Greetings fellow parents!
Our 2019-2020 season is in full-swing with three thought-provoking events behind us. The StarVista Mental Health Panel provided instructive guidance to help us “navigate the tides of adolescence,” Paul Tough and Denise Pope tackled the anxiety-producing topic of the college landscape and those “years that matter most” and Lynn Lyons packed the house with parents eager for anxiety-reducing takeaways for ourselves and our children.

We are delighted so many of you have taken time out of your incredibly busy schedules to attend. We hope you have found these speakers to be engaging and inspiring, as well as instructive and calming.
Below we highlight our three upcoming events where we’ll tackle social media, tweens and teens media use, and the viability of achievement at any age. We hope you will join us!

Marcie Kay
Executive Director
Common Ground Speaker Series
Next Week!
A Documentary About the Impact of Social Media on Our Lives
Tues Oct 22, 7:00pm
Parents and students ages 10 and up are welcome to attend!

Common Ground Speaker Series enthusiastically presents our third screening of LIKE: A Documentary About the Impact of Social Media on Our Lives . The film will be followed by a moderated discussion .

Technology is a tool that is here to stay – when we understand its effects more realistically, we become motivated to learn how to navigate it more safely together. LIKE is an IndieFlix Original documentary that explores the impacts of technology and social media on the brain, on our lives, and on society.

We hope LIKE will inspire people of all ages, especially kids, to self regulate. It is not about blame. It is about looking in the mirror and empowering ourselves to create balance in our lives and to learn to support each other.
Watch the official trailer for LIKE!
November Events
Common Sense Media’s Newest Research


Mon Nov 4, 7:00 pm
Common Sense Media Logo
Common Sense Media’s parenting experts will share key findings from the comprehensive 2019 Common Sense Census on Tweens and Teens Media Use . This special evening will be full of critical revelations from the research study, including how mobile devices affect family relationships and routines, what kids are doing online, and the impact of screen habits on sleep. These experts will offer concrete strategies to help us reclaim control of screen-time and recapture face-to-face family time.
Michael Robb, PhD, senior director of research at Common Sense, has been involved in issues and research involving media and children for over 15 years. He will be joined by Sierra Filucci, a journalist with a special interest in media and families.

Common Sense Media  is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of kids and families by providing independent and trustworthy information on media and education.
Patience for Alternative Paths


Tues, Nov 12, 7:00 pm
Rich Karlgaard Headshot
According to Rich Karlgaard, there is nothing wrong with applauding or encouraging early success, although realistically, most of us do not explode out of the gate early in life. So why are late bloomers comparatively undervalued – in popular culture, by educators and employers, and even unwittingly by parents? Karlgaard encourages parents to relax and allow time for their children’s unique talents, passions, and gifts to develop. He explores how finding one’s way later in life can be an advantage to long-term achievement and happiness. 
Late bloomer Rich Karlgaard worked as a dishwasher and night-watchman before finding the inner motivation that ultimately led him to start a high-tech magazine and then become the publisher of  Forbes  magazine. He is joined in conversation with Mary Babbitt, a three-time Emmy Award-winning host and voice-acting talent with 25 years experience in broadcasting.
Event Admission
All Common Ground Speaker Series events are free of charge to the parents, faculty and staff of our member schools. Unless otherwise indicated, adults not affiliated with a member school may attend for a $20 fee at the door. Please register on Eventbrite for each event. Registration is optional and offered for attendees’ convenience to receive reminders and event updates. Also please plan for early arrival to ensure seating which will be first come, first served.

Directions and more information about Common Ground Speaker Series, including a list of our member schools , may be found on our website .
Takeaways from Lynn Lyons
Lynn Lyons Headshot
Lynn Lyons
Thank you to member schools Saint Andrew's Episcopal School and St. Matthew's Episcopal Day School for hosting our Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents events with Lynn Lyons.

We are pleased to share her handout of practical strategies for empowering children to confidently handle situations when worry and anxiety arise.
Other Community Events
Find additional parent education events throughout the community. Follow the links for details about event sponsors, attendance and registration (these events are not sponsored by Common Ground).

Oct 22, 6:30pm, Palo Alto

Oct 24, 11:30am - 1:30pm, Palo Alto, Athena Academy

Oct 29, 6:30pm, Palo Alto

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Menlo Park City School District Speaker Series :

A presentation by David Eagleman, Stanford neuroscientist, author, TV personality, and Oak Knoll parent.
Nov 5, 6:30pm, Menlo Park

The G Word is a feature documentary film about giftedness, intelligence and neurodiversity, directed and produced by Marc Smolowitz.
Parents and educators from Common Ground member schools can sign up here and use discount code GWORD33 to save 33% on tickets.
Oct 19, 2:00pm, Redwood City