Nexus e-Newsletter - December 2019
Happy Holidays
Wishing all our alumni across the world a wonderful holiday season and a successful, fulfilling New Year. We look forward to bringing you news from around the Network in 2020 and helping you connect with new and old friends alike.
P&G Alumni Board Election Results
We will see the return of seven Alumni Network Board members and the arrival of two new Directors as votes in the 2019 election process were counted and ratified.

Returning Board members were Ida Abdalkhani, Fuad Abdullah, Lou Ann Eckert-Lynch, Paul Fox, Raman Seghal, Eric Vanderschueren and Jesper Wiegandt. The two new faces of the Board will be Lorena Alcalde and Luigi Matrone.
Lorena Alcalde
Lorena has more than 20 years of international Marketing and R&D experience in leading global businesses and organizations, including Procter & Gamble and General Mills - and in both corporate and consultancy experience. She was Co-chair of the successful 2019 Madrid P&G Alumni Global Conference. She is currently Executive Director for the International School of Central Switzerland. Lorena is fluent in English and Spanish, basic Portuguese and French.
Luigi Matrone
Luigi was a P&G brand manager until 2012. He is a serial entrepreneur and a P&G Alumni 40 under 40 recipient in 2017. He is a member of the Geneva chapter board, President of the Geneva chapter of Global Shaper and a leading member of Global Shapers in their Davos summit annual contingent. He is also a TedX and Singularity speaker.
Network Chairman, Ed Tazzia, commented: "I would like to congratulate our returning Board members and give a very warm welcome to Lorena and Luigi who will be outstanding additions to the global Board. I would like to thank everyone who sought election and hope they will continue to be engaged in the work of the Network. I would also like to thank Ingrid for her tireless work on behalf of the Network and wish her every success in the future."

Full details on the background of the full Board can be found here .

Only eight Board seats were initially open in the 2019 election cycle but after the close of the voting, current Board member Ingrid Zambrano unexpectedly announced she would have to step down due to other priorities allowing a ninth candidate from the voting to be elected to the Board.
The Benefits of a Roth 401(K)
Working in the San Francisco Bay Area, we often visit growing tech firms to advise employees on how to manage their money. While many of these professionals are brilliant at what they do, they quickly recognize that their substantial compensation packages can be quite complicated, and they welcome expert advice on a variety of financial topics.

We’re struck by how often certain questions come up. And here’s a good one:
“I don’t really get the difference between a Roth and non-Roth. Which type of 401(k) account is best to save for my retirement?”

Roth 401(k)s are relatively new in the tax-advantaged retirement savings realm. They were created in 2006, and not all employers that offer a traditional 401(k) provide a Roth option as well. Yet, if available, employees with a higher income have a better way to save for retirement and save taxes. Read the full story on  Aspiriant's fathom blog. 

As the Alumni Network’s wealth management partner, Aspiriant is also offering alums a free, one hour consultation – no strings, no sale pitch. If you are interested in this free financial consultation, please visit
2019 P&G Alumni Network Annual Report
The new year will soon be upon us and with it will come a unique moment in the history of the alumni network. For the first time in its near 20 year history, the Network will publish its first annual report containing news from the chapters around the world, messages from the alumni leadership as well as P&G CEO, David Taylor, and updates from the Foundation and financials. Look for the new report at in early February.
Chapter Upcoming Events
Geneva Chapter Annual Meeting
The Geneva Chapter will stage its annual meeting on February 6, 2020, starting at 6pm at the P&G Business Center, Route de Saint Georges 47, 1213 Petit Lancy. Guests must register at . Please note that registration closes on January 31st, 2020 at midnight Geneva time. Registration is compulsory as only named attendees will be able to access the site. The event is free of charge.
Together, Let’s Create Even More Opportunity!
As P&G Alumni, we share a common set of values. We are grateful for the training and mentoring we received and the opportunities afforded us having worked for P&G. P&G Alumni Foundation has helped tens of thousands of individuals around the world find jobs and start viable businesses by granting over $1.2 million to more than 55 nonprofits spanning 25+ countries worldwide.  Still, there is more to do.  
“Charities often create dependence, businesses empower people. 
Giving people work tells them they have something to contribute.” 
Henry Ho, P&G Alum & JoyCorps Grant Champion
We hope t hat at this time of giving, the P&G Alumni Foundation can count on your support.  Join our growing list of donors . Thank you for being part of this movement!
Your Alumni Foundation At Work
Growing Coffee and a Business
Goh taught himself and his fellow villagers to produce higher quality coffee through a micro-lot process and using locally grown fertilizer and insecticide. Partnering with JoyCorps, Goh developed a business plan, secured capital, and connected to the U.S. market. Today, Goh is growing his coffee business all while transforming his community with jobs!
Ruganehez: Taking the Nation to a Better Future
Grace witnessed her husband’s murder during the Genocide. Several years later, Augustin who had participated in the killing of Grace’s family sought her out and begged for forgiveness. Grace found it in her heart to forgive him and together they started the Ruganeheza cooperative which means “Taking the Nation to a Better Future”. It has grown from just 12 individuals into a 4,000 strong, vibrant community.
P&G Alums: Creating Opportunity
P&G Alumni are passionate about philanthropy around the world. These Alums are enabling others to help themselves and contribute toward jobs and financial independence.
Henry Ho
19-year with P&G in Product Supply & Sales / CBD
"While living in Asia, I developed a heart for the people, culture, challenges and opportunities there. Work gives dignity and the opportunity to transform families and entire communities.”

Betsy Stivers
20+ years with P&G in Manufacturing & Product Supply
“P&G taught me the importance of empowering different cultures through networking and training, measures and feedback.”

"Getting the Word Out" in the P&G Alumni Community
Special thanks to the Network's Chapters who partner with the P&G Alumni Foundation to share our message while highlighting the great work of our grant recipients. As you plan your next Chapter event, reach out to discuss how you can help amplify our impact (Marianne Iyer, Foundation ED @ , 443-540-7639).

A few highlights include. . .
UAE Chapter
Visionary under 40 winner, Aliyu Mohammed Ali joins fellow chapter members in Dubai after sharing the Foundation’s mission & how to get involved.
Italy Chapter
Grant Champion, Enrico D’Onofrio and Foundation Ambassador, Giorgia Nigri celebrated the Foundation & grant recipient Nuovi Orizzonti.
Be Part of the Movement
Great things are happening with the P&G Alumni Foundation! And there is no better time than right now to get involved! We are actively seeking Alumni ambassadors and volunteers to make an even greater impact in support of our mission. We NEED YOU to make it happen.
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