Celebrating National Retirement Security Week
It’s the perfect time to kick-start your retirement savings.
This month, we invite you to celebrate National Retirement Security Week by taking a moment to reflect on your retirement savings goals. The national event, which runs from October 20-26, 2019, was established to raise awareness of the importance of saving for retirement.
That’s why National Retirement Security Week is the perfect time to kick-start your retirement savings. The most important action you can take to build your savings is to start saving for your future—even a small amount can add up over time.
Take advantage of National Retirement Security Week by saving more in the YMCA Retirement Fund’s 403(b) Smart Account. Even if you only save 1% more of your salary, you will see incredible growth of your retirement savings. 
Save a small amount today to see big results in the future. The Fund’s  403(b) Smart Account  offers YMCA employees a great way to build their retirement savings.
·          It’s Easy : You can choose to save a dollar amount or percentage of your salary through payroll deduction.

·          It’s Safe : YMCA Retirement Fund account balances have never gone down since the Fund was established in 1922.
So, are you ready to save 1% more? It’s simple to start the process. Simply download the  403(b) Smart Account form , fill it out, and bring it to your human resources department.
National Retirement Security Week & New Video
For an overview of the Fund's benefits, watch the video using link below.