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Weekly update — thru October 21, 2021

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"There never was anything useful or great, about which men have not differed.."

— Origen of Alexandria

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Diverse joys

Music is one of the most restorative forces in the world, and it's coming your way. LA Opera launched their production of Tannhäuser this week, and there are beautiful things to come from Jouyssance and Pacific Opera Project (stay tuned!). Start filling up your own ticket calendar now, as soon it will be difficult to choose...

This week, let's start with a little rebirth, an enduring tradition and some essential rethinking of how our community works.

It's getting good. (Make sure YOUR event is on the Lister calendar!)

Featured events

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A Concert of Renewal

Saturday in Westwood

Sunday in Altadena

Classic choral music, piano concerto and opera come together to restore the soul: Schubert, Beethoven and Mozart combine in two concerts featuring piano soloist Wendy Caldwell, with full orchestra.

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17th Annual Men's Evensong Invitational

Sunday, Oct 17 - 4pm

St. Luke's Church


Classical Episcopal service features music by Mendelssohn and the Preces and Responses by Kent Bennett Jones, presented in a beautiful stone church. Reception follows.

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Smashing Barriers in Opera

Tues, Oct 19 - 8pm

Fountain Theatre

Los Angeles

Metropolitan Opera commentator William Berger and opera singer Morris Robinson explore political and gender issues, not only in opera, but in the systemic marginalization of the arts in our country.

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New events are popping up regularly:

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