March 2020 Newsletter
‘Ike Loa
Aquaculture America 2020 took place in beautiful tropical Hawai'i this year, and Aquaneering was delighted to attend, as well as sponsor the Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop. Although short on days, the Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop was long on knowledge - ‘ike loa .

This year's Workshop featured talks by our contest winners: Hyuna Lee made some interesting points on "Zebrafish Husbandry in a Small Liberal Arts College" and Michelle Lavery enumerated on "Zebrafish Show Stable and Ranked Preferences for Different Environmental Enrichments."
The annual Outstanding Steward Award was awarded to Carole Wilson of University College London. This award recognizes individuals contributing to the husbandry community. Congratulations, Carole! And let's take this moment to welcome Rory Francis as the new president of the ZHA.

Pau Hana! As the first day of the Workshop drew to a close, Aquaneering was happy to host a beautiful sunset cruise for all participants of the Workshop. After a day of rain, guests were treated to baby blue skies and a golden sunset!
Claire Allen (l) and Carole Wilson receive the Presidential Appreciation Award and Outstanding Steward Award respectively from Rory Francis, Rory Francis, Founder of Danio Lab , President of ZHA
Dr. Mary Hagedorn of the Smithsonian Institute gives the keynote speech.
The second day of the Workshop was capped by an interesting and informative keynote speech given by Dr. Mary Hagedorn, a leading marine biologist and senior research scientist at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. She spoke on "Using Technology for Conservation: Zebrafish Embryos to Coral Larvae. "

Due to popular demand, a new feature was added to the Workshop this year: a group of basic husbandry sessions. Because each year people new to the field attend the Workshop, a balance of specialized talks with more general husbandry topics best serves the needs of attendees.
For the second year, Drs. David Scarfe and George Sanders worked hard to enable Veterinarian Continuing Education credits for the majority of the Workshop talks. The Zebrafish Husbandry Workshop itself also qualifies for AALAS CE credits.

Thank you to all of our speakers, attendees, and of course, the Zebrafish Husbandry Association! We hope to see you all next year in San Antonio!
Christine Lieggi of MSK/WCM/HSS speaks on "Management of Common Zebrafish Diseases"
Workshop Attendees
Sean Spagnoli of Oregon State University gives his talk, "A Study of Commercial Zebrafish Suppliers for Comparative Research Studies"
Must-Sea TV!
Not ready to swim into prime time? Guess again! Zebrafish research made its debut on the medical drama The Good Doctor on ABC. The series follows Shaun Murphy, a young autistic surgeon with savant syndrome in the surgical unit at a prestigious San Jose hospital. In Season 3 Episode 12 "Mutations", Dr. Murphy's patient suffers from lymphedema, but due to a genetic mutation, his body is not responding to medication. The medical team decides to use zebrafish to test different genetic mutations in order to figure out which medicine the patient will best respond to.
Aquaneering was thrilled to provide the zebrafish tanks for this episode. Although the science was massaged for the sake of entertainment, we hope that this exposure will garner continued support and respect for the importance of zebrafish in medical and genetic research.

And to our customers, we say:
Nice call on the zebrafish.
Product Spotlight: Aquaneering Zebrafish Tanks
You're asking yourself, where can I get some of those sweet tanks featured in The Good Doctor ? You're in luck - Aquaneering offers zebrafish tanks in six different sizes: 0.8-, 1.4-, 1.8-, 2.8-, 6.0-, and 9.5-liter. Constructed of durable polycarbonate, the tanks are specially designed to be self-cleaning. Each tank is equipped with slots for baffles, which aid in cleaning solids from the tank, and optional fry screens.
The M3 line of zebrafish tanks (0.8-, 1.8-, and 6.0-liter) offer labs the most flexibility in their tank configuration by allowing mix and match tank sizes, even with our standard sizes.
Need tanks for breeding? We have those, too. Our crossing tanks are designed to facilitate zebrafish breeding. All four components of the crossing tank are specially designed to assist spawning and keep the eggs safe.

Tanks are available to current and new Aquaneering aquatic housing customers. For more information, please visit our website or contact us .
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