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Amalia V. Betanzos



Amalia V. BetanzosIt is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Amalia V. Betanzos. She died in Spain, where she was cremated. Plans are being made to hold a memorial service for her in New York City. She was 83 years of age. Details to follow.


Upon her retirement, Congressman Jos� Serrano presented the following tribute to her on the floor of the US House of Representatives on October 26, 2005:


Tribute to

Ms. Amalia V. Betanzos


Mr. Speaker, it is with great pleasure that I rise today to pay tribute to a woman of great integrity and character. Ms. Amalia V. Betanzos has decided to retire from the Wildcat Service Corporation after 27 years of dedicated leadership. Tonight, she will be honored for her service in the city of New York.


Born and raised in the South Bronx, Amalia is a graduate of New York University and has extensive experience in the public and private not-for-profit sectors. She has served in a variety of positions in the administrations of several New York Mayors.


As Commissioner of the Youth Services Agency she helped to shape the destinies of more than half a million New York youth and gained a reputation for being an outstanding administrator with an untiring capacity to meet new challenges. As Executive Secretary to Mayor John Lindsay she was in charge of programs for the poor and the physically and mentally handicapped. As Commissioner of Relocation and Management services in the Housing and Development Administration, Amalia was directly in charge of coordinating relocation services to families in conjunction with the City's Urban Renewal programs and emergency housing.


 Amalia's extensive experience in city government provided her with the breadth of knowledge necessary to lead an organization such as Wildcat Service Corporation. Founded in 1972, Wildcat's mission is to bring the chronically unemployed, for example, ex-offenders, public assistance recipients, former alcohol and substance abusers, high school dropouts, youth involved with the criminal justice system and persons with limited English language proficiency, into the regular labor force, thus breaking their cycle of poverty, addiction and crime. Under Amalia's strong leadership Wildcat changed the lives of countless New Yorkers, providing them and their families with a new lease on life.


Mr. Speaker, it is rare to find individuals who are willing to dedicate their entire lives to uplifting others. Amalia V. Betanzos is indeed one of these special people. She has literally improved the lives of thousands of individuals. Her efforts to empower society's most vulnerable citizens will not only change their destinies but also the destinies of generations to come. Surely that is the mark of a great career.


For her unyielding service and untiring spirit, I ask my colleagues to join me in paying tribute to a dear friend, Ms. Amalia V. Betanzos.