Issue 4 of 6
July 10, 2020
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Dear Longhorn Families,

The content in this fourth of six issues of Next Steps continues our focus on introducing you to information that will help your family with a successful transition from high school to college. While you'll find a variety of information, this issue has a strong focus on Health and Well-being.

Our department is here to help all UT parents and families; please let us know how we can help you help your Longhorn!


Susie Smith
Texas Parents Director
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In This Issue
  • Student Scholarship Drawing
  • Health & Wellness
  • UT Communication Protocol
  • University Housing & Dining (UHD)
  • Need-to-Knows & Updates
  • Sorority & Fraternity Life in the Office of the Dean of Students
  • Texas Global Update for International Families
  • New Student Services (NSS)
  • Sanger Learning Center (SLC)
Additional Resources
  • with dedicated pages for "incoming freshman" & "transfer" parents and families

Longhorn Traditions
In our monthly Texas Parents Association eNewsletter, members learn tidbits every Longhorn should know. We're sharing a couple of the "big ones" with you in Next Steps. 

This month, learn how Bevo became UT Austin's mascot and how he was given his famous name here.  Thanks to Jim Nicar for all the great Longhorn lore! 
A dvice for New UT Austin Students
Jim Nicar, of the  UT History Corner , shares spot-on insights for incoming students. He has spent many years on campus both as a student and as a professional interacting with students. See below and pass along to your Longhorn! 

Imagine your [student's] upcoming college experience as something packed into a great, mysterious box - wrapped in burnt orange paper, of course - ready to be opened and explored... read more here .
Online Family Orientation
All phases of Online Family Orientation content are now LIVE!

There is still time to register for the complimentary Online Family Orientation by going here . You'll hear from campus leadership, academic advisors, staff, faculty, parent volunteers and current students through a variety of pre-recorded presentations. The program gives you complete flexibility of when, where and how often you view the presentations, all designed to help you help your student.

If you have already registered for Online Family Orientation, we encourage you to continue to view the presentations and download any additional resources you need. As a reminder, Online Family Orientation content will be available until Friday, August 14 .
Student Scholarships Drawing
Texas Parents Scholarships Drawing
Friday, August 7
Pre-recorded virtual event, emailed at 6 p.m CDT

During traditional on-campus summer orientation, Texas Parent holds a scholarship drawing at the end of each weekly orientation session. Although orientation is online this year, we will continue this tradition in a virtual format! 

Once again, we will award fourteen incoming students $500 scholarships thanks to the generosity of long-time partner, UFCU.

Here's how it works:
All registered families of 2020 Online Family Orientation are eligible to participate. There are two methods to enter the scholarships drawing:

  • As an automatic step in the process of signing up as a Texas Parents Association Four-Year (expiring 8/31/24) or Transfer (expiring 8/31/2023) supporting member here.
  • By submitting an original handwritten 3" x 5" card using USPS mail postmarked no later than Friday, July 31. Rules, including how to correctly send in a postcard entry, can be found here.

But wait! There's more!
Adding to the fun, UFCU will join us during the drawing to award seven incoming students $100 virtual gift cards to the University Co-op. All families registered for 2020 Online Family Orientation by Friday, July 31 will automatically be included in the drawing.
University Federal Credit Union (UFCU)

Congratulations to Rachel S. from Katy, TX for winning $1,000 in the UFCU Cash for College sweepstakes; that's money in the bank!

Your student could win $1,000 too by opening a UFCU Free Checking account. Four more drawings remain. Check out details here .

