Issue 4 of 6 | Preparation
June 11, 2021
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Dear Longhorn Families,

If list-making was an Olympic sport, yours truly would be captain of the U.S. team and confidently bringing home the gold! Making lists with sublists, and sublists to the sublists, has always helped me see the big picture when making preparations. It's like a paint by numbers canvas (remember those?) where each little color of paint helped the bigger picture come into focus. For me, being able to check an item off my list is empowering and rewarding; it's a visual affirmation I'm progressing to the finish line.

As high school is pretty much wrapped up for you Longhorn, we know your focus is shifting to preparation for the move. In this health and wellness-focused Next Steps issue, you'll find content that helps you and your Longhorn add to-do's to your lists relating to medical records, prescription management and more. You'll also find reminders about other topics like verifying addresses and the Big Ticket.

It's easy to find oneself going in a lot of different directions preparing to send a student off to college and it can sometimes feel daunting. Please remember Texas Parents is here to help you help your student. If you are unsure how something works or where to find an answer, call or email us with your questions; we are here for that very reason. And now, you can cross that off your list, doesn't it feel great!?! Hook 'em!


Susie Smith
Texas Parents Director
University Federal Credit Union
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For more than 85 years, Longhorns have chosen UFCU. We stand ready to support your student on campus and beyond. Hook ‘Em, Horns!
In This Issue
  • Health & Wellness
  • UT Communication Protocol
  • New Student Services (NSS)
  • Need-to-Knows & Updates
Additional Resources
Longhorn Traditions
In our monthly Texas Parents Association eNewsletter, members learn tidbits every Longhorn should know. We're sharing a couple of the "big ones" with you in Next Steps. 

This month, learn how Bevo became UT Austin's mascot and how he was given his famous name here. Thanks to Jim Nicar for all the great Longhorn lore! 
Advice for New UT Austin Students
Jim Nicar, of the UT History Corner, shares spot-on insights for incoming students. He has spent many years on campus both as a student and as a professional interacting with students. See below and pass along to your Longhorn! 

Imagine your [student's] upcoming college experience as something packed into a great, mysterious box - wrapped in burnt orange paper, of course - ready to be opened and explored... read more here.
Online Family Orientation
The Pre-Orientation Module and Module 1: Welcome are now LIVE!
There is still time to register for Online Family Orientation by going here. You'll hear from campus leadership, academic advisors, staff, faculty, parent volunteers and current students through a variety of pre-recorded presentations. The program gives you complete flexibility of when, where and how often you view the presentations, all designed to help you help your student.
If you have already registered for Online Family Orientation, we encourage you to continue to view the presentations and download any additional resources you need*. Online Family Orientation content will be available until Tuesday, August 24.

*Log in here, as a reminder access information including your username and password can be found in your final details email or registration confirmation email.
Online Family Orientation Scholarship Drawing
During traditional on-campus summer orientation, Texas Parents holds a scholarship drawing at the end of each weekly orientation session. Although orientation is online this year, we will continue this tradition in a virtual format! 

Once again, we will award fourteen incoming students $500 scholarships thanks to the generosity of long-time partner, UFCU. In order to be included in the drawing, your household must be registered for Online Family Orientation and have signed up for a supporting category of membership or mailed in a postcard entry. More information will be emailed to all Online Family Orientation registrants this month.
University Health Services (UHS)
UHS is the fully-accredited, primary care clinic for students located on campus in the Student Services Building (SSB), All enrolled UT students are eligible to use UHS without having to sign up or subscribe. Depending upon a student’s circumstances, UHS will be positioned in the fall to provide services both in person and via telehealth. Learn about UHS staff, hours of operation, service descriptions, how to schedule appointments and more here.
Completing Medical History Paperwork with Your Longhorn
For most families, it's the parent/guardian who's been the one to complete medical history forms. Before coming to campus, sit down with your student and guide them in filling out the online health history and insurance information forms on their own (directions on your checklist below). Completing these forms is required before students check in for their first UHS appointment. It is easier to help your student do this now rather than when you are home and your student is in the UHS waiting room not feeling well.

