On a perfect Saturday morning, 45 of us hiked Guana preserve. 

We had a great hike on Saturday - raising awareness and money for Save Guana Now. Please see  our beautiful photos of the hike,  and the route we took in case you'd like to hike it on your own. Special thanks to our guide Gary Coulliette for making the morning memorable, informative and fun. 

We've also scheduled an important meeting on Thursday, December 8 at 7:00 pm at the Palm Valley Community Center, 148 Canal Blvd . We'll be discussing updates, next steps, fundraising plans, and we want your input and ideas so we can Save Guana Now!
Please mark your calendars! This will be the first of our monthly meetings.

If you missed our hike, there will be more of them!  Also in the planning stage through Spring of 2017 will be:

A paddle tour of Guana Lake past the Outpost via kayak/canoe/SUP. (Rentals will be available if you don't have your own vessel or board). 

A bike ride on those Guana trails that allow bikes - and there are many! (Bike rentals will be available.)

A guided bird walk led by an expert on birds in GTMNERR. (BYOB - binoculars!)

A dog-walking hike of Guana with your favorite pooch on a leash. 

A photography hike of Guana led by a nature photographer who will give you tips on getting that amazing shot, whether a bird in flight or moss on a log.

If you can make all of our outings, then you'll have completed the Guana-thalon!   Stay tuned for details.

As always, an important reminder, if you haven't already done so....

We're anticipating a hearing in early 2017, and we need to fight hard to keep Guana as pristine as it is now - with no habitat destruction or contamination of the lake from 77 proposed homes at the Outpost.  Please spread the word to those who cherish the natural beauty of Guana and the wildlife it protects. 

We hope to see you at the meeting December 8 at 7:00!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  Nicole Crosby and Gary Coulliette
  Co-founders, Save Guana Now

"...it is some of the most beautiful real estate in northeast Florida, completely natural. Guana is exactly like it was two hundred years ago, heavily wooded with tremendous oaks, hickories, magnolias, and pines."

Herb Peyton (describing the 8,000-acre, heavily-wooded tract of Guana. Newboy, 1997.) 

View of shoreline of Outpost property, courtesy www.AerialPhotographyJacksonville.com