MEET THE BOYS:  Jefferson


Jefferson is our little giant. He is 10 years old and is the oldest boy at the Ranch. He is in the fifth grade and has been a good student. He's very obedient, cooperative and likes to be a good example for other children. His dream is to have a foundation to help street children when he grows up.
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Maritza is the teacher and aunt of the boys at the Ranch. She has done a great job in teaching and preparing the children to attend the local schools.

In addition to this, she has been a great blessing for the children by instilling values, teaching them about Jesus, loving them and spending quality time together.


In December, our little boys had the opportunity to go bowling twice; they went with a group from the New Tech Solutions Group and with their Sunday school classmates.



Our older boys attended the end of year activity organized by the Youth Ministry at Emanuel Baptist Church; there they received special recognition for being an example of good decision making, perseverance in the Lord and for moving forward despite difficulties.

Kelvin, Godson, Anthony, Maikel, Richard & Marvin

The little boys participated in the year end event at their Church.

We held our end of the year celebration at the Ranch; some family members, friends, volunteers and staff came to celebrate with us. Anthony and Angel prepared the food for this special occasion.


Please pray for:
  • Staff for the Ranch, to continue providing care for more children in need. 
  • That our boys will come to know Jesus as their best and faithful friend. 
  • Our country Venezuela, for peaceful solutions to the many problems we have here. For protection and provision for all the boys and staff.

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Jefry has been with us since November. He fit in right away as if he had always been a part of our family. Jefry is fourteen years old and currently in second grade. He is very bright and diligent, so we are confident that he will advance quickly in his studies. He enjoys playing soccer and is very athletic. He also is starting to learn guitar.

Jefry has truly been an amazing blessing to our whole family. He is always looking for ways to help and serve and is very respectful and obedient. We know that God has a special plan for Jefry.
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MEET THE STAFF:  Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel came to live at the La Baliza ranch when he was 14 years old. He was one of the first group of street kids that we took in here in the D.R. He arrived as a quiet and withdrawn young man who has now become a loving, proactive leader to the newest group of boys in the house. 

As one of our "tios" now and part of the staff, Angel is in charge of the boys certain days of the week, cooks for them, helps them with homework and loves to play whatever their favorite activity is at the time. It's been such a blessing to see one of our own boys grow into such a wonderful young man who loves God and has a heart to help other boys in need.

The boys with their new library books
We have thoroughly enjoyed our new school house this year! It's been so fun for the teachers to get creative with their classrooms, especially knowing that they won't have to be moving everything out at the end of the year! We are so grateful for the books and bibles that were donated to our school. They have really motivated the kids to read more!

The boys

New closet systems for the boys

We have been chipping away at getting the new house functional and cozy for a few of the older boys to move into. They love their new rooms and it's given us more space in the upper house to take in a few more boys. It's always so exciting to see our family growing!

Francis running for base

Sports has been a big part of the boys life  this last year. A group of the younger boys play baseball at a new baseball field right across the street from our ranch. They absolutely love it and baseball is about all they talk about now! Who knows, maybe you'll see one of them in the big leagues one day! 

The older boys play soccer with other kids from town. The coach has been good with the boys and it's fun for them to meet and play with other kids in the area.

The boys have also enjoyed a gardening class over the last few months with our daughter Rachel. They've prepped the dirt, planned out their own personal gardening space and decided what fruits/vegetables they each would like to grow.

At times they seem more excited about the abono (cow "poop") and the earthworms, being the boys they are, but this last week they were thrilled to see that their seeds had sprouted! They're becoming quite the gardeners!

  • For God's continued faithfulness to us, the boys and our staff.
  • For the amazingly generous people that give of their money and time to keep NDLL going.
  • For God's provision of staff and finances.
  • For God's incredible goodness!!

Prayer Requests:

  • Prayer for our oldest boy in the house, Francis, that as he just turned 18, that he would seek God's will in his life and future decisions regarding school and work.
  • Prayer for Anyelo as he graduates from high school this year and makes plans to go to college. That God would guide his steps.
  • Always prayer for patience, love and wisdom in our relationships with the boys.
  • Prayer for safe travels for the Hasletts as they travel between D.R., Venezuela and South Sudan.
  • Prayer that God would touch the hearts of His people and bring us house parents for the new house and the current one.

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Angelo is 12 years old. He has been with us at our Niños de la Luz home since November of 2017.

Angelo is a good listener and kind to all. He likes to play soccer and his favorite subject is math. One day he would like to become a doctor.
Please pray that he will continue to adjust well to life at our home and to follow God.

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MEET THE STAFF:   Augustino Soroba

Augustino is our National Director in South Sudan. Before Augustino joined Niños de la Luz, he served for many years with YWAM (Youth with a Mission). He worked at a base in Yei, Sudan, as an accountant, as well as helping out in other areas.  He is a gentle man of integrity and conviction, committed to serving the Lord with his heart and life.

Augustino's family


Here are some words from Augustino's heart.

"Since we began the work, I can really see how God is leading us to be a blessing in the lives of these boys.  We see God revealing a greater work, and see God changing the lives of the children, and we look forward to God doing more than what we have now seen. We need to be patient with these boys because they are already broken and wounded....our role is to guide them to God to change them, to guide them to what they are gifted in, so they become the people who God wants them to be...When these boys get out into the community they become agents of change."


Board of Directors

In March Jon spent several weeks in Uganda and South Sudan.  One of the highlights of this trip was meeting with the South Sudan board of directors.
Despite living in difficult circumstances themselves, they are diligently serving the Lord and reaching out to meet the needs of others.

The finished art pieces

Jon did an art project with the boys, making decorative cement pots. Bridging the language barrier was a bit of a challenge, but the final result was worth it!

Reading the letters the S. Sudan boys sent

The boys wrote letters and drew pictures to the boys in the D.R.  It was great seeing the D.R. boys be able to learn a little about their NDLL brothers.

The staff also did video interviews with the boys.  They shared about their favorite things, the classes they liked, what sports they enjoyed, and what some of their hopes and dreams are for the future.  We would love to see every boy in South Sudan connect with a sponsor to pray for them, write to them, and help provide for their needs.  If God puts this on your heart, please contact us using the link below.

Please pray for:
  • Wisdom for the Board of Directors as they make decisions concerning the ministry
  • Sponsors for each of the boys
  • A piece of land so we have room for more boys
  • A vehicle for the ministry
  • Peace in South Sudan
  • For God to help us move forward with the work we have started
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