Transferring Care to UHS
Physical Therapy
  • The physician who ordered your student's physical therapy services can fax a referral to 512-232-7918. Learn more here.
Allergy Shots
  • Students can continue receiving allergy shots at UHS. Find how to arrange having your student's allergy extract and allergist's orders transferred here.
Lab Work
  • Students who receive regular lab work can have their provider order their lab work through the UHS clinical laboratory. Learn more here.
Medical Conditions Requiring Special Care or Ongoing Monitoring and Treatment
  • To ask whether UHS can manage your Longhorn’s chronic physical medical condition or temporary special treatment for an acute condition, click here. UHS staff will respond as soon as possible.

Understanding Medical Care and Privacy Laws at UHS
UHS does not provide emergency care. For that reason, advance directives or Medical Power of Attorney are not kept on file at UHS or any other UT Austin office.
Federal privacy laws prohibit healthcare facilities, including UHS, from disclosing a patient’s (student’s) medical information to any individual, organization or facility unless the student provides written permission. This includes campus departments, faculty, staff and even parents/families.
Please do not ask your Longhorn to sign a blanket release to make their records available to you but allow them to be the governor of who has access to their records. Students can be hesitant to seek medical care as early as they should, or at all, for some types of concerns if others have access to their records. Learn more here.
Chances are...
You have managed most of your student's healthcare needs from scheduling appointments and filling prescriptions to completing health history documents. One of the best ways you can continue caring for your student's health and well-being is to give your student the wheel and let them drive. 

Find a checklist here to help organize health-related "to-do's" before your student comes to campus.
Charges, Payment and Insurance
A student's financial responsibility for most office visits is only $10. Additional charges apply for all medications administered, supplies used, procedures performed and tests ordered or conducted at UHS visits. UHS is available for both insured and uninsured students and accepts most insurance plans, working to keep costs as low as possible. Students are responsible for knowing whether UHS accepts their insurance.
Discounted rates are available for many medical services for students who are uninsured, underinsured or covered by Medicaid. Find more insurance and charges information here.
Creating Safe Patient Environments
24-hour Nurse Advice Line
(512) 475-6877 (NURS)
Longhorns can talk to a nurse in real-time when they are ill or injured to determine whether/when they need medical care. Nurses also provide self-care advice, when appropriate.

COVID-19 Longhorn Resources
No one can predict exactly what’s around the corner where COVID-19 is concerned. However, the university has demonstrated the capacity to respond quickly, and will continue to do so, with your Longhorn’s health and safety in mind.

Stay updated on UT’s COVID-19 prevention, testing for those with and without COVID-like symptoms, vaccine availability, positive COVID tests and academic and operational guidelines at Protect Texas Together and at the UHS COVID-19 Information.
Protect Texas Together
COVID-19 Campus Response
Protect Texas Together is a comprehensive website with information on the university’s current COVID-19 response. The site provides information about campus operations and academics, including a section for students and families. The Health and Wellness section provides information about on-campus testing, vaccine distribution, campus mental health and medical care resources and educational resources to help reduce the spread of the illness. Learn more at
Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)
SSD works with students with disabilities (including medical and mental health conditions) to ensure they have equal access to academics and other aspects of campus life at UT. SSD staff are working remotely but students can still submit documentation and schedule virtual intake appointments to set up academic accommodations or utilize virtual Drop In hours to ask questions or learn more about SSD services. 

While there is no deadline to set up accommodations, students often feel more prepared to start the semester when they complete their intake appointment during the summer. Students and parents can also learn more by visiting the SSD website here.
Academic Blue Health Insurance
If your student is uninsured or wants to be sure that they have the best coverage for the cost, consider exploring an optional, affordable student health insurance plan sponsored by The University of Texas System, AcademicBlue.

The plan is offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and pays 100% for all covered services at UHS. It includes in- and out-of-network benefits for off-campus providers and facilities, for which deductibles, co-pays, and/or coinsurance may apply. Thursday, September 16 is the enrollment deadline for 2021 fall coverage. Find more information here.
Forty Acres Pharmacy
If your student takes prescription medications on a regular basis, plan ahead for how refills and renewals will be handled. 