Longhorn’s have chosen UFCU for over 84 years and UFCU stands ready to support your student on campus and beyond .
University Health Services (UHS)
UHS is the fully-accredited, primary care clinic for students located on campus in the Student Services Building (SSB), All enrolled UT students are eligible to use UHS without having to sign up or subscribe. Learn about UHS staff, hours of operation, service descriptions, how to schedule appointments and more here.
COVID-19 Testing at UHS

UHS can provide COVID-19 testing (nasal swab) to determine whether a person is currently infected with the virus. UHS can also provide COVID-19 antibody testing (blood test) to help determine if a person has already been infected with COVID-19. UHS does NOT have the capacity to perform “rapid” or “point of care” testing for COVID-19. Learn more here .
Completing Medical History Paperwork with Your Longhorn
For most families, it's the parent/guardian who's been the one to complete medical history forms. Before coming to campus, sit down with your student and guide them in filling out the online health history and insurance information forms on their own (directions on your checklist below). Completing these forms is required before students check in for their first UHS appointment. It is A LOT easier to help your student do this now rather than when you are home and your student is in the UHS waiting room not feeling well.

Transferring Care to UHS
Physical therapy
  • The physician who ordered your student's physical therapy services can fax a referral to 512-232-7918. Learn more here.
Allergy Shots
  • Students can continue receiving allergy shots at UHS. Find how to make arrangements to have your student's allergy extract and allergist's orders transferred here.
Medical Conditions Requiring Special Care or On-going Monitoring and Treatment
  • To ask whether UHS can manage your Longhorn’s chronic physical medical condition or temporary special treatment for an acute condition, click here. UHS staff will respond as soon as possible.

Understanding Medical Care and Privacy Laws at UHS
Federal privacy laws prohibit healthcare facilities, including UHS, from disclosing a patient’s (student’s) medical information to any individual, organization or facility  unless  the student provides written permission. This includes campus departments, faculty, staff and even parents/families. Learn more here .
Chances are...
You have managed most of your student's healthcare needs from scheduling appointments and filling prescriptions to completing health history documents. One of the best ways you can continue caring for your student's health and well-being is to give your student the wheel and let them drive.  

Find a checklist  here   to help organize health-related "to-do's" before your student comes to campus.
Charges, Payment and Insurance

A student's responsibility for most office visits is only $10. Additional charges apply for all medications administered, supplies used, procedures performed and tests ordered or conducted at UHS visits. 

UHS is available for both insured and uninsured students and accepts most insurance plans , working to keep costs as low as possible. Students are responsible for knowing whether or not UHS accepts their insurance.

Discounted rates are available for many medical services for students who are uninsured, underinsured or covered by Medicaid. Find more insurance and charges information  here .
Creating Safe Patient Environments
24-hour Nurse Advice Line
(512) 475-6877 (NURS)
Helps ill or injured Longhorns navigate caring for themselves on their own. Nurses offer guidance about whether and when students need medical care. They also provide self-care advice, when appropriate.

Telehealth Services
UHS continues to provide telehealth services as long as insurance carriers continue to reimburse for these appointments. For most types of appointments, UHS will schedule an in-person appointment only after a UHS provider determines through an initial telemedicine consultation that an in-person visit is necessary for evaluation and care.

I n-person appointments
UHS is committed to providing safe care for Longhorns who require more than telehealth, including:
  • Dedicated clinics to separate potentially infectious patients
  • Reconfigured waiting rooms for social distancing
  • Required face mask use by staff, patients and visitors
  • Easy accessibility to hand sanitizer
  • Plexiglass barriers between patients and check-in/check-out staff
Academic Blue Health Insurance
If your student is uninsured or wants to be sure that they have the best coverage for the cost, consider exploring an optional, affordable student health insurance plan sponsored by The University of Texas System, AcademicBlue.

The plan is offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and pays 100% for all covered services at UHS. It includes in- and out-of-network benefits for off-campus providers and facilities, for which deductibles, co-pays, and/or coinsurance may apply. September 16 is the enrollment deadline for 2020 fall coverage. Find more information here .
Forty Acres Pharmacy
If your student takes prescription medications on a regular basis, plan ahead for how refills and renewals will be handled. 

