Nickel-Chrome: BRASS IS BACK!
 Brass is Back Big Time! Walk into any home improvement store and you'll become "fixated" on the growing preference and variety of brass fixtures. From faucets to high precision machined components, brass parts are back big time!

At APC we specialize in providing flawless bright and satin nickel-chrome finishes on 353 Brass Forgings and 360 Bar Stocks. And, if you prefer your Brass "au naturel," our veteran team will polish and buff your parts to absolute perfection.
Decorative chrome plating remains the coating of choice for a diversity of metal finishing applications. The bright, satin and dark lustrous nickel-chrome finishes far exceed the demand (and limitations) of alternative finishes.

Chromium offers unmatched aesthetics, superior technical capabilities, exceptional corrosion performance properties, as well as multi-substrate capabilities.

Bright chromium can be applied as continuous (regular) or discontinuous layers. Discontinuous deposits are formed by depositing the chromium on micro-porous (or micro-cracked) nickel plate. The selection of a continuous or discontinuous layer depends on the level of corrosion resistance required.
Midwest US sales representative opportunities are now available at APC. Be your own boss or make some extra income --- the choice is yours! Prior sales or technical service experience in the surface finishing industry is highly desirable. Most importantly, your commitment to delighting customers will be your key to unlocking chrome plating and
anodizing sales success!

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