Pharmacies around campus
UT's Forty Acres Pharmacy is conveniently located on campus in the Student Services Building (SSB) and also has a free app for convenient and quick refills. Almost all prescription drug insurance plans are accepted and students can use cash, checks, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Bevo Pay at checkout. In addition to prescriptions, Forty Acres Pharmacy carries a wide selection of food, drinks and personal care products. Learn more here
Students can transfer prescriptions to the Forty Acres Pharmacy by going to and clicking the orange "New Patient/Transfer a Prescription" button, or by calling the pharmacy at 512-471-1824.

There are other pharmacies near campus that you can find by an internet search. Please note, the CVS located on "the Drag" (Guadalupe Street), across from the Texas Union, does not offer pharmacy services but the Target at 21st and the Drag does have a CVS pharmacy.
Out-of-State Parents, Take Note:
If your student takes a Schedule II controlled substance for ADD/ADHD or another health condition, please be aware that most pharmacies in Texas require prescriptions for these medications be issued from a healthcare provider who is licensed to practice in the State of Texas. However, the Forty Acres Pharmacy may be able to assist you. Please call the pharmacy, 512-471-1824, to discuss. 

Physicians at UHS do not prescribe medication for ADD/ADHD, even if your student's healthcare provider has been writing prescriptions for these conditions. Find information here about medication and psychiatric services available at the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC).
Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)
In fall 2021, services will be provided in person and via telehealth, depending upon the circumstances. The following services, except for psychiatric visits, are provided at no charge to students:
  • Group counseling 
  • Wellness workshops
  • Assessment and referral services
  • Short-term individual counseling
  • Case management
  • Psychiatric services ($10 charge per visit)
Hours of Operation
8 a.m.-5 p.m. Weekdays
24/7 CMHC Crisis Line, 512-471-2255 (CALL)
This service is available to enrolled students so they can talk at any time with counselors trained in responding to crises or urgent situations.
Students in crisis can also call or come to the CMHC (Student Services Building, (SSB), 5th floor) during operating hours and let staff know that they need to talk with somebody “right now.
Transitioning and Continuity of Care
Ensuring your student is adequately supported and has a plan to meet their mental health needs creates a solid foundation for your student to build upon. 
If your student has a history of mental or emotional health concerns such as depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, substance abuse or dependence, etc., or if they are currently receiving counseling or psychiatric care, encourage them to call 512-471-3515 and press option 3 before coming to Austin. During the call, a Brief Assessment and Referral Team (BART) counselor will help determine the best course of action for their needs, which might include recommendations for establishing a relationship with an off-campus therapist or psychiatrist, if appropriate.
For continuity of care, encourage your student to confirm whether their current therapist and/or prescribing healthcare provider can continue to provide sessions and /or prescribe from home or via telehealth, so that your student can maintain that established relationship. 
If your student takes ADHD medication, please read the important information here and plan well in advance for managing their medication. 
The Center for Students in Recovery (CSR)
CSR provides a safe space and supportive community for students in recovery or seeking recovery from addiction. Participation at the Center is completely voluntary and there is no barrier to entry. Students at any stage of recovery and at any point in their academic journeys are welcome. Students are welcome to hang out at CSR during our open hours, come to a support group meeting, attend a sober social event, or just get in the loop about volunteer opportunities and upcoming activities. Recovery works and can be part of a genuine college experience. Find more information here.
Longhorn Wellness Center (LWC)
The LWC addresses priority health issues and creates a culture of well-being on campus through an evidence-informed approach, speaking to students where they are. LWC engages students through peer education, health education, social marketing, social norms initiatives, environmental change strategies and strategic campus partnerships. LWC works to reduce substance misuse, enhance mental health to prevent suicide, promote physical activity, increase positive body image, encourage bystander intervention and more.
SHIFT is a UT initiative with the goal of changing the college campus culture around substance use by reducing the negative consequences related to substance misuse and increasing overall student well-being. SHIFT nurtures a culture of care to support an environment that allows all students to thrive. Initiatives range from working with faculty and student leaders to leveraging partnerships on and off campus facilitating a different conversation about substance use and the college experience. Learn more here.
Understanding the University
How UT Communicates with Your Student
For the majority of business messages, the University will communicate to your student by email. Remind your student:
  • to read all correspondence coming from UT to avoid missing important information or deadlines
  • UT does not send the same emails to you; so you can't "catch" something if they miss it
  • undeliverable messages returned because of a full inbox or use of spam filter will still be considered delivered by UT
  • to make sure that their email address on record is valid by following the instructions below