Pharmacies around campus
UT's Forty Acres Pharmacy is conveniently located on campus in the Student Services Building (SSB) and also has a  free app   for convenient and quick refills. Almost all prescription drug insurance plans are accepted and students can use cash, checks, credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Bevopay at checkout. In addition to prescriptions, Forty Acres Pharmacy carries a wide selection of food, drinks, and personal care products. Learn more here
Students can transfer prescriptions to the Forty Acres Pharmacy by going to   and clicking the orange "New Patient/Transfer a Prescription" button, or by calling the pharmacy at 512-471-1824.

There are other pharmacies near campus that you can find by an internet search.   Please note, the CVS located on "the Drag" (Guadalupe Street), across from the Texas Union, does  not  offer pharmacy services but the Target at 21st and the Drag does have a CVS pharmacy.
Out-of-State Parents, Take Note:
If your student takes medication for ADD/ADHD or other Schedule II medications, most pharmacies in Texas require presentation of an original, written prescription issued from a healthcare provider who is licensed to practice in the State of Texas. However, the Forty Acres Pharmac y  may be able to assist you. Please call the pharmacy at the number above to discuss.

Physicians at UHS do not prescribe medication for ADD/ADHD, even if your student's healthcare provider has been writing prescriptions for these conditions. Find information here about medication and psychiatric services available at the Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC).
Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC)
Telehealth Services
CMHC is currently providing mental health services via telehealth . Current students overwhelmingly indicated that being able to see the face of their counselor created a better environment for mental health services than receiving services in person with face coverings. In Fall 2020, all services below will be provided via telehealth . All of these services, except for psychiatric visits, are provided at no charge to students:

  • Group counseling (some groups and workshops will focus specifically on stressors caused by COVID-19)
  • Wellness workshops
  • Assessment and referral services
  • Short-term individual counseling
  •  Psychiatric services ($10 charge per visit)

Virtual Business Hours
This fall, CMHC will extend its virtual business hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., M - F, by offering some evening appointments to students. Students on campus or in the Austin area who do not have access to a private space are able to access offices in the CMHC for confidential telehealth appointments.

24/7 Crisis Line, 512-471-2255 (CALL)
CMHC provides this confidential resource for all enrolled students to receive crisis support. Learn more here . In rare instances, in-person intervention may be necessary. Clinicians will be on-site during regular business hours this fall to provide necessary in-person services while observing social distancing and cleaning guidelines. 

Transitioning and Continuity of Care
If your student will be coming to Austin this fall and has a history of mental or emotional health concerns such as depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, substance abuse or dependence, etc., or if your student is currently receiving counseling or psychiatric care, encourage your student to call
512- 471-3515 option 3,  before coming to Austin. During the call, a Brief Assessment and Referral Team counselor will help determine the best course of action for their needs, which might include recommendations for establishing a relationship with an off-campus therapist or psychiatrist, if appropriate.

For continuity of care, your student might want to consult his or her current doctor about whether they can continue to prescribe medication from home or via telehealth. If your student receives ongoing therapy, they might want to ask their therapist if they can continue therapy via telehealth, so they can maintain that relationship. 

Ensuring your student is adequately supported and has a plan to meet their mental health needs creates a solid foundation for your student to build upon. 
Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD)
Disability Access for Fall 2020
Students with disabilities have a right to equal access to education, regardless of the location or format of classes. Students and families should read through the announcement about  plans for Fall 2020  so they can begin making their own plans for the fall semester. There are still a number of decisions that are still being made so be sure to pay attention to additional updates and announcements.

