. August 25 (Mooov-in deadline)

Where to go first:
Residence Hall's designated front desk (can vary from hall to hall)

What to do after August 25: Student MUST notify UHD in advance using My Housing to avoid a canceled contract.
Click here for list of designated front desks for each Residence Hall.
Note: Between 5 – 7 a.m. and 8 – 9 p.m. from Aug 20 – 23, there is no check-in available as room keys are relocated to and from UFCU Disch-Falk Field.
2400 Nueces
Centralized Check-in

Saturday & Sunday, August 15 & 16
9 a.m. - 7 a.m.
Monday, August 17
9 a.m. - noon

Where to go first:
Check-in at the San Antonio Garage
Extended Check-in

Tuesday, August 18 - Tuesday, August 25

Where to go first:
Check-in at the 2400 Nueces Lobby
Email from UHD
Students were sent an email Monday, July 13 to schedule their check-in time by Monday, August 10. Encourage your student to check that this has been completed.

Newly-Implemented Mooov-In Guidelines
Created to help all residents have a safe and smooth Mooov-In experience this summer:
  • Face coverings are required for everyone throughout the Mooov-In process.
  • This year it is especially important to arrive at your student’s scheduled check-in time to adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • Students should bring no more than two guests to campus to help with their Mooov- In.
  • When using residence hall elevators, only one resident and their helper(s) should occupy an elevator at a time.

Helpful Hints When Mooov
Regardless of which check-in your student selected, check these out. Please note, they are especially relevant for the Thursday - Sunday timeframe:
  • Elevators are only accessible in Jester, San Jacinto, Kinsolving and Duren. For all other halls, pack accordingly to carry items upstairs.
  • If possible, bring your own dollies or rolling carts; the residence halls with elevators have a limited number available.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking (this is not the time for high heels). Burnt orange is always a good color to wear.
  • Have water and healthy snacks on hand to keep your energy up.
  • Regardless of the number of vehicles you are bringing, your student will receive only ONE loading zone permit for 60 minutes.
  • Students and their helper(s) are able to come and go from the residence hall only on the student's scheduled Mooov-in Day. Due to social distancing protocols, after the scheduled Mooov-in day, helper(s) will not be permitted into the residence halls, even if they are bringing additional items for the student's room.

Regardless of your student's Mooov-in date and time,
go here to see the Mooov-in Checking In page.
It's FULL of HELPFUL information including
route maps, early check-in locations, parking details and any updates to the process!
Need to Know for your to-bring list:

There will be no equipment or community kitchen check-outs at the front desks this year, so encourage your student to bring their own vacuums, brooms, dust pans and cleaning supplies.
Student ID Cards

Whether your Longhorn is living on campus, off campus or at home this semester they will need a UT ID whenever they are on the Forty Acres. Normally, students' ID cards are distributed at Orientation; however, this year ID cards will be distributed differently. Below is the information needed to help your student get their permanent ID card. To obtain a student ID card, your student must present a non-expired government-issued photo ID like a driver's license or passport. Learn more here .

Students who will be living:
Parking and Transportation Services (PTS)
Should My Student Bring a Car to Campus?
 If this is a question in your household, we encourage a discussion between you and your student to decide together whether bringing a car to campus is necessary. Questions to consider: Why would a car be needed? Are there reasons that will take your student off campus consistently like medical appointments or a job? How much is a parking permit, insurance, maintenance in relation to the amount of use the car will receive?

Student Parking at UT
 There are several parking permit options. Some may be purchased immediately, others are only offered on a lottery system.

Will your student live in a UT Austin Residence Hall? Learn more about "R" permits (garage parking) here .

Will your student live off-campus? Learn more about "S" permits (garage parking) here .

Whether living on campus or off-campus, students also have surface lot options. Learn more about"C" permits (surface lots) here , "C+" permits (surface lots plus garages after 5pm) here .

Learn about permitting for students with motorcycles, motor scooters, mopeds or motor-assisted bicycles here .

Learn about disability/ADA student permitting here .
Getting Around Austin Without a Car
  • The UT Shuttle System offers quick travel around campus as well as to and from off-campus housing areas. Students ride free with their valid UT ID. For real-time bus information, students can download the CapMetro App. Information on sanitizing and social distancing protocols on buses for COVID-19 is available here.