How Student Can Verify Their Addresses
Encourage your student to go here to review their personal information. Only your student can do this as it will require both their UT EID and private password to make any updates.

While checking this off their to-do list, also encourage your student to check their email address is typed in correctly and that filters on their email account are set up to receive UT emails. If emails bounce or are sent to junk/spam folders, the university considers correspondence sent and accessing it to be the student's responsibility.
New Student Services (NSS)
Orientation Advisor Q&A
Fridays in June and July, 4 p.m. (CT)
Encourage your student to join the Orientation Advisor (OAs) Q&A Facebook Watch Parties. Each week OAs will address different topics, like getting involved, general fears and worries, and balancing schedules. Students can access the Watch Party via the Official UT Austin 2025 Facebook group. Parents and families can check out the videos the next day on UT Orientation YouTube.
August Orientation
Tuesday-Wednesday, August 17-18- transfer students
Wednesday-Friday, August 18-20 - freshmen
Orientation is mandatory for all incoming students. Students unable to participate in a June or July session must sign up for August Orientation which will be held 100% virtually. Registration opens Wednesday, July 21. Students will interact with their colleges, academic advisor, orientation advisors (OAs) and register for classes. In July, NSS will send a reminder email to eligible students.
Longhorn Welcome
Friday - Saturday, August 20-28
Longhorn Welcome is a Texas-size welcome to the Forty Acres for incoming students and features signature events as well as dozens of events hosted by campus partners. Learn more here.
Need-to-Knows & Updates
Tuition Billing Information & Due Dates
Information on Tuition and billing will be detailed in the July 9 issue of Next Steps.
The Big Ticket: The Student ticket option
For $175, UT students can purchase the Big Ticket and get access to all regular season Texas Athletics ticketed events including Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, and Texas Relays. The priority deadline for students to get the Big Ticket and have access to the AT&T Red River Showdown game versus Oklahoma is Friday, July 23. Your student should have received an email on June 7 to the email address on file with the University with more information including their unique customer number and pin to access the Texas Athletics system. Learn more here.
Ticket Options for Parents and Families
If you are interested in football season tickets, season ticket deposits are on sale now for $199 per seat. This guarantees your spot in line to select seats after current season ticket holders and your deposit is applied to the total cost of your season tickets. If you purchase TODAY, you get to participate in the seat selection and parking process. Learn more here. If you are looking for access to fewer games than season tickets, be sure to sign up for a Texas Parents Four-Year or Transfer Supporting membership as one of your benefits is pre-sale windows to mini plans and single game tickets prior to the general public. You can sign up for membership here.
On-Campus Housing Room Assignments
Students with contracts have received their room selection date and time via email from UHD. Prior to room selection, students are encouraged to review the information about each residence hall, floor plans and published rates on the room selection page in the housing portal. Room assignments are made in housing application date order. Students who submitted their application early are more likely to receive their top preferences, please note students who applied for housing after April 25 will be assigned a room based on the availability of preferences they indicated.

Students wanting to make a change after their initial room selection can access UHD's room change page until noon on Thursday, June 17.  The page will reopen Monday, June 21 - Saturday, July 31
Longhorn TIES
Longhorn TIES was created in 2019 to provide individualized support services to UT students who identify as being on the autism spectrum and/or neurodiverse by focusing on Transition, Inclusion, Empowerment and Success. Learn more here.
What's Next
Next Steps Issue #4 | July 9

  • Mooov-In 2021
  • Housing and Dining Information
  • Tuition Billing Notices and Due Dates
  • Parking and Transportation Details and more!
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