Some specific items that may be relevant to students with disabilities include:.
  • Students can choose to take all their classes online without needing an individualized accommodation from SSD. Visit the Protect Texas Together or Texas One Stop for more information.
  • Students registered with SSD will be able to use their academic accommodations regardless of the format of their class (although the accommodations they may need to use might be different).
  • Masks will be required when on campus; students who plan to come to campus should obtain masks that will work best for their individual situation. Students who have disability-concerns about their ability to wear a mask on campus should contact SSD.
  • SSD staff will continue to work remotely for the time being. Students can still contact SSD by phone, 512-471-6259 or email,
The Center for Students in Recovery (CSR)
CSR is an on-campus, supportive community where students in recovery and in hope of recovery can achieve academic success while enjoying a genuine college experience free from alcohol and other drugs. CSR offers students an opportunity to get connected to fellow students in recovery from addiction. Participation is completely voluntary, and students at all stages of their academic or recovery journeys are welcome. CSR holds weekly peer support group meetings, sober social activities, and opportunities to give back. Find more information here .   
UT Communication Protocol
How UT Communicates with Your Student
For the majority of business messages,  the University will communicate to your student by email . Remind your student:
  • to read all correspondence coming from UT to avoid missing important information or deadlines
  • that UT does not send the same emails to you; so you can't "catch" something if they miss it
  • that undeliverable messages returned because of a full inbox or use of spam filter will still be considered delivered by UT
  • to make sure that their email address on record is valid by following the instructions below

How to Verify Student Addresses
Encourage your student to go here to review their personal information. Only your student can do this as it will require both their UT EID and private password to make any updates.

While checking this off their to-do list, also encourage your student to check their email address is typed in correctly and that filters on their email account are set up to receive UT emails. If emails bounce or are sent to junk/spam folders, the university considers correspondence sent and accessing it to be the student's responsibility.
University Housing & Dining (UHD)
On-Campus Housing Room Assignments
Students with contracts have received their room selection date and time via email from UHD. Room assignments are made in housing application date order. Students who submitted their application early are more likely to receive their top preferences. Prior to room selection, students are encouraged to review the information about each residence hall, floor plans and our published rates on the room selection page in the housing portal.
Mooov-In 2020
UHD has created this form to receive questions about the Mooov-In process by Tuesday, July 21 . Then, starting Monday, August 3 UHD staff will post answers to the frequently asked questions on their social media accounts. Make sure you follow UHD on social media so you don’t miss any information:

Twitter: @ UTexasDining and @ UTHousing

In the July 24 issue of Next Steps, UHD will share more information about Mooov-In including what the day will be like, what to bring to campus and more.

Please monitor the Mooov-In website here for updates to this year’s process.
Need-to-Knows and Updates
Texas One Stop
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas One Stop staff is currently operating remotely subjecting mailed payments to higher processing times. It is highly encouraged that students make payments via an electronic method such as eCheck. If you have questions regarding tuition payment methods, go here.

Tuition Billing Information & Due Dates
Will be detailed in the July 24 Next Steps
Textbook Rental Update
Due to COVID-19 and the high-touch nature of textbook rentals, the University Co-Op will NOT offer rented textbooks for the
Fall 2020 semester for your student's and Co-op staff's safety.

UT24 Resource Page
Incoming freshman will find information on course materials, a live Q+A session and a chance to win free textbooks for a semester. New content is added weekly! Learn more here .
Thursday, August 13 OR Saturday, August 15
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. CDT

While a physical Camp Texas in the Hill Country isn't in the cards for this year, Texas Exes, The University of Texas at Austin's Alumni Association, is excited to offer the newest Longhorns the next best thing: Camp Texas Connections!

Camp Texas Connections is a free, online event for both incoming freshman and transfer students led and run by student counselors. This experience has been designed to help your student navigate from uncertainty and unknowns to connections and a clear plan for how to succeed at UT. A great line-up is planned with Counselor Panels, Mentorship and Counselor Connections as well as Professor Previews.

Learn more here .
Sorority & Fraternity Life
in the Office of the Dean of Students
University Panhellenic Council Formal Recruitment
Monday-Monday, August 17-24
Online registration closes Sunday, August 2 (late registration available thru August 9 with an increased fee)
The University Panhellenic Council is excited to welcome new members into their organizations this August through their formal recruitment process. Though current circumstances will require recruitment to look different than it has in the past, the goal remains to facilitate students in joining a Panhellenic organization that best fits their values and will enhance their collegiate experience through the transformative power of sorority membership. Learn more here , including a note for PACE students.

