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 January 2023 

End of Year Report

SamTrans has published a webpage detailing the accomplishments over the course of 2022. The past year has been a time of growth, development, and vast accomplishments for SamTrans, including selecting April Chan as the new GM/CEO, who is the first female to lead the agency in its history, to having robust ridership recovery since the pandemic. SamTrans will drive into 2023 to meet the needs of the peninsula and its riders.

El Camino Real Bus Speed and Reliability Study

The San Mateo County Transit District Board of Directors approved the El Camino Real Bus Speed and Reliability Study. The ECR Study analyzed the impact of traffic congestion on bus service on El Camino Real and identified recommended improvements to help achieve faster and more reliable bus service. Route ECR is the backbone of the SamTrans bus network, serving a quarter of the agency’s riders along its 25-mile run through 13 cities. Some of the recommended improvements include bus stop balancing and relocation, bus bulbs, queue jumps and bus-only lanes. 

SamTrans Holiday Bus

Once again, SamTrans participated in the Annual Hometown Holidays in Redwood City. Families and friends were treated to a holiday theme-wrapped SamTrans bus and our popular mini-bus.

Clipper BayPass

In October 2022, select affordable housing communities managed by MidPen Housing in San Mateo, started receiving free transit passes to use on any transit system in the Bay Area. The free passes assist socio-economic disadvantaged communities and students. SamTrans — in conjunction with other transit agencies participating in the Clipper fare payment system — is excited to take part in the program. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), in partnership with Bay Area transit agencies, launched the Clipper BayPass pilot program in Summer 2022 that has provided some 50,000 Bay Area residents free access to all bus, rail, and ferry services in the nine-county region. The MTC will provide funds to transit agencies to offset the revenue impacts of the Clipper BayPass pilot, which is expected to conclude at the end of 2024.

The San Mateo County Transit District Board of Directors recognized January as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Month during its board meeting on January 4. The District aims to raise awareness of, and opposition to, modern slavery and human trafficking. In 2018, the District supported AB 2034, which specified businesses and other establishments that operate intercity passenger rail, light rail or bus stations to provide employee training on how to both recognize the signs of human trafficking and report those signs to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

2020 Triple Crown Winner for Finance

The Government Officers Finance Association (GFOA) named the San Mateo County Transit District a 2020 Triple Crown winner. GFOA's Triple Crown designation recognizes governments who have received GFOA's Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting, Popular Annual Reporting Award and Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for a fiscal year. The District is one of just 317 governments that received this special designation for fiscal year 2020. The GFOA advances excellence in government finance by providing best practices, professional development, resources, and practical research for more than 22,500 members and the communities they serve.

 Board Member Changes

The San Mateo County Transit District Board of Directors would like to thank Carter Mau, for serving as interim GM/CEO of the District, and Charles Stone and Carole Groom for their service as board members. They have willfully and successfully accomplished their duties and contributed to the advancement of the bus agency.

The District would like to welcome Marie Chuang, Ray Mueller and David Canepa as the latest members on the Board of Directors. The new board members will continue a strong legacy of public service for the riders of San Mateo County.

Mahmoud Abunie, Editor


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