Oct 24, 2017

My new kitties and I have been living in a paradise of freedom from fear since they were born two months ago. This was because they and their mom had the entire lower level of my home to eat and romp with no outside factors to disturb them--safe and secure with all needs met. Recently they became large enough to jump the barrier I had constructed to keep them in the one room and came bounding up the stairs to see what the rest of the world was like. They were running around the living room like crazy, back and forth, play fighting with each other and happy to discover a new environment of interesting places to explore. I have two older cats, Chloe and Tommy, 14 years old. This was the first time the little ones came in contact with my upstairs cats. Chloe was okay with the rambunctious youngsters but Tom hissed. It was the first time I saw fear in these baby felines and it was a realization that Eden doesn't last very long. I felt heartbroken that innocence is such a fleeting phase of development. Perhaps this is the stage of development we as a culture now live within: Living in fear and adapting.

In wellness,

Lynn LaFroth, editor

Six kitties born 8.26.17 are now available for adoption.
All litter trained and socialized. Three male, 3 female, all healthy and playful. 5 white, 1 grey.

Best practice is to take 2 siblings as rehoming will be less stressful since they've grown up in a big family.

Text or call 715.259.3385 or email wellness@centurytel.net
Just Sit Sala, new center, now open in Hastings, MN

Hastings, Minnesota has a new and unique amenity in town: the "Just Sit Sala." It is located at 1303 South Frontage Road, Suite 261 and is a place of Meditation and Contemplation. The Sala is a place where one can come for rejuvenation; a place to rest, relax, recuperate and learn if so desired.

Some of the available experiences are Meditation, Contemplation, Tai Chi, Karuna Yoga, and Somatic Assessment and Remediation. Classes and courses in Meditation and Contemplation will be offered. Practice Groups for Tai Chi and Karuna Yoga will be formed. Group Meditation Sessions will happen. Small travel groups to interesting locales are being considered. READ MORE>>
Why We Must Embrace The Unknown
By Dr. Nauman Naeem
In his fascinating book, Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease And Radically Change Your Life, Dr. Nauman Naeem discusses the nature of uncertainty and how we must embrace the unknown as a crucial step in our healing journey.

THE TRUE NATURE of life is uncertainty. Although we like to believe that we know where we are headed and what to expect in the seconds, minutes, hours, and days ahead, the truth is that the plans we make for our lives are only meant to distract our minds from the true nature of reality.
     Our minds need to be distracted from reality because reality is a concept that is too vast for the mind to comprehend, and that becomes the source of its fear. The truth is that the mind is too limited to wrap its understanding around the nature of existence. Its true strength lies in its ability to navigate the practical aspects of our daily lives in the physical plane. READ MORE>>
Featured Events
BodyLabUSA's Holistic Healing & Psychic Fairs  
Come explore everything spiritual and holistic. We have a variety of vendors offering readings, aura photos, energy healings, crystals, gemstones and much more. We will also have a Group Gallery event similar to Teresa Caputo, as well as FREE Lectures. $5 Entrance Fee. FREE gift bags to the first 25 people. We have something for everyone. FFI: www.BodyLabUSA.com or 715-520-1358
rose peterson
Nov 4: Spectrochrome Glass Filters + Color Therapy Roses
9:30-4. Wood Lake Nature Center, Richfield, MN. Tuition $40. Hosted by Rose Peterson, founder of Original Light Studio. The first half of the day is an in-depth review of spectrochrome therapy with a tonation demo. The second half will be devoted to the Holistic Color Therapy Roses. We will discuss their functions and background. They will be available for close up viewing. More information and registration on this link:  http://www.coloredlighttherapy.com/Seminar_2017.html
one holistic
Nov 4 & 5: Reiki level I and II
ONE Holistic Wellness, St. Cloud, MN. Come and discover the healer inside of YOU! Reiki is a hands off healing technique that encourages balance and alignment within the energy body, allowing us to maintain and regain higher levels of health and well-being. Contact Anne for information and registration, by Oct. 30. 320-250-9402.
Nov 10-13: The Weston A. Price Foundation's Wise Traditions Conference
Interested in improving your health through food, farming and the healing arts? America's premier nutrition conference offers: life-changing lectures, cutting-edge research, cooking classes, nutrient-dense meals, networking and camaraderie, quality vendors and a children's program. Topics include: hormone health, Alzheimer's, autism, migraines, eye health, diabetes, weight loss, nourishing traditional diets and food preparation, vaccines versus natural immunity, ovary, thyroid and adrenal health and baby care. Day, weekend and no-meal options. Room and ride-share, volunteer and scholarships. Discounts until Sept. 17. Registration: http://wisetraditions.org, registrar@ptfassociates.com, (540) 722-7104
Nov 11: Connecting With Your Spirit Guides At Minneapolis Holistic Expo
Keynote Speaker Jurema Silva. 1-2:30 pm. A must-see lecture from this well-known and highly respected psychic/medium and spiritual teacher. She will be sharing decades of expertise on how to use your intuitive gifts to connect, listen and receive messages from your Spirit Guides. Jurema will surprise everyone with revelations on who the Guides are, the purpose of their mission, and why they are so closely influencing all aspects of your life. Buy discount tickets>>
Nov 11-12: Minneapolis Holistic Expo
The crown jewel of the Edge Life Expos returns 10am-6pm Saturday, and 10am-5pm Sunday, Nov. 11-12, to Earle Brown Heritage Center, Brooklyn Center, MN. Christine Day, Jurema Silva, John DeSalvo, Chee Vu (Pa Li Chi) and Dave Schrader -- will delve into the vast changes taking place today and offer ways to smoothly navigate your life. 90+ Holistic Exhibitors. Free Workshops Daily with Expo Admission. To exhibit contact: dee@edgelife.net.
Tickets: http://edgelife.net/minneapolis-holistic-expo/tickets-speakers-mpls-expo/
Nov 18: Make Your Own Mala at Heart of the River Healing Center
Noon to 4 pm. Malas are strings of prayer beads. This class will give you some history and background on malas and allow you to make your own with semi-precious beads. This class will include intention setting, careful construction, and all materials for your mala. Register and pay BEFORE Nov 1 and get the class for only $90! Contact Claire Marie to pay early at: cmkenergy@gmail.com
OR go to www.cmkenergy.com for more details and to Register.
Dec 2-3: The Natural Healing Expo
A holistic event focused on sharing organic approaches to healing body, mind & spirit. This 2-day event is an emporium of gifts, products and information to support holistic life. Keynote Speakers Liz Potter and Robert Baca, and a Tibetan Healing Meditation with Frank DiCristina. Over 40 exhibitors including health and wellness providers, dozens of workshops, healers, shaman & psychics, specialty gift products, art, spirituality resources, and more. Dec 2-3 at the Best Western, 1111 Range St., North Mankato. For more details, visit www.matrixmediaexpo.com
Oct 28-29: Kundalini Awakening Seminar with Chrism
Kundalini, untapped resource of divinity, is our natural birthright and evolutionary process. Kundalini Awakening Systems, International teacher, Chrism, is leading a seminar  Oct 28, 29, Americinn Hotel, Mankato MN. Prior to seminar: Kundalini Gatherings (info about Kundalini, shared experiences, input from Chrism via Skype) being scheduled in Twin Cities and Mankato.  Chrism will be speaking the week before the seminar. Rosemary Golias,  rosemaryg@usinternet.com; Katie Galerno,  Katie@redred.com
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