  • Capital Metro, the City of Austin's transit system, is free when students present their valid UT ID. Cap Metro routes service many areas of the city beyond the university's shuttle system, including the airport, malls and more.
  • ZipCar partners with PTS to provide a convenient and affordable way for students 18 years or older to have access to a car on campus. There is an annual membership fee and rental rates start at $8.50/hour and include gas and insurance.
  • Bicycles are often used in Austin and on the Forty Acres. Encourage your student to register and double lock their bike to prevent theft. Free bike racks, maintenance stations as well as secure bike locker storage for rent are available.

Need-to-Knows & Updates
Restricting a Student's' Public Directory Information

When students matriculate at UT, their home address and home phone number automatically become public information through the  UT Directory

Students have the option of restricting their information from the public directory. Direct your student to go here for more information about a student's official address, what is sent where and how your student can make changes to their information on record. 
How Does My Student Find a List of Needed Textbooks?

The University Co-Op is a not-for-profit corporation proudly owned by the students and faculty at UT since 1896. One of the many ways the Co-op supports campus is by compiling the official book list each semester. Go here for more information.
Transferring Coursework

Students who have taken coursework at  Austin Community College   or  Texas community colleges  outside of Austin should read through the websites above. Each recommends specific courses students can take to ensure that the transfer credit applies toward their lower division UT degree requirements.

In addition, UT has an  Automated Transfer Equivalency   (ATE) system that provides interactive access to more than 250,000 transfer credit evaluations for current and past courses at Texas universities and community colleges.

This database will not work for courses taken out of state. If your student will be taking classes out of state, he or she will need to have the course(s) pre-evaluated beforehand by submitting  this form . This will ensure that the credits will transfer, if eligible.
eProxy Access

With eProxy, you are given your own UT EID and password which is tied to your student's UT EID.

eProxy access only allows you to make tuition payments, housing payments, add money in Dine in Dollars or Bevo Pay, as well as to view transactions or balances for housing. It will not give you access to grades or schedules.

If you would like to become an eProxy for your student, discuss this option with your student now as there are steps he or she must first initiate. Go here for more information, including a step-by-step video. ..
Longhorns Online

Be on the lookout early next week for an email that will be sent to both you and your Longhorn, introducing a new digital resource for student success, Longhorns Online.
Fall 2020 Course Registration Update
On Thursday, July 23 incoming students received an email letting them know that the university has extended the date for your student to make adjustments to their fall 2020 schedule.
The  UT Course Schedule  includes current information on instruction mode (e.g., in-person/face-to-face; online/internet; or hybrid), instructor, time, or location. Students can review and make adjustments to their schedule, if needed, by logging in to  UT Direct  .

UT has added an extended registration period to July 23-31 , so that students have time to review the updated Course Schedule and make changes to their fall schedule of classes, if needed, based on what is right for them. When adjusting their Fall 2020 registration, students can choose to be   completely online , or if they will be on or near campus, they can choose to participate in hybrid and/or in-person classes.
Tuition Information
Important Tuition Reminders for Fall 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Texas One Stop staff is currently operating remotely. Mailed payments are currently subject to higher processing times. UT highly encourages payments be made via an electronic method such as eCheck. Parents must log in via their eProxy account if they wish to pay a student’s bill on their behalf.

Tuition Notices
Students who have registered for fall 2020 classes prior to Monday, July 27 will receive a tuition notice electronically on Tuesday, July 28.  These will be delivered via email to the email address listed on your student's record; no paper bills will be mailed. Although students may continue to register for classes through July 31, Tuition is due no later than 5 p.m. (CDT) Friday, August 14.

Students who register for fall 2020 classes after July 31, such as those students attending August Orientation, will receive their tuition bill after they register for classes.  Tuition for these students will be due no later than 5 p.m. (CST) on Tuesday, August 25. 

If tuition is not paid by the payment deadline, your student's class registration will be dropped, no exceptions!   Please be aware that 5:00 p.m. (CDT) is sharp; at 5:01 p.m. (CDT) the system will drop classes for unpaid registrations.