Interfraternity Council (IFC) Recruitment
IFC recruitment processes differ from those of the Panhellenic Council. Students interested in recruitment are encouraged to sign up as early as possible. The university has been made aware of non-affiliated groups posing as fraternities, however these are not registered student organizations and are not recognized by the university. Students should use caution interacting with such groups . Learn more here .

If Your Student Has Not Yet Attended Online Freshman Orientation
Remind your student about the Organization Fair Day 1 or 2 from 3-4 p.m. (CDT) as an opportunity to connect with Sorority and Fraternity councils as well as the Discover UT presentation on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. (CDT) to learn more about the Sorority and Fraternity Life community

The Sorority and Fraternity Life staff are working remotely Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. (CDT). Contact via email:
Texas Global Update for International Families
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released a message on Monday, July 6 that impacts all international students at UT Austin and across the nation. As a leading global university, UT takes pride in valuing and embracing the cultural and linguistic diversity of our community and is committed to serving and supporting our international students, faculty and staff.

Read the full statement from Dr. Sonia Feigenbaum , Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement, and also find resources for international students here.

International Student Advisor Panel
Wednesday, July 15, at 8 a.m. CDT 
Thursday, July 16, at 7p.m. CDT
Incoming international students are invited to attend a virtual panel with international student advisors to ask questions about immigration and the upcoming semester. Learn more here . Students can submit questions ahead of time or ask during the session.  RSVP required.
New Student Services (NSS)
Orientation Advisor Q&As
Great advice about being a Longhorn from current Longhorns. Encourage yours to watch this high energy conversation with Orientation Advisors (OAs).
Transfer Advice Video
Reaffirming messages and shared experiences for your transfer student from fellow UT transfer students. Includes tips to get involved. 
August Orientation 
Orientation is mandatory for all incoming first-year and transfer students. Students unable to participate in a June or July session must sign up for online August Orientation. Registration opens on Thursday, July 23, and closes on Friday, August 7. Students will interact with their colleges, academic advisor, orientation advisors (OAs) and register for classes. In late July, New Student Services  will send a reminder email to eligible students. 

Longhorn Welcome
Thursday-Friday, August 20-28
Longhorn Welcome is the official Forty Acre welcome for incoming first-year and transfer students. Most events will be virtual with details posted here in early August for your student to check out!
Off-Campus Living
If your student plans to live off-campus, NSS has created an Off-Campus Living Resources website with tips on neighborhood information, rental agreements and other off-campus resources. Learn more here .

Longhorn TIES
This program provides individualized support services to UT students who identity as being on the autism spectrum by focusing on T ransition, I nclusion, E mpowerment and S uccess. To learn how your student can connect with this initiative, go here .
Sanger Learning Center (SLC)
Online Doesn’t Mean Out of Touch
SLC is offering free and personalized online support for students during their first year at UT. Encourage your Longhorn to sign up for SLC one-on-one services to get ahead during their fall semester:

Learning Specialist Appointments
Students can meet with a professional staff member to talk about time management, study effectiveness, motivation, and more. Staff share research-based strategies to help your student meet their academic goals.

Peer Academic Coaching
Partners students with a trained peer in a similar college or major. They meet on a regular basis throughout the semester exploring research-based methods to help with managing time, preparing for exams, increasing concentration, and more.

Tutoring Appointments
Students can schedule unlimited, free one-hour appointments with a trained peer tutor in over 70 UT courses.

Public Speaking Consultations
Students can prepare and rehearse with a trained peer speech consultant for any speaking event or assignment. Consultants provide feedback from the audience perspective on oral and nonverbal communication, content organization, and visual aids. One-hour consultations available to individuals or teams.

Learn more about the Sanger Learning Center here.
What's Next
The fifth of six Next Steps issues will be sent on Friday, July 24 and will cover the following topics and more:

  • Mooov-In 2020
  • What to Bring to Campus
  • Tuition Billing Notices and Due Dates
  • Longhorn Connections, a resource that brings UT Austin students together
  • Resources in the Division of Student Affairs and much more
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