August 2017
Seen in July
Media coverage about your organization's progress and success is essential to creating a climate where your business goals can be achieved.  This type of coverage confers third-party credibility and adds real value to your social media.  Here's just some of the good news about our clients that we helped place in July.

RI's Leader in Infrastructure In vestment
Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank

Executive Director and CEO Jeffrey Diehl (below) o f
I. I nfrastructure Bank, a quasi-state agency that invests in infra s tr u cture throughout the state, recently spoke with Providence Business News ab out its upcoming Rhode Island Infrastructure Summit. Th e Summit will bring together government, non-profit and privat e   sector experts to discuss ways to boost the state's infrastructure and further economic development here. Diehl goes into detail on the challenges, opportunities, and how clean energy and gre en infrastructure benefits the local economy.

Camp Yawgoog's 102nd Season
Narragansett Council, Boy Scouts of America

Camp Yawgoog opened its doors to Scouts for its 102nd season this summer. Scout Executive and CEO Tim McCandless joined Dan Yorke to announce the milestone and discuss the fun activities and lessons learned at camp.

The discussion also included common questions about Scouting, such as "How is Scouting different from organizations such as Little League?" Their conversation highlighted Scouting's role in teaching values and life lessons that help prepare a child for life.

Quonset's Railroad to Success
Quonset Development Corporation
With over 200 companies and 11,000 jobs, a key element of Quonset's success is the facility's ability to meet the modern logistics needs of the global businesses there. Through its Seaview Railroad, tenants and shippers have a convenient, cost-effective means of transporting goods not only within the park, but throughout North America. The railroad also provides Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Airshow guests with another option for tr avel to attend the annual event. This service has reduced the heavy traffic to the show by giving 4,200 riders a lift to the show this year.

HopeHealth Continues to Improve Lives
Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island

HopeHealth has been enhancing the quality of life fo r people experiencing serious illness and loss for more than 40 years, and now they will be increasing the number of people they care for. Recently the organization announced that they will be partnerin g with University Medicine, one of the largest medical groups in Rhode Island. As University Medicine's preferred providers for home care, palliative and hospice services, HopeHealth will ensure that patients have access to consistent, quality 24-hour care when they need it most.

Providence Business News: University Medicine partners with HopeHealth

The Fate of the White House Press Secretary 
New Harbor Group

Our own Da vid Preston joined WPRO's Steve Klamkin to discuss the end of Sean Spicer's tenure as White House press secretary, and the essential role of the press secretary and communications in general in both the public and private sectors.  

WPRO: David Preston on Steve Klamkin News Show
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