Regardless of whether or not your student's tuition bill notification is successfully received via email, students are still responsible for timely payment of their tuition bill.

Undeliverable messages returned because of either a full inbox or use of a spam filter will still be considered 'delivered.'
Financial Aid and Tuition Bills

Because financial aid funds are not released immediately, your student's tuition bill will state a balance due until the funds are released.

If the aid fully covers the tuition bill and fees: students will click the "Pay with Financial Aid" button on My Tuition Bill .

If the financial aid does NOT fully cover the tuition bill the amount due will be reduced by the financial aid and the student will need to pay the remaining balance by the deadline.

If you have questions about when funds will be disbursed, or other questions about paying tuition with financial aid, please visit Texas One Stop’s Financial Aid FAQs here .
Please note UT Housing is a separate billing process. Please contact UHD with any questions. Your student will receive a reminder email a few days before their housing payment deadline. Please visit the UHD website here for more information, including installment plans.
Paying Tuition

Options to pay tuition include:
Installment plans, paying online, by mail, with financial aid and short-term tuition loans. Learn about each here .

Zero Bill: Students who see a ($0.00) tuition bill still need to CONFIRM ATTENDANCE by clicking that button on their My Tuition Bill before 5 p.m. (CDT) on their due date or their classes will be canceled.

Three-Payment Installment Plan:  Students must electronically sign a promissory note before the first installment payment will be accepted. The first payment is approximately half of the tuition bill, plus a non-refundable $15 service charge. It is due by the deadline stated at the bottom of the student's My Tuition Bill. The second installment is due Friday, September 25 and the third, Friday, October 23 .

Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan (TGTP): Students must provide a copy of their membership ID card to Student Accounts Receivable (SAR) the first semester they're enrolled at UT Austin. Students can do so by emailing . The student must include their UT EID in the email in addition to the semester that they want to begin using their TGTP coverage and their classification (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior or graduate).

Parents must copy their student when emailing the TGTP ID Card to the SAR office. Response will include instructions the student needs to complete for their registration process.

Students who have full tuition coverage on their tuition bill due to the Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan must click the “Confirm Attendance” button or pay any tuition balance on their My Tuition Bill no later than 5 p.m. (CDT) on the payment deadline or their registration will be canceled.

Additional Texas Guaranteed Tuition Plan information can be found here .

Texas Tuition Promise Fund (TTPF)
TTPF purchasers must contact TTPF online each semester to authorize the use of benefits to “ The University of Texas at Austin ” using the student’s alpha-numeric UT EID. TTPF authorizations can take up to three weeks to reach the SAR office . To ensure coverage is reflected on your student’s bill on Tuesday, July 28, please authorize the use of your plan now.

Students whose tuition is fully covered by the Texas Tuition Promise Plan must click the “Confirm Attendance” button or pay any tuition balance on My Tuition Bill no later than 5 p.m. (CDT) on the payment deadline or their registration will be canceled.

Additional Texas Tuition Promise Plan information can be found here .

Need-to-knows when using TGTP and TTPF:
  • If the amount due is zero, students must complete registration by clicking "Confirm Attendance" on their My Tuition Bill no later than 5 p.m. (CDT) on the due date or their registration will be canceled.
  • These plans pay tuition only, the student is responsible for all other fees.
Other Financial Aid or Tuition Questions?
The Texas One Stop office is happy to assist and can be contacted at 512-232-6988 or via email at or visit their website here for more information.
University Housing and Dining (UHD)
UHD still has availability for on-campus residence hall housing for the 2020-21 academic year. Incoming freshmen or transfer students can apply online now. Please contact UHD here with any questions.
Resident Assistants (RAs) and Complex Coordinators (CCs) are here to help!
The RAs, CCs and the Residence Life team follow three learning goals that help your Longhorn develop self-management strategies, build positive relationships within their community and use cultural competency skills to engage with others.
Did you know?
  • By the time your student arrives to live on campus, the 172 Resident Assistants (RAs) have received more than 70 hours of training on how to build a resident community and welcome students to their new home, including making crafty, personalized door decorations for every resident.

