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 March 2023 

Transit Driver Appreciation Day

On March 20, SamTrans hosted a breakfast and lunch event for Transit Driver Appreciation Day. The agency hosts this annual event to acknowledge all the contributions transit drivers make everyday. SamTrans bus operators are often the first to interact with the community on a daily basis and their work to connect with riders doesn't go unnoticed. Operators endure traffic, weather, and other challenges to serve the community and we wanted to take this opportunity to recognize our valued employees.

Women's History Month

The San Mateo County Transit District Board of Directors passed a resolution recognizing the month of March as Women's History Month. The leadership and contributions of women, including those that serve our Board of Directors and within the transit district, serves as an example of community and civic engagement for girls and women in San Mateo County. Women have been leaders not only in securing their own rights of suffrage and equal opportunity, but also in the abolitionist movement, the emancipation movement, the industrial labor movement, and the civil rights movement, which create a more fair and just society for all.

Lunar New Year Event

SamTrans participated in the Lunar New Year Celebration in Redwood City on February 11. Staff tabled a booth at the event, and families were able to take photos in front of the newly wrapped Year of the Rabbit bus.

Bus Recruitment Event

SamTrans hosted a "Superhero Recruitment Event" on January 31 to inform and incentivize current employees to spread the word that the agency is hiring bus operators. Future bus operators will receive paid training, competitive wages and great benefits. The event featured lunch and photo opportunities in front of the newly wrapped bus that will make trips around San Mateo County throughout the year.

Runbook 141

On February 5, SamTrans adjusted several local and school route schedules to improve the consistency of buses arriving on-time for riders. The service changes help streamline the bus network’s operations and improve the rider experience. SamTrans adjusts its scheduling and service operations four times a year to take into account changing traffic impacts, travel patterns, and bus operator availability. The adjustments help improve on-time performance standards and make the bus system run more smoothly. SamTrans continues to focus on reliability and efficiency for riders in the county to get to and from their destinations safely.

BSIP Survey

SamTrans launched the Bus Stop Improvement Plan (BSIP) and will host a virtual community meeting this April to get input on bus stops from riders. SamTrans will also have an online survey for riders which will be open from March 20 through April 30. The survey asks riders to share their experiences using SamTrans bus stops and rank a variety of amenities, such as seating, shelter, real-time bus arrival information, and trash cans. The survey results will help SamTrans create bus stop design guidelines and develop a list of improvements to make in coordination with cities throughout the county.

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