This week we celebrate the independence of the United States of America. We celebrate not only our independence, but the founding principles of what makes this country unique - belief in our Almighty God.

We thank God for each one of you. Your courage, imagination and unbeatable determination to do the job at hand is what makes this country great. This same determination has also blessed Chosen Children Ministries.

As you hear the thunderous fireworks in the sky, millions of fellow Americans will be looking upward towards the heavens. Know that millions more in Nicaragua also look to the heavens asking God for peace.
We know that you share with us in our brokenness over the civil unrest in Nicaragua. This is a sad time as we imagine the suffering and hardships the Nicaraguan people are facing daily. We also want to thank you for your continued prayer, love and financial support. Our last mission team returned home on May 12th and no teams have been able to go since. At this point we have cancelled all June and July teams and continue to monitor the situation daily. This is one of the most critical times ever in the years of Chosen Children Ministries.

We need each one of you more than ever to pray and consider how you can help us continue to move the ministry forward in our absence. Although none of us can be there right now our staff come to campus each day, pray and ask for God’s protection and guidance as they head out to barrios in an effort to accomplish the work teams had been assigned. They are continuing with the spiritual and physical projects, VBS, door to door evangelism and Bible studies, they are building and getting stuck in the mud! All those things we remember and hold dear in our hearts. We want you to know that even though you can’t go right now you can continue to be an active part of all this through your prayers and financial support to CCM. This is what will enable us to keep all our staff in place until we can return to partner and serve alongside them again.

Thank you for all you do!

PS: Be on the lookout for emails, mail and social media outlets concerning upcoming fundraising events we plan for the fall of 2018 which will include Guillermo coming to speak in several states. For more information on how you can be involved please contact the office 864-599-0067

It is without a doubt the most challenging times we have encountered here at CCM. In the midst of all the unrest and uncertainty, God continues to give us new opportunities. We encountered a barrio called San Gabriel a few months ago. No water, plastic homes, rough terrain, no jobs, no church and most cannot read, but you'll find the sweetest people you will ever meet. God allowed us to drill a well and start discipleship under the shade of trees and brush arbor structures. This is how ministry starts for CCM in barrio communities. May God be Praised!

In the absence of teams this summer our Nicaragua staff are hard at work in barrio communities. They are building homes, drilling water wells, discipling youth and adults, conducting VBS and distributing food and more.

Everyday life in our barrio communities before the recent unrest was difficult. It's even worse now. What few jobs were available are now almost non-existent. Children and families are starving. We have begun purchasing thousands of pounds of beans, rice, oil, spices and more. Will you help today?

Very soon you will receive a personal invite to attend a CCM Nicaragua Family Reunion - A gathering of friends and family featuring National Director Guillermo Morales and other staff members! These will be held in multiple cities throughout the country. STAY TUNED for more info!
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