  • In addition to the RAs, there are 19 professional staff members, called Complex Coordinators (CC), who live in the residence halls and can respond to any emergency 24/7. CCs either have or are pursuing a master’s degree. They supervise the RAs and help your Longhorn transition to life at UT. If your student ever has questions, encourage them to reach out to their CC.

  • Each residence hall has a designated desk staffed 24/7 where residents can also ask questions. See which desks correspond to which halls as well as the phone number for each desk on this map.

  • Most programming will occur virtually this year. Your student can stay plugged into the Forty Acres with Longhorn Connection and by checking the bulletin boards that are decorated with timely resources, tips and announcements in their residence hall.
Dietary Concerns
UHD believes that menu transparency is an important part of the dining experience, especially for those who follow a specific diet plan. Providing nutrition facts, ingredients and allergen information, the online menu is especially helpful for students with special dietary concerns. Menu information can also be found in each dining location at the nutrition information centers or via the  mobile friendly menu .

Whether your student’s dietary needs are medically necessary or a cultural or lifestyle choice, UHD is here to help. It is recommended that all students with a dietary concern speak with one of the registered dietitians at for guidance and support managing their diet while on campus.

Virtual Nutrition Consultation with the Registered Dietitians 
UHD has two full-time registered dietitians on staff that are available for free, basic nutrition consultations via Zoom and phone with any student who has an on-campus meal plan. They can answer nutrition-related questions, recommend how to make healthy choices on campus, provide guidance for dining on campus with specific dietary considerations and recommend campus resources. Students can email to learn more and to schedule an appointment.

Sick Meals
If students are feeling unwell, they can rest in their room and order one meal at a time for pick up using this online form . A designated person can pick up on the student’s behalf at either J2 or Kins Dining, with no admission into the dining venue required. Requests need to be submitted at least two hours before the planned pickup time, which needs to fall within the dining venue’s open hours . If assistance is needed, students can contact the UHD Nutrition and Wellness team at .
Dine-in Dollars & Bevo Pay
What's the Difference
Dine-in Dollars

On-campus residents will receive the Unlimited Meal Plan for 2020–2021 as part of their room and board fees, which includes $300 Dine In Dollars per semester and $200 Bevo Pay funds. Students and those with eProxy access can monitor account activity and balances as well as add additional funds online .
  • Only students living in the on-campus residence halls receive Dine In Dollars.

  • Dine In Dollars can be used at UHD restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores.

  • Unused Dine In Dollars roll over from the fall to the spring semester and expire at the end of the academic year.

Commuter Meal Plan Option

Students living off campus can sign up for the Commuter Meal Plan and enjoy hot meals at the dining halls plus an additional $50 flex dollars to spend at on-campus restaurants, coffee shops and convenience stores. View the two Commuter Meal Plan options and sign up  here .
Bevo Pay

Bevo Pay is the cashless form of payment stored in a prepaid account on your student’s UT ID card. Students on the Unlimited Meal Plan also receive $200 in Bevo Pay funds.
  • All students, regardless of whether or not they live on campus, can use Bevo Pay.

  • 100+ merchants participate in Bevo Pay, including on and off campus dining locations, on-campus vending machines, markets, coffee shops, printing services, pharmacies and more.

  • There are no monthly service fees or minimum balances required.

  • Cash withdrawals are prohibited.

  • Unspent Bevo Pay funds roll over to the next semester and are refundable at graduation.

  • Funds can be easily added by anyone online. Students as well as parents and families with eProxy access can monitor account activity and balances online.
Off-Campus Housing Move-In Dates
If your student will be living in the apartments in the the area west of campus go here for move-in information from each.

If your student's property is not listed, check the lease as it likely contains the information you need.
Off-Campus Resources
If your Longhorn will be living off campus, the Off-Campus Living Resources website provides them with information about safety resources, tips for picking a roommate, information on using the bus system and much more. Learn more here .
What's Next
The Next Issue of Next Steps

The final issue of Next Steps will be sent on Friday, August 14  and will cover the following topics and more:
  • Longhorn Welcome Events
  • Campus Safety Tips
  • Final Mooov-In Reminders and more
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