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Congratulations to Our Runners!
Congrats and Thanks to our OC Half-Marathon Runners!
             Samantha Thomas          Amy Willock-Nickenig           Rachel Jamora                
Getting ready for Cleveland!
TeamQuest is excited about being in Cleveland on May 21, 2017, 
why shouldn't you?

Plan a trip to Cleveland for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, boating on Lake Erie, entertainment at Playhouse Square and more!
Double Donations with Matching Gifts!
Use corporate matching gifts to get your to your goal! 
Hundreds of companies will match an employee's donation to TeamQuest.

1. Review your list of donors on your TQ Personal Page.
2.  Note any donors that work for large private companies  and remind them to contact their HR department and process a matching gift!  They usually only need email confirmation of the donation.

If you need help with Matching gifts please contact teamquest@dyslexiaida.org and don't forget to thank your donors!

Fundraising Incentive of the Week!
Congratulations to last week's winners of $100!

Richard Bradford raised $800
Sammy Thomas raised $450
and Mark Koenen raised $400

Get an extra $150 this week!

Starting Tuesday May 9th @ 9 PM EDT and ending Monday May 15th @ 9 PM EDT...

Copy Tricia (tsturm@dyslexiaida.org) on 20 emails and receive a $50 bonus! 
The two participants that receive the most donations wins a $100 bonus!

Our Next 3 Events Are Here!

on December 3rd, 2017!

on January 14th, 2018!

on March 4th, 2018!
Thanks to our sponsors!





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