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Fitting Workshops, Using the Slide Chart, Velogicfit Software.
Last notice, last chance

To register for either the one day Level 1 or 2 day Level 2 bike fitting workshops being held in the USA between Philadelphia and Baltimore later this week.
These workshops don't happen very often, so grab the opportunity now if you are thinking about it and can attend.
Using the Slide Chart

The most important measurement that comes out of the Fit Kit System slide chart is the projected total bike length, being a combination of the effective top tube length and stem length.
When you are entering your customer's UBM (torso + arm) to get this output, take note if you are at the top or bottom of the number range.  If so, see what difference it makes if you were to drop down or go up one notch on the slide chart.  By how much does that affect the top tube / stem combination?  A couple of mm on input difference can make 10 - 20mm of difference to bike length, and you still have the modifying influence of the soft score to take into account.
As such, keep in mind the Fit Kit recommendations are guidelines not rules.  Don't hold tight to a number if it is not corroborated by your experience, observation, and the rider's input.
Fit Kit Systems is excited to bring to your attention, and recommend bike fitting software products from Velogicfit.

Velogicfit have two main offerings:
1. bike finder software that works from a customer's body or bike measurements - resulting in a calculated position and bikes that match that position (from brands that your store sells).
2. 3D Bike Fitting software to provide the highest level of technology for bike fitting in your store. The 3D system uses color recognition software to accurately measure a riders body angles and movement ie. knee tracking, hip and ankle movement. The 3D system also makes measuring the bike very quick and easy. Both the bike and rider initial and post fit positions are provided in a report which when linked in with the Advanced product will show alternative bikes to